Pair of EasyFill Wall Planters

Pair of EasyFill Wall Planters

Pair of EasyFill Wall Planters - Item: 130009
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What Is Supplied

EasyFill Wall Planters, just like the EasyFill Hanging Baskets, will be the last wall planters you will ever need to buy, the best ones you will ever grow AND they will allow you to grow the most impressive displays in your street! Requested by professional growers, who used and loved the hanging basket version, they are now available for you to use at home.

The unique patented design allows you to plant from the outside in, passing each grown on plant through the pre-formed apertures without any root damage whatsoever. Once in place, slip a lattice gate in to position and it will hold the plant in perfect position with the roots inside and the leaves and flowers outside in both cases perfectly unharmed by the process! Any guess work as to how many plants you need is also removed, as you simply plant one per aperture! Also, the design means that the whole wall basket is planted top, sides and bottom, so the visual impact is immediate, stunning and long lasting. The lattice gates ensure the roots of your plants can breath, and the copious size of them means that each plant has enough space to reach its full potential. There is a reservoir that holds excess water and plant food for when your plants need it and you can fit up to 12 plants per wall planter.

Now you can really make the most of any vertical area and create your own waterfall of fabulous colour all year long. Manufactured in the UK out of UV resistant co-polymer so they will last for many years and supplied with a very strong bracket and all necessary fixings. Plant them up with grown on flowering plants for an immediate display!

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Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : Absolutely first class
Product : Makes doing hanging baskets so easy
++ Service rating : 6 spacers (for back of wall baskets) were missing when my order arrived. Order took longer than expected. Also when I checked the extra gates I ordered there was 1 of those missing as well. However after a quick phone call replacements arrived within 4 days. Someone obviously can't count, or orders arn't checked prior to despatch. Disappointing first shop, will probably not return.
Product : Happy with product, have purchased many previously, but not from here.
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry for the mix up. I am glad to hear that your replacement parts arrived promptly. If you do decide to order again, I would happily arrange a discount for the trouble.

Head of Customer Service
NA Received part order. Still awaiting plant part of order ten days after dispatch date
Emailed You Gardenbut have had no reply.
++ Service rating : Responded promptly to information that items were lost in transit as box was damaged
Product : L
NA Service rating : The online "CHAT" support during ordering works extremely well.
When I later emailed a concern about one of my deliveries, the response was immediate and the matter was quickly resolved to my complete satisfaction. Excellent customer service.
Product : . . . but they look excellent
++ Service rating : Very helpful when ordering, backed by speedy delivery
Product : Brilliant design and very sturdy
++ You have to wait more than 2 weeks for delivery, after placing your order. Customer service is not all that.
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that your order was delayed. As explained this was due to the damage in transit. I trust this is all sorted now.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Well happy
Product : Works very well
++ Plants arrived in good condition well packed
++ Prompt delivery and in exxcellent condition
+ Service rating : GOOD PLANTS GOOD PRICE
Product : GOOD
+ Communication good - delivery poor. Especially given the price charged. - Took 10 days placing order & delivered at 8.30pm packaging all damaged - fortunately contents ok
++ Service rating : No nonsense professional service
Product : Incredibly simple and well worth the cost
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pair of 50cm (20') long EasyFill Wall Planters, each complete with 5 lattice gates, a very strong wall bracket, and all necessary fixings. Ready to install. Room for up to 12 plants. Basket manufactured in the UK from recycled and UV resistant co-polymer. Note We recommend the use of Gel & Feed Plant Food when planting up your EasyFill Wall Planters.
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