Choosing Your Spring Bulbs

When planning your spring garden in the autumn, it can be tricky knowing what bulbs to plant. With so many different bulbs on offer, in all shapes, sizes, and colours it can be too difficult to decide. However, the best part about planning your spring garden in the autumn is that once you have decided what you’re going for and planted them. Now you can enjoy the winter and wait for them to poke their heads through the soil in the spring.

And if you’re a fan of ‘easy’ gardening, and by that, we mean someone doing all the hard work for you. We have picked our 5 favourite bulb collections that will create maximum impact in your garden with minimal effort.

For Early Colour

Daffodils blowing in the breeze is a true sign that spring is approaching! This cheery mix of yellows, oranges and creamy whites will look fabulous when they’re planted in large pots. Reliable and hardy, they’re possibly the easiest plant to grow. Dig a hole, add the bulbs, cover them up and leave them alone! They’ll grow almost anywhere too, even happy in light shade and prefer free-draining soil.

Tall Mixed Daffodils – 50 Bulbs, Size 12/14

For Late Colour

Tulips are always a popular choice but why not try planting some double tulips. Also known as ‘Peony Tulips’, the multi-layered, ruffled blooms and two-toned colours, looking as if the tips of the petals have been dipped in paint. They make a real showpiece in the garden whilst in bloom from April through May. Creating a luxuriant splash of colour to your garden and filling the air with a delightful perfume.

Tulip Springtime Doubles Mix – 20 Bulb, Size 10+

For Pots

You can’t have a spring garden without crocus. Their compact habit makes them great for pots and containers, so they’ll brighten up patio areas and pathways. In a mixture of blues, yellows, and white, they complement the other provide a stunning display in your garden. Great for planting under shrubs and trees and shady areas that often are often left bare. Crocuses will also naturalise, coming back each year with bigger and better displays every time.

Crocus Species Mixed – 30 Bulbs, Size 5/7

For Fragrance

For a heavenly scent, Hyacinths are a perfect choice as they can be enjoyed both indoors and out. This mix creates a wonderful spectrum of colour that is perfect for planting in pots and giving as gifts. Or for cutting so you can create your own displays on the windowsill. When planted in beds or borders, they will fill your garden with powerful fragrance each April.

Mixed Garden Hyacinth – 15 bulbs, Size 14/15

The All-Rounder

Easy to plant, repeat flowering and guaranteed to grow. If you’re not sure what exactly you want, or you just want a bit of everything, the Complete Spring Flowering Bulb Collection will be a perfect choice. Plant up in separate pots, dotted around the patio for a formal look or mix up in borders for a kaleidoscope of colour. This collection will provide you with a huge range of heights, shapes colours and sizes, it really is the perfect all-rounder!

Complete Spring Flowering Bulbs Collection – 300 Bulbs, 8 Varieties

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