Edible Pineapple

Edible Pineapple

As gardeners, it’s hard not to love a novelty. Our Edible Pineapple is sure to become a favourite of many as its finally possible to grow a pineapple plant in the UK!

These are best suited as indoor plants; place in a conservatory or windowsill in the winter as they will perish in low outdoor temperatures. Once the weather warms, they can become a wonderful summer centrepiece and a real point of interest in your garden.

Our Chief Gardener Peter, takes you through the unique charm of our Edible Indoor Pineapple plant.

Our edible indoor pineapple plant will arrive in your home with ample exotic foliage with a fruit positioned right in the centre. In midsummer the fruit will have already begun to ripen and soften. Once completely soft, the pineapple is edible and free to enjoy. In terms of size, these pineapples are miniature rather than large but are still completely delicious. If you’ve eaten and enjoyed Del Monte pineapples in tins or fresh, then you’re in luck as this is the very same variety!

A truly exciting moment occurs when you remove the pineapple as the plant produces little subsets around the side. These little offsets will continue growing, producing two or three in the first year with each one having the potential to produce another stem that grows another fruit.

The key to success with our edible pineapples is to keep them nice and warm over the autumn, winter and spring in a conservatory or indoor windowsill. They can then be transported and transformed into a summer attraction in your garden where they’ll be ready to pick towards the end of the calendar year.

Although they look intimidating, these fruits are incredibly easy to grow and can make a wonderful addition to house plant displays before excelling as a patio plant in the summer. A relative rarity, your gardening friends with be green with envy!

How to Care for Edible Pineapple

Pineapples prefer full sun, so give them plenty of light.

Water your plant regularly and ensure it doesn’t dry out. Being tropical, pineapples will not grow in cooler, drier weather, although never allow them to sit in water. Your pineapple should be watered from the top like other bromeliads.

Feed with a weak (1/4 strength) liquid fertiliser throughout the growing season.

As your plant matures, it may begin sending offshoots from the base. If you prefer, these can be carefully removed and potted up individually.

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