Creating A Riot Of Spring Colour With Bulbs

Tulip border with copy space on turquoise wooden background plate for design concepts in seasonal spring time.

After a cold and grey winter, there is nothing better than the sight of spring bulbs pushing up through the soil. Most of your garden is still in winter mode, this allows daffodils, tulips and other spring favourites time to shine.

For the very best displays now is the perfect time to plan for spring so that you get the pick of the bulbs ready to set this autumn; the perfect time to plant.

Think about where your garden will benefit most from the colour, as spring bulbs can be planted in a number of ways:

  • In beds and borders, either on their own or among herbaceous plants and shrubs.
  • In patio pots and troughs.
  • ‘Naturalised’ growing through lawns or grassy banks.

To get started you will need:

  • A selection of bulbs – aim to plant in groups of about 10 bulbs as this will create an impact.
  • A good quality ‘universal’ compost – like our Premium Professional Compost, you’ll need this for container planting.
  • Fertiliser – Fish Blood & Bone is ideal for bulbs.
bulbs in bloom

We recommend these free-flowering and easy to grow bulbs.

Daffodils, also known as Narcissus

Plant taller varieties in borders or in ‘drifts’ under trees. Miniature varieties like ‘Tete a Tete’ are excellent in pots and troughs or mixed in with other spring-flowering bulbs like tulips or Muscari. Many daffodils have sweetly scented flowers.


Try colourful tall tulips in small groups in sunny borders. Dwarf tulips, often with pretty mottled leaves, look great in tubs and planters.


Plant in pots to bring indoors for Christmas or in groups in the garden. Hyacinths are some of the most fragrant of all flowers!


These ornamental members of the onion family are very ‘trendy’ plants at the moment. Mainly coloured blue or cream, they range in form from huge globe-shaped flowers on 4 foot stems to little ‘drumsticks’ just 6 inches tall.

Snowdrops, Crocus & Dwarf Iris

These little flowers are usually the first to emerge at the end of winter (or even before!). Essential in any garden and a real ‘pick me up in cold weather.

Bulbs will do best when planted into well-drained fertile soil, and if possible a sunny position. Cultivate the soil and sprinkle a handful of Blood Fish & Bone.

Planting bulbs couldn’t be easier. Aim to plant in small groups with the bulbs spaced quite close together as this will give the most dramatic display. Allow a distance of about three bulb widths between each one. Planting depth depends on the type of bulb but a reliable rule is to plant such that there is soil above each bulb equivalent to twice the bulb height. Click here to view our easy bulb planting guide.

Use this simple guide to check when the best time to plant your bulbs is and when they will flower.

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