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Thank you for visiting the YouGarden online garden centre website, packed full of easy-to-grow flowering plants, fruit and vegetables - as well as information on how to grow them for the best results. You don't need to be a gardening expert, as we provide all the advice you'll need on how to get the best results - including video gardening tutorials. Our ethos is 'Gardening For Everyone' and we aim to make it easy for everyone to enjoy great tasting grow your own fruit, vegetables and beautiful flowers!

For many of our products you don't even need a garden! Our range of patio plants are easy to grow on a patio or balcony and will still give excellent results. In fact, so confident are we in the quality of our products, our unique Lifetime Guarantee for hardy plants is designed to give you extra peace of mind.

Being totally independent, we work with all the main seed companies, plant breeders and nurseries in the UK, Europe and beyond, to bring you the latest varieties. By working closely with commercial growers, we can offer varieties with higher yields, longer seasons, more compact habit and better disease resistance - at a fraction of garden centre prices and delivered directly to you!

Whether you are looking for delicious fruit to grow at home, beautiful low maintenance flowers, tasty vegetables, or those essential garden items like compost or easy to plant hanging baskets, YouGarden.com is the place to shop, saving you time and money.