Golden Leylandii Conifer 2L

Golden Leylandii Conifer 2L

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Often given a bad reputation in the press, but actually, it is jus bad management of them that causes problems.

Yes, it is a fast growing hedge, and if trimmed annually causes no problems at all. In fact it makes an outstanding, dense hedge ideal for screening, wind shelter, dividing areas off, security and shading - it really excels in all these functions.

Very tolerant of all growing conditions, the yellow colour tends to be best on new growth, and in the sun. This is in fact an improved clone called 'Excalibur Gold', with better colour than more common 'Castlewhellan Gold'. It will grow up to 2ft (60cm) per year when established, so is ideal for quick results, but does need annual care!

For best results, plant about 2ft (60cm) apart, and remove centre leader in second year to encourage branching to fill the gaps quickly.

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What Is Supplied Supplied as a single pot 80cm tall, ready to plant any time of year.
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