Get Your Home & Garden Ready For Christmas

We are days away from December and the countdown to Christmas is officially on. What could be better than getting your house and garden ready with some fabulous festive plants and some fresh fir Christmas decorations?

Here are YouGarden’s Top Picks for this Christmas

Festive Planting

Standard Holly Trees

What could be more perfect over the winter period than a twist on a Christmas classic? Create festive displays and frame a doorway or entrance. r adorn patios and conservatories, with this eye-catching pair of standard Holly Trees.

The beautiful deep green foliage has a slight blush tinge, paired with the gorgeous rich red berries, they will look simply stunning for many years to come. The best part is because they are evergreen, Holly trees can be enjoyed all year round, not just at Christmas.

Camellia vernalis ‘Yuletide’

Bring a little Christmas cheer to your garden over winter with this glorious flowering Camellia. ‘Yuletide’ will flower through Christmas and into early spring, producing an abundance of beautifully coloured, red blooms, each with a glowing cluster of golden yellow stamens.

Typically festive in sumptuous red and green, the luxurious flowers shine against the glossy leaves. This compact shrub is perfect as a Yule centrepiece in the garden. You can even bring it inside over Christmas as an unusual decoration. Just remember to return it outside once the festivities are over.

More than able to bring winter interest to any garden border, you can even grow ‘Yuletide’ in a container. So even without a garden, you can enjoy the magnificent display of flowers.

Helleborous niger ‘Christmas Carol’

Brighten up the darkness of winter with these gorgeous Christmas Roses. One of the most popular Hellebore varieties, ‘Christmas Carol’ will produce many more flowers than other varieties over a much longer flowering season.

Each plant will produce an abundance of truly beautiful bowl-shaped, snowy-white flowers. These will eventually turn shades of pink as they age, contrasting effortlessly against the lovely, thick, dark-green foliage.

These fabulous Christmas Roses don’t just have to be enjoyed out in the garden. Now that the festive season has arrived, it’s the perfect time to bring them inside and use them as a magical centrepiece. You can transfer them into a more seasonal decorative pot or wrap their existing pots in some wrapping paper.

Fresh Fir Decorations

Potted Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

The Ultimate Living Christmas Tree. This Norway Spruce, if looked after well, will play host to your favourite Christmas decorations for many years to come. Not only do real Christmas Trees look the part with their deep-green needles, but they will fill your home with its captivating pine-fresh fragrance.

It’s like having a re-usable artificial tree each year – but at less cost. The best part is, once Christmas is over, just move your tree outside into the garden. You can either plant it out or keep it in its pot, water well in the summer and once December comes back around, you already have your tree.

Fresh Christmas Wreath

Nothing beats the sight and smell of a real Christmas wreath hanging from the door.

Handmade with real fresh fir greenery, each one of our classic wreaths is adorned with real pinecones and red berries and finished with a classic festive bow for that Christmassy feel. Not only do they make a great decoration, but they also make a thoughtful and touching gift. The perfect way to say thank you for those party invites with friends and the family meals together. Just imagine the look of delight on their face when presented with such a lovely gift!

*Decorations may vary depending on availability.

Fresh Christmas Garland

The perfect finishing touch for any fireplace or windowsill this Christmas, this beautiful garland is made with real fresh fir greenery for that wonderful festive feel.

Adorned with real pinecones and bright red berries, they’re finished off with a classic festive bow. Perfect for laying along the top of a sideboard, fireplace, windowsills or even across tables as a beautiful centrepiece.

*Decorations may vary depending on availability.

Christmas In A Box

It’s impossible to beat that evocative pine-fresh fragrance that real fir brings to your home. Our Christmas in a Box live decoration collection helps you achieve just that. Perfectly prepared, we’ve included all three essential Christmas decorations to achieve an authentic Christmas feel in no time at all. This collection includes one each of the Pot Grown Norway Spruce Christmas Tree, Fresh Christmas Wreath and Fresh Christmas Garland.

Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree

Full, lush, and shapely, you really can’t beat the fresh pine fragrance that a real Christmas Tree brings to the home – artificial trees just don’t have the same effect. The Nordmann Fir is the hugely popular non-needle drop variety that has rapidly become a favourite choice of cut Christmas trees.

Once in your home, they are very easy to care for. You can keep your tree in tip-top condition by placing it in a stand with a water reservoir and adding water regularly, it’s also important to remember to keep it away from heat sources such as fires and radiators.