The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection - 12 bushes

The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection - 12 bushes Video
The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection - 12 bushes
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The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection
The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection
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Welcome To The YouGarden Website
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CLUB PRICE: £22.49
Bare root x 12 bushes - Item: (500001)
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You can now enjoy true year-round interest with vibrant flower colour, brightly coloured berries and stems, tactile bark and wonderfully fragrant flowers all for less than 1.25 per shrub simply brilliant value for money!

These 12 tried and tested garden winners will fill any gaps you might have in your existing beds and borders or allow you to plant a new one from scratch, with each individual shrub having the potential to fill 1m2 / circa 10ftsq. Once planted they will rapidly grow away and look tremendous from this year onwards, providing a stunning visual display and a degree of privacy and security for you, as well as a natural safe haven for a wide variety of wildlife. The berries will provide much needed winter food for wild birds and the shrubby structure will provide cover and protection for them too.

Varieties Included:
Symphoricarpos albus: Known as the 'Common Snowberry' for obvious reason! The berries provide much needed winter food for wildlife. Height 3-4ft.
Syringa vulgaris: The common Lilac produces fragrant lavender coloured blooms each May. Hardy and deciduous and great for hedging, it grows to 10-15ft tall.
Cornus alba: The 'Red-Barked Dogwood' provides fantastic autumn colour with its bright red vertical branches. In summer it leafs up and even has soft pink flowers in mid-summer. Height 3-4ft.
Potentilla fruticosa: An evergreen beauty, with masses of yellow saucer-shaped bloom throughout summer. Trim each March to make a perfect hedge. Height 3-4ft.
Ribes aureum: Part of the currant family and known as the 'Golden Currant or 'Clove Currant. The bright yellow blooms have a vanilla-clove aroma. The foliage has beautiful autumn colour. Height 3-4ft.
Spirea douglasii: Part of the rose family, it is often know as The Rose Spirea. Easy to grow with masses of pretty pink flowers in early summer. Perfect for small spaces - height 3ft
Forsythia intermedia 'Spectabilis': Literally one of the most spectacular early season shrubs because of its bright yellow bloom. Perfect for hedges and really easy to grow. Height 4-5 ft. although can be trimmed in to a tidy hedge.
Hypericum moserianum 'St John's Wort: Lush green foliage and pretty, bright yellow flowers all summer long. Perfect for a sunny or part-shaded position. Height 3-4ft.
Deutzia scabra: Also Known as the Fuzzy Deutzia, this native of Japan & China grows to around 8ft tall and smothers itself in pure white fragrant flowers in June.
Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea': A great hedging plant because of its spiky branches, but also a beautiful garden plant. The yellow flowers appear in late spring and the purple foliage provides lovely autumn colour. Height 3-4ft.
Philadelphus coronarius: Commonly known as the 'Mock Orange' it will be clothed in a profusion of creamy-white flowers throughout June & July. The flowers are fabulously fragrant. Height 5-6ft.
Weigela rosea: A lovely garden shrub, with fabulous pink flower colour in May, June and July. Height 3-4ft.


'We ordered the collection of 12 shrubs back in March/April as we have a large garden which was just lawn. We had previously purchased 2 shrubs from a garden centre that cost more than the 12 we bought from you. We thought if half survived, it would be worth the money but all 12 have thrived and a few have over taken the ones from the garden centre. The Spirea has even flowered, the Ribes has grown about 24 in these few months. What a bargain for these shrubs, yes its worrying when they turn up all bare but if regularly watered, they soon spring to life.'

ZR, Southend, July 2014


+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Date Score Customer Comments Our Comments
5 Hour(s) ago + Service rating : OK
Product : Better planting/info leaflets would be of help.

