Evergreen Shrubs That Keep Gardens Looking Healthy Throughout the Year

So many weird and wonderful elements come into play when planning a year-long garden display.

One feature many strive for is an evergreen look, to keep guests interested throughout the year, and not just in the delightfully warm spring or summer seasons.

Thankfully, there are plenty of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs which can be planted and cared for to develop a healthy-looking display.

We simply love evergreen shrubs, as they are easy to care for, a breeze to maintain and alter, and make such as impact on your overall garden design.

There is a wealth of different varieties of evergreen shrubs out there just waiting to thrive and impress in your garden, here are a handful of our favourites.

Buxus Box Balls

The Buxus Box Balls are a phenomenal shrub for adding a unique shape and a touch of structure to your garden.

Ideal for placing at the side of gates, doors, porches, or paths, this modern solution is slow growing, so requires very little maintenance! In fact, to keep a good shape, these shrubs only need to be trimmed two or three times a year.

The box balls can be left out all year round and even look remarkably pretty when covered in snow – ready for whatever the great British weather throws at them!

Buxus Box Pyramids

The wonderful nature of Buxus Box plants is that they really do come in all shapes and sizes…

If you are not bowled over by the bulbous style of our previous suggestion, then perhaps this pyramid variety will pique your interest.

A fully winter hardy and evergreen variety, which only needs to be trimmed twice a year to keep it looking uniform, this shape of Buxus Box will really standout when used to frame a doorway.

Rhododendron ‘Bollywood’

This remarkable Rhododendron ‘Bollywood’ is just waiting to impress in any garden, with bright cream and green variegated foliage.

A flash of magenta blooms is the headline feature of this shrub, which will appear in the spring.

‘Bollywood’ is also a best friend of wildlife and will attract a host of butterflies.

This variety is known as ‘semi-evergreen’, so will retain most of its leaves through the year and will only lose them if the weather turns particularly cold.

Do not threat if this does happen, as ‘Bollywood’ will burst back to life the following spring.

Azalea ‘Starstyle’

A sea of stylish pink blooms can be seen stealing the headlines on the Azalea ‘Starstyle’.

This relatively new variety has star-shaped flowers, which bloom in abundance from May to August.

Requiring very litte maintenance, while being fully hardy and an adaptable evergreen, ‘Starstyle’ will make a real impact in all manner of garden scenarios, including for planting in pots, borders, placing in conservatories, or even inside the house.

Leucothoe ‘Burning Love’

Another evergreen shrub that is a far reach from the standard greenery that first springs to mind is Leucothoe ‘Burning Love’.

This is known as an ornamental shrub that will offer year-round colour and interest to your garden, regardless of where it is planted or placed.

Get up close and personal with this shrub and study its intricacies to discover a journey of colour.

When new, the arching red branches boast narrow glossy leaves, which soon turn dark green to provide an ideal backdrop for your other blooming varieties.

As we move into autumn, the leaves will take on a fiery scarlet shade, and will even welcome spring with small clusters of dainty white, bell-like flowers, which remain into the middle of summer.

Ilex crenata ‘Green Hedge’

An alternative to box hedging, this is a dark green and slightly more vigorous solution that is both small, compact, and a breeze to maintain.

Box hedging has been used in UK gardens for centuries, however this variety is relatively new and boasts small and rounded leaves, which are not prickly, ensuring it is easy to trim and retains a uniform look.

The ‘Green Hedge’ can be used in all the situations you would use box, such as low hedges to split areas of the garden or as borders to line paths.

Top tip – Evergreen shrubs are easily forgotten after planting, but do not allow them to dry out. Check your varieties regularly and water to keep the soil moist

Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’ Snowball Tree

Viburnum are known as very popular and highly sought-after flowering shrubs, that rarely fail to impress.

This plant is an ideal solution for UK gardens, as it grows into a bushy and deciduous shrub with head-turning blooms and maple-like leaves, which turn passionate shades of red and purple in autumn.

The ‘Roseum’ Snowball Tree variety of Viburnum has even secured the RHS Award of Garden Merit, owing to its proven garden performances and vigour.

Have you got any reliable evergreen shrubs planted in your garden that you’re proud of? Show them off here!

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