Musella lasiocarpa - Hardy Golden Lotus banana

Musella lasiocarpa - Hardy Golden Lotus banana

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Without doubt, the toughest and hardiest of all ornamental bananas in the UK, it is grown for it's dramatic and tough leaves, and once mature, it's amazing and long lasting golden yellow flowers - hence it's name.

From high up in the Chinese Mountains of Yunnan, it is naturally very tough, and exposed to temperaturees well below freezing. It forms a much thicker, tougher and sturdier trunk-stem than other bananas, which is very tough and hardy. Even if leaves are damaged by frosts, more and new leaves emerge in Spring, as well as numerous 'pups' round the side.

The flower is in fact it's last hurrah, a 6 Month epic flower display, but a sign the plant will die - but fear not - you will have plenty of established pups round the side in a clump, EACH of which will grow and develop to maturity too. It is thus best regarded as a clump forming perennial.

It is also much shorter and less vigorous than other huge banana plants too at around 4-5ft tall maximum, making it ideal for large pots in small gardens - grow in full sun or shade, it makes a great talking point. Note - it does not produce any edible banana fruit, not even tiny ornamental ones.

Very easy to grow, and a great exotic looking patio focal point.

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++ Service rating : I know with plants you can't have the same sort of service as other items, but I was pleasantly surprised by the service given.
Product : A very healthy specimen. Good size and doing well already.
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+ Service rating : Good service
Product : The plant is small but very healthy. It will be a great plant
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Product : looks very healthy
++ Service rating : Bvery fast good packing good quality
Product : Unusual looking foward to its delvelament
NA Service rating : Part of order missed and plants sent out over a Bank Holiday weekend, now awaiting the missing part of the order which they have also sent over a Bank holiday so hoping the plants will be OK.
Product : Missed off of original order and still awaiting- have been in transit over a full week now
+ Delivered on time and as expectedm
++ Service rating : The speed and service is excellent from picking the plants off choice and such a big choice l have brought several banana trees one off which is now three feet tall and has stayed out all winter they look like they die off after the first frost but leave them alone and they are back stronger next season but all in all a brilliant service
Product : Looks as if like the others we have bought it has settled in
- Service rating : Usually very good not so happy with last order
Product : Two of main leaves on arrival in a sorry state ,giving it loving tender care hopeing it will pick up
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++ Service rating : I have ordered a few plants from You Garden and they have always arrived in good condition. They are always very friendly on the phone and happy to help with any queries, and offer a wide range of plants. I'm very pleased with their service!
Product : It's only very small at the moment but I'm sure it will make a lovely addition to my garden!
What Is Supplied Supplied as a well established plant in a 1L pot, big stem and trunk formed, ready to pot on. Note - leaves may die back or turn brown in Winter, but new ones will re-emerge in Spring - the trunk at base is the key.
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