Hardy Tree Fern Dicksonia antarctica log 20cm tall

Hardy Tree Fern Dicksonia antarctica log 20cm tall

with 500ml specialist feed
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Tree ferns were a firm plant hunter's favourite from Victorian times, a symbol of wealth and travel experiences to Australia. They have maintained this sense of mystique ever since. Now you too can grow these surprisingly easy exotic looking plants too.

Harvested under strict License from woodland clearance in Australia and Tasmania, these astonishing plants really will delight and amaze. They grow under the woodland canopy, in the shade, so grow them here in a sheltered spot too. These 'potter' logs are at least 10 years old, and have been cut back and harvested dormant. When you water them via the top crown, they will burst back into life, like it's the new rainy season! Because they grow in leaf canopies, most of their food comes from leaves falling into their giant shuttlecock like fronds, funnelling the goodness into the growing crown. That's hard to achieve in UK gardens so we provide 500ml of concentrated tree fern food, which mimics this feeding method. Even at this size of log at 20-25cm tall, new fronds of almost 1M in length will unfurl spectacularly within a Month or so of you watering it. It's amazing when they come how quickly they grow.

The plant is hardy in Winter, although the fronds will die back. Cutting these off when they die back is what creates the new trunk, which slowly inches up over many, many years. Keep the crown protected in Winter with a layer of straw to keep cold and wet out. When you get it home, plant it in a big pot, or in the garden soil. It takes almost 2 years to root in, so do not be alarmed by this slow growing beauty.

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What Is Supplied

Supplied as a 'potter log', about 20-25cm tall, cut back, from which new fronds will quickly emerge. Also includes 500ml specialist tree fern feed.

During the seaqson, these may be supplied with fronds already elongated.

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