Jumbo Skyscraper Lily Collection

Jumbo 'Skyscraper' Lily Collection

Large flowered fragrant beauties. 3 lovely colours.
Scented / Fragrant
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Set Of 15 Bulbs - 5 Of Each Colour - Item: 650038
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These incredible Skyscraper Lilies grow so tall they look like trees! In their first year they will reach up to 1.5m (5ft) tall, but in future years, once they are fully established, they will get even taller up to 6 or even 7 foot tall eventually!  These large flowered beauties arise as a consequence hybridisation between Oriental and Trumpet strains of lily hence the marriage of both species characteristics.

Every flower carries a wonderful heady perfume and each individual stem can carry well over 20 blooms, which can measure well over 15cm (6in) across. This collection comprises of 15 top sizes bulbs, 3 of each variety, the same as used by commercial flower growers in Holland:

Conca d'Or - gorgeous soft lemon yellow

- Robina - deep pink, verging towards berry purple

– Matisse - cream-edged to red-purple centres, a classic two-tone Lily

Grow all 5 in large pots about 15cm apart, or in groups in garden borders. They have very strong stems, so should not need support. Cut them for the long-lasting displays in the vase, or leave them to marvel at in your garden. Allow them to die down naturally after flowering, and they will build up reserves for even bigger and better displays the following year. Fully Winter hardy, they will last for many years.

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+ Service rating : good variety of plants and flowers
Product : The proof will be in the pudding
NA quick efficient service,bulbs off good size.
++ Service rating : Placed an order and in a few days received it. Very goog service thanks Will reco.mend my friends at my allottment
Product : Already planted them .Time will tell when my friends see the beauty of them hope you don't let me down
++ Service rating : As always the service and packaging cannot be faulted. A safe and secure service.
Product : This is the second set of these lilies I have ordered. As they say on the tin - that's what you get - big and magnificent!! Well done.
+ Service rating : A GOOD RELIABLE SERVICE
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Very good looking forward to seeing them in flower
++ Service rating : As always
Product : Lovely big bulbs let's hope foxy lets me enjoy them
NA Service rating : tried to phone the order through but experienced trouble at least half a dozen times, so then managed to put the order through by web site, all went smoothly.
Product : would have liked a little bit more information on the bulbs , like when best to plant them and what type of soil. Also can they be container planted?
++ Service rating : easy to use site, quick delivery
Product : top quality bulbs,cant wait to see them grow
NA Service rating : my order was delivered within two days
Product : havent planted them yet too early
++ Service rating : Always prompt delivery
Product : Lovely big fat bulbs, not planted yet
++ Service rating : Delivered next day, well packaged.
Product : A couple of the Concha d'Or bulbs were on the small side but all the rest were large as stated and all were in good condition.
++ Service rating : service delivers overtime
Product : product seems fine but have not planted yet
- Service rating : Good postage and packaging . They was protected shame about the product inside
Product : Having bought the bulbs before in years gone by ,I kind of got what size of bulbs I was going to get. I am so gutted they was no way near. THEY WAS AT LEAST 50 PERCENT SMALLER .
YouGarden Comments
Please don't worry that your bulbs are of inferior quality to those you bought previously. The size of a bulb isn't necessarily an indicator of its quality, so there's no need to be alarmed. We trust that your Lilies will thrive just as well, if not better, than your past order!

Amelia Elliot
+ Service rating : good service
Product : excellent
++ Service rating : Quick service.
Product : Good condition.
++ Service rating : very good
Product : good
++ Service rating : arrived very quickly, impressed.
Product : appear to be very good, still hav'nt planted yet-- too frosty.
NA Order duplicated in error but the problem was resolved Swiftly and satisfactorily without fuss. Everybody makes mistakes but it's how you resolve them that counts. Excellent.
++ Service rating : Excellent service and quick delivery.
Product : Really pleased with purchase last year so I bought more this year for my 2 daughters.
++ Service rating : recieved in good condition on timeand well packaged
Product : look OK can't wait to see them in bloom
++ Service rating : nbnbbjb ui iyygf dyrdydds uugi pj
Product : nbk; ;k; ;j hohoig
++ Service rating : perfectly satisfied arrived as stated
Product : as described
NA Service rating : Excellent packaging and fast delivery!
Product : Bulbs look good!
++ Service rating : prompt,excellent value for money
Product : once they break the surface its scary how fast they grow
+ Service rating : Took two weeks from order to delivery, although this was advertised, it does seem to be quite a long delivery time in this day and age. Will probably use someone with faster delivery in future
Product : Bulbs looked healthy... Have only recently planted so too early to report on results, although have noticed some growth already
+ Service rating : Paid 14-95 for lillies-when they arrived enclosed flyer offered the same order for 9.99. Contacted them only to b told in this case they wd allow me the £5 difference against a future order. POOR POOR. Almost ordered hanging baskets till I realised I cd buy same much cheaper on Amazon!
Product : Don't think they will flower this season.
++ Brilliant as usual. Great service.
++ Very well packed, only complaint could have done with a picture of "Kush Maya" I have obtained one on-line since. Thank You for beautiful bulbs.
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Excellent
NA Service rating : My order arrived on time it was well packaged up
Product : I've planted them but I'm waiting to see how they grow so Canot leave rating
NA Service rating : Delivered on time
Product : Not bloomed yet so can't say
NA Service rating : Always great service
Product : Looking forward to planting these
+ This was my first time using you garden as a member
the service from ordering to receiving my bulbs very fast even ordering at a weekend
NA Service rating : Great service good products
Product : Onlt put them in last week
+ Service rating : super fast service goodsized bulbs.
Product : would have been helpfull if packets had been annotated with relevant colours inside.
+ Service rating : prompt service pleased with my order
Product : good condition let you know more when they have grown
++ Service rating : first class service
Product : first class bulbs, hope the flowers are as good.
++ Service rating : Prompt considerate service
Product : These look really good, looking forward to seeing them in their full glory
-- Service rating : WHERE ARE THEY//
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. According to the tracking the order was left with your neighbour at number 262 and a card was left informing you. I would be grateful if you'd let us know that you have now received your bulbs.

YouGarden Ltd
NA Service rating : Bulbs packed well and clearly marked on each pack with details.
Product : Bulbs all look tip top and an excellent size. Whether they bloom I cannot comment on as only just received but I don't anticipate any problems due to the quality.
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Excellent
++ Service rating : Great products and good offers
Product : Healthy looking bulbs
++ Service rating : Very prompt service. Well packed.
Product : Good quality bulbs. Very happy with the product.
+ Service rating : package was delivered to a property half a mile from where i live.if the people there had not known me i may not have got my bulbs.
Product : bulbs look ok have to wait and see what they grow like.
++ Service rating : The only issue was again I received an up to date catalogue only to find out that for the 2nd time in a month the product I had ordered was at a reduced price in the catalogue that must have been in circulation at the time.
Product : No issues with the product
+ Service rating : Bulbs arrived in good condition.
Product : arrived in good condition.
+ Service rating : Ask me again in the Autumn re plant performance. Plants arrived on time and were well packaged.
Product : See previous comment.
+ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : Unsure if Lillies are a mixture of colour or not, will wait to see if they grow in my mature soil.
++ Service rating : Arrived quickly and will see in months how they are. Thanks.
Product : Came well packaged
++ Very quick delivery.
NA Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Too soon to see results, but planting and compost info very poor
NA postage much more expensive than other garden sites.
offered free club membership 2 weeks after paying for it. Responded as such and got no answer.
now I have another site offering better deal.
+ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : Won't know till they grow!
++ Good as expected.
++ Service rating : N/A
Product : N/A
+ Service rating : everything arrived well packed and in good order.
Product : look very healthy - haven't been able to plant as weather has been so very cold - frost at night and don't have a greenhouse to store them.
+ Service rating : Received my bulbs within a few days of order.
Product : planted, waiting for results.
++ Service rating : All planted ordered more great not long comeing thanks pamie
Product : Ordered more
++ Service rating : arrived in great condition well packed
Product : just planted will let you know if any problems would have liked a little bit of advice on planting
+ Service rating : Ok
Product : Arrived in good condition hope they grow to what is expected
++ Service rating : I wish my bank was as prompt at answering E Mails as Yo Garden is!
Product : Healthy, large bulbs, delivered promptly, I cant wait to see them start growing.
++ Service rating : Good communications and service delivery
Product : Great quality bulbs. Well packed.
++ Service rating : Disappointed the oriental lilies were out of stock
Product : Looking forward to seeing these when they grow
- Service rating : Very pleased
Product : My bulbs I orderd wer ok but 4 of the bulbs wer very soft so had to throw them away
++ Service rating : Easy to order
Product : Not grown yet only just planted!
++ Service rating : very well run company & respond immediately to any queries
++ Service rating : Ordering was easy and items arrived on time
Product : Bulbs arrived well packed and in excellent condition
NA First class service.
++ Service rating : Very good Quality Goods
Product : An Excellent purchase and not expensive
++ Service rating : always arrives in good condition
Product : super sized
- Service rating : I had a complaint over the size of the products I received. You Garden did not address the issue and did not answer beyond the first unhelpful reply. I sent pictures of very small bulbs but was told to plant them anyway. I have had products from them before which were fine. Very disappointed this time.
Product : Lillies described as "Jumbo and top size" but in reality very small bulbs supplied.
- Service rating : Service was good delivery prompt but short of 1 bulb
Product : A bit dissapointment I only got 14 bulbs
++ Service rating : easy ordering, excellent price, excellent delivery, and quick
Product : I will let you know when they grow, however, very healthy big bulbs
++ Service rating : fast efficient service
Product : bulbs looked fine
++ Service rating : First class service will use again
Product : First class service will use again
++ Service rating : prompt service.good price.
Product : large bulbs in good condition .well packed. first class.
NA Service rating : Fast efficient delivery
Product : Stupid question, I don't know how they are going to grow.
NA Service rating : Not had delivery yet.. Pls look into this for me
Product : Not yet received!!
++ Service rating : Efficient easy ordering process. Good range of products with good information to make a choice.
Product : Bulbs well packed and looked very healthy, we anticipate a good show later in the year
-- Service rating : product mildew, and spongey.
Product : Uunable to use the bulbs, as mildew, soft and spongey, also nothing to say what ones are which colour, Will not use this service again.
+ Always fast delivery and informative
NA Service rating : I am a new customer and as yet not tried my purchase but delivery was quick and well packaged. I will buy again from you garden as I find the prices really reasonable.
Product : not planted yet
NA On the ball
++ Service rating : Very efficient service
Product : Bulbs look to be bin very good condition
What Is Supplied Supplied as 15 top-sized bulbs, 5 each of the 3 varieties. Flowers from June until September. Height approx. 1.5m (5ft). Plant 10cm deep and 15cm apart.
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