Get Planting This Autumn

Autumn has arrived and as the days are starting colder, there are plenty of plants that will really thank you for getting them in the ground right now. Autumn is a perfect time of the year to get trees, shrubs, bulbs and lots more in the ground. Giving them plenty of time to firmly lay their roots and establish themselves underground. Ready for the spring season.

Here are YouGarden’s Top Tips for autumn planting.

Planting Bare Roots

Autumn is the bare root season. fruit trees, roses, and even some perennials. On arrival, they can look a bit like bunches of ‘dead twigs’ but they are far from dead. In their dormant state, they are ideal for transporting and planting causing little, if any, damage to the plant. Once planted, the roots will quickly dig deep and anchor down over the winter ready for the spring. Although bare roots can be planted right up until the spring, it’s better to get them in the ground as soon as possible. Fruit trees like our Orchard Collection or roses like our Patio Standard or Best Ever Bushes are the perfect example. Their freshly lifted roots will be delivered straight to your door ready to plant. These can be planted into pots, containers or straight into the ground – the choice is yours. 

Planting bare roots is very simple! Just soak the roots in a bucket of water for at least an hour before planting. Then dig a hole big enough to house the root ball and deep enough to leave the graft point on the stem just above ground level. Backfill the hole with the soil you dug out, add in a bit of fertiliser (fish, blood & bone for fruit for example, or a specialised rose fertiliser for roses) and water in well.

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Planting Bulbs

November is traditionally the most ideal time to plant tulip bulbs. It’s said that planting slightly later than other spring bulbs reduces the risk of developing ‘tulip fire’. This is a fungal disease that reportedly thrives in wet but warm climes. To plant tulips, you want a drop in temperature but for the soil to still be warm – i.e. not frozen!

As with other spring-flowering bulbs, you can use this simple rule of thumb to guide you when planting tulips. Plant bulbs at twice the depth of the height of the bulb and four times their width apart. e.g. 5cm tall bulbs need to be planted 10cm below the surface of the ground and 20cm apart. Plant tulip bulbs with the pointy side facing up to the sky so that they don’t try to sprout downwards!

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Planting Perennials

Hardy perennials such as Lupins, Peonies and Oriental Poppies can be planted in the autumn and winter season. This is done to ensure much bigger, better displays in the summer. It does make sense if you think about it. The longer they have in the ground, the longer they have to prepare to burst into life during the summer. If you want to get ahead of the game and create a really outstanding display, get the work done now.

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