Label had come off some plants.
No Comment
5 Hour(s) ago ++ Highly delighted with the speedy service, packaging and quality of the plants received. Will recommend and use again. Many thanks No Comment
11 Hour(s) ago + Service rating : Very good value for money
Product : Arrived in good shape
No Comment
17 Hour(s) ago ++ Service rating : Good delivery service. Always packed well and plants are healthy.
Product : Very pleased with size and condition of plants when they arrive. Well packed and healthy bare root plants.
No Comment
28 Hour(s) ago + Service rating : good service all plants arrived in good condition
Product : well packed and all growing away nicely
No Comment
19-Nov-2014 NA Service rating : I had problems with my shrubs in that 1 was missing, and there was 1 plant label not attached to anything etc.etc.. I emailed the company and it was sorted out very politely and quickly. I was worried initially as it was the first time I'd used the company, but upon their prompt response, I will use probably use them again.
Product : They look ok and have been planted, but only time will tell on their future performance.
No Comment
19-Nov-2014 NA Service rating : delivered when you said they woulsd be
Product : must admit they look very sorry for themselves but will be happy to give opinion next spring when I will have a beautiful garden (hopefully)
No Comment
18-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : excellent service and product would order again, hassle free
Product : arrived in very good condition
No Comment
18-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : Plants came on time, fantastically packaged and great quality.
Product : Excellent quality!
No Comment
18-Nov-2014 + Service rating : Service was OK and plants arrived well packaged . will use YOU Garden again
Product : Plants already planted and hopefully roots are staring to spread!! Report the results ion the Spring!!
No Comment
18-Nov-2014 + Service rating : Delivered with no problems
Product : not put in yet
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 + Service rating : The delivery service was very good and packed very well and the order came quite quickly.
Product : The shrubs looked alright as far as I could see but instead of 14 as advertised there were two items short. Maybe just an oversight.
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : Easy to use web site, very good offers & prompt service
Product : Healthy plants with a good root system
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 + Service rating : Very good
Product : Very good
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : Delivered within time scale
Product : Good sized shrubs
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 - Service rating : Seem ok not sure about couriers.
Product : Because it was out for delivery for a week plants we're very dry, not sure if they will be ok!
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 + Service rating : Brilliant
Product : Just hope they survive the winter
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : Prompt service and good plants.
Product : These arrived promptly and in excellent condition.
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 + Service rating : Polite 0rder taking and delivered as promised.
Product : 2 out of 24 shrubs didn't have labels & 4 were extremely dried out but will hopefully recover now they are planted.
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 NA Service rating : I have found that You Garden are really good with their delivery dates, but I have been seeing lately that some of the plants that I have ordered have been delivered either broken or dead. Apart from this the rest of my orders over the past year have been very good.
Product : Not yet planted, but I note also that I had 1 of the big trees that came in the parcel was dead, I am disappointed about this but otherwise quite satisfied with the rest of the plants and I am looking to see them when they eventually grow into flowering bushes of colour.
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : Excellent service. Plants have always arrived in good condition
Product : All planted up. Awaiting the results!
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 NA some off the plants were damaged. Find out in spring how good they are No Comment
17-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : Great
Product : They look ok cant tell till they start growing
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : VERY GOOD SERVICE
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 ++ Service rating : Prompt service
Product : Great condition on arrival.
No Comment
17-Nov-2014 + Service rating : Good communications and delivery, will use again and recommend to family and friends.
Product : Delivered in tact well packed and now just looking to forward to spring to view them.
No Comment
28-Jun-2014 -- Service rating : Ordered Hardy Shrub collection. Didn't arrive, so checked website to track order, nothing there so phoned Peter at you Garden to be told items out of stock and will arrange a refund, then phone went dead. Next day items arrived, although not altogether the correct items. Quality of items not good and will not be buying from them again. Wish I had loked at other people's reviews before ordering
Product : Supposed to be 12 shrubs. They doubled up on 2 varieties which are easy to take cutting from anyway but the more unusual shrubs were missing. I only placed the order because of the unusual shrubs they were going to supply
No Comment
29-May-2014 + Service rating : you garden is one of the best i have ever used, their service is fast.
Product : I found the shrub collection good, but 2 were unlabled
No Comment
28-May-2014 ++ Service rating : great service
Product : great plants shrubs andf trees
No Comment
24-May-2014 ++ Service rating : Very pleased with quality (and price!) of this shrub collection
Product : As above
No Comment
15-May-2014 ++ Service rating : Items came promptly and were well packaged and labelled.
Product : All in very good condition, very pleased with service. Will shop with you again this season, excellent value for money. Thankyou.
No Comment
30-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : Plants arrived on time and were well packed and looked fresh.
Product : The plants have started to grow already and are looking very healthy.
No Comment
28-Apr-2014 + Service rating : Service was as good as could be expected
Product : Difficult to say until they start to grow but they look ok
No Comment
22-Apr-2014 + Service rating : good respons for replacing shrub
Product : nice collection of the winter hardy shrub
No Comment
18-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : How do you comment on Excellence
Product : Only one shrub did not have any buds on. We will have to see if it is OK
No Comment
18-Apr-2014 NA Service rating : Ordering and delivering was good . I t remains to see how the plants turn out.
Product : Can't say yet ,they are not planted. ahave taken your advise on storing and will get them in soon.
No Comment
18-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : excellent service, plants are good quality,and arrive well packed etc
Product : These plants look very healthy even though they are bare root plants and shrubs, there are tiny leaves showing healthy growth after planting them only a few days ago.
No Comment
16-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : The quality of the plants was excellent, considering they had been sent in a Cardboard Box.
Product : Excellent value can't wait to see the finished article.
Thank you,
No Comment
16-Apr-2014 + received with thanks - good service. No Comment
11-Apr-2014 + Service rating : Advertising of product could have been a little more informative.Customer service and delivery good.
Product : It would have been eassier if plant name tags were NOT put on upside down.
No Comment
10-Apr-2014 + Delivery and packaging could not be faulted. No Comment
10-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : very satisfied thank you
Product : shrubs look healthy, looking forward to getting them planted.
No Comment
08-Apr-2014 + Service rating : plants delivered within time stated all ok.
Product : all shrubs look ok time will tell.
No Comment
08-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : good offer, delivered when promised
Product : all appear healthy and as described, thanks
No Comment
08-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : Speedy delivery.
Product : A collection of plants I really wanted.
No Comment
07-Apr-2014 + Service rating : This was the first time I had used YOU GARDEN. I will use again
Product : The plants are doing well.
No Comment
07-Apr-2014 + Service rating : Good service and plants were packaged well.
Product : Can't comment on the outcome of the plants as I have just put them in but they seemed healthy and in good condition and well labelled.
No Comment
07-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : A First class service Thankyou
Product : Arrived in good condition
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 + Service rating : service good
Product : items appear to be ok.
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : Plants arrived on time and were in good condition
Product : Good selection
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 + Service rating : quick service
Product : good strong plants
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : Prompt service and good quality.
Product : Shrubs came with well established roots and are now budding nicely.
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 ++ Service rating : Prompt delivery and excellent service
Product : Plants were in tip top condition
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 NA Service rating : See below
Product : The plants look to be healthy enough and are already in situ in the garden, however until we have some growth on them and we see they are growing healthliy, it is difficult to say more. However the service was quick and efficient thank you.
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 + Service rating : Service - efficient
Product : Majority of plants able to be potted up ready to be planted in garden when weather improved & they are of suitable size. Only a few did not make it in transit.
No Comment
06-Apr-2014 + Service rating : Very prompt service.
Product : Good sized plants
No Comment
24-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Promt delivery and well packed. Plant roots had been well watered
Product : Only one shrub was un labelled and so easy to identify
No Comment
23-Mar-2014 ++ Service rating : Excellent service and plants well packaged so arrived in good condition despite a weekend stopover at Gatwick!
Product : Great selