Passion Flower collection

Passion Flower collection

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Pack of 3 9cm Potted Plants - Item: 550065
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The exotic looking multi-layered flowers of Passion Flowers bely their ease of growing and their toughness and resilience- these are hardy once established, but in colder areas grow against a South facing wall or in large pots.

A fabulous lush evergreen climber and alternative to Clematis, for covering walls, arches and trellises. The flowers are very waxy and long lasting, their amazing detail a joy to behold.

Here you will get one plant each of:
• Passiflora Caerulea - lovely two tone blue and white, with purple detail.
• Passiflora Violacea - deep purple flowers, with contrasting white stamens
• Passiflora Constance Elliott - purest white

Note - they may occasionally produce orange fruits in hot years, but wait until very orange and ripe before eating.

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++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Lovely plants very sturdy
++ Quality produce at very reasonable prices
++ Service rating : Very good quality plants, but sometimes too many offers - every day is too much.
Product : Very pleased with the packing and the appearance of the plants
++ Service rating : Good delivery and plants well packed.
Product : Excellent condition.
- Service rating : They arrived and due to transporting the pots were virtually empty of compost. Also the plants were very dry
Product : We have put the plants in bigger pots but there seems to be no movement at the moment
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Sorry to hear that your order suffered a bit of a rough ride in transit. The plants should pick up, however if not we'll replace.

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++ Service rating : Have used you before and always had excellent service.
Product : In superb condition when arrived and after 10 days planting are growing very well indeed.
+ Service rating : Responded to query satisfactorily
Product : OK so far but plants not yet in bloom.
++ my garden has started to flourish with all the plants that i have brought from you Garden
++ Service rating : Great offers and huge choice
Product : Already beginning to bud
+ Service rating : The site was easy to use and the items were as described. They were well packed and arrived in a reasonable time.
Product : The plants arrived looking fresh and healthy and were well packed.
++ Service rating : Excellent customer service
Product : One plant was broken in transport but excellent response from you Garden in immediately replacing the plant
++ Service rating : well run efficient company
Product : excellent
+ Service rating : Very please
Product : Good value
++ Service rating : This service is always good
Product : really strong healthy plants
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What Is Supplied Supplied as a collection of 3 plants - 1 each of 3 colours - in 9cm pots 15-20cm tall, to plant straight out.
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