Pair of Hardy Standard Figs

Pair of Hardy Standard Figs

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Pair Of Potted 5L 1.2M Tall Plants - Item: 680039
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Picking plump, juicy figs straight from a tree is one of lifes greatest pleasures, especially when served up with wafer thin slices of Parma ham and a drizzle of honey. Divine!

Even before the fruit is ripe it will add presence to the garden as its branches are clothed with large, deeply lobed leaves. Despite originating from warmer climes, this amazing fig is incredibly tough, easily shrugging off temperatures down to -15C in the UK. Extremely drought tolerant when established, figs do best in a brightly lit, sunny spot.

Keep plants productive and compact by restricting roots by growing in large pots or planting in 60cm square planting holes fill the base with a layer of gravel and line sides with paving slabs.

Note - in Autumn, plants are supplied without fruit or leaves, as they are deciduous

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++ Service rating : Good all round service
Product : Well packed and healthy
NA Service rating : Plants took long time to come after i was notified they had been despatched
Product : Have to say they do not look good! The leaves are curled up. One plant does have visible figs growing but there are no signs of fruit developing on the other.
What Is Supplied Supplied as 1.2M tall standard plant in 5L pot
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