A House Plant For Every Need

Stylish wooden shelves with green plants and black watering can. Modern hipster room decor. Cactus, calathea, dracaena, epipremnum, ivy, palm flower pots on shelf.

Houseplants are more popular than ever and guaranteed to add the feel-good factor to your home. Perfect for filling spaces on shelves or the empty corner in your home office. We sell a huge range of fabulous house plants and have pulled together some of our favourites. This selection will cover all your needs, from pet-friendly to shade lovers and the (almost) unkillable.

(Almost) Unkillable Plants

Aloe Vera
Close up Aloe Vera Plant, outdoor pots

Aloe Vera is a favourite amongst the world of house plants, this is thanks to its forgiving nature. A desert plant that tolerates neglect and lack of water very well. Making it one of our top picks for (almost) unkillable plants.

Well known for its ability to soothe burns with its cooling sap, this slow-growing succulent has thick fleshy leaves with toothed edges that form a wide rosette over time and makes a striking plant for a bright, sunny position.

Easy-to-grow, it’s perfect for windowsills and can also be moved outdoors during the summer. This is to make the most of the available sunlight and warmth. But, remember to keep it out of direct sunlight for a few days until acclimatised.

Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum Vivaldi

A favourite of ours, the Peace Lily has to be one of the most reliable house plants you can get. With its beautifully glossy, dark green leaves and large white flower spathes that last for weeks. It’s instantly recognisable as the ultimate houseplant and an absolute must-have decoration for your home.

Blooming in spring, the flowers are actually tiny, insignificant yellow bumps carried on a small floral spike. It is actually the more noticeable, pure-white bracket (spathe) which is usually thought of as the flower.

Not only is the Peace Lily a beautiful houseguest, but it’s also low maintenance and very easy to grow. Spathiphyllum helps you recognise when it needs a drink by gently drooping its leaves. Then once watered it’ll pick up within the hour.

Plants For Bathrooms

Spider Plant

Instantly recognisable, almost everyone must have had the classic Spider Plant in their home or office one time or another.

Hugely popular because it’s so easy to grow and fantastic for beginners. You just can’t go wrong with these low maintenance lovelies. Long, arching variegated foliage hangs down the side of the pot making it ideal for sitting on a shelf. Plus, as the plant grows, you’ll see small white flowers and cascading stems appear carrying baby plants at their ends. You can let these hang down, or cut them off and pot them up to give you more plants.

Boston Fern
Nephrolepis exaltata Sonata

One of the most well-known indoor plants, Nephrolepis exaltata, is known more commonly as the sword fern or Boston fern. An evergreen, perennial houseplant with graceful, arching fronds that are a delicate green.

‘Sonata’ foliage is bright green and retains its wonderful colour all year, making it a decorative and striking plant to decorate your home. Perfect to give as a gift or a housewarming present, and spectacular in its hanging basket where it cascades freely.

Easy to grow and look after, they love a humid atmosphere so is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen. It will also thrive in a shady part of a brightly lit room.

Plants For Shaded Rooms

Calathea Medallion

Calathea ‘Medallion’ takes its name from the unique roundness of its large, stunning leaves which have a feather-like pattern in two-tone green on the top and are rich purple underneath. It looks truly exotic!

A popular house plant, Calathea is also referred to as the prayer plant as the leaves move upwards when light levels fall as if in prayer, making a fascinating addition to your home decor.

This stunning tropical beauty will make an instant impact as a focal point. Its lush leaves and vibrant colours will brighten up a shaded spot to perfection.

Dracena Marginata

An award-winning, bang-on-trend houseplant. Easy-to-grow and the perfect plant for those new to indoor gardening. Dramatic, sword-shaped, dark green leaves make Dracena look like a miniature palm tree. Perfect to bring instant impact to a bright spot in any room.

Dracaena marginata

As well as being super-easy to grow, Dracaena is well known for helping keep the air in your home clean. It filters out pollutants keeping it fresh and clean. According to NASA, this plant can remove formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, found in furniture, fireplace smoke, and common household products.

Pet Friendly Plants

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant or missionary plant, Pilea peperomioides is a compact, upright houseplant with unusual, rounded mid-green leaves carried on long, arching stalks.

Originating from southwestern China, this is still quite a rare plant and it’s unlikely that you’ll see it for sale in your local garden centre. A beautiful plant, its lily pad style leaves look lovely as they move in the breeze. Pilea loves lots of bright, indirect sunlight and reacts amazingly quickly to it, having a tendency to grow all of its leaves in the direction of the light. As it grows quickly, it’s a good idea to rotate the plant a couple of times each week so that you get a straight central stem with leaves in all directions.

Very easy to grow and care for, Pilea enjoys good light and high humidity and will appreciate regular misting, and if you notice the leaves starting to curl, this means the plant isn’t getting enough light.

Blue Star Fern

Not your ordinary fern, the Bears Paw Fern (‘Blue Star) is a stunning and vigorous houseplant. With a subtle deep blue-green leaf colour, it looks almost like an exotic indoor seaweed. It doesn’t lose its leaves and retains its colour all year, making it a striking plant to add to your home. As the plant grows, the fronds develop finger-shaped lobes as they mature. Held on long stems and looking very much like an outstretched paw, hence its name of Bear’s Paw.

Tolerating low light and as a natural inhabitant of tropical rainforests, Plebodium does like its humidity high so is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen where it will thrive in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight. An interesting and unusual fern, Blue Star is also perfect for cutting and flower arranging so don’t be afraid to conjure up your inner designer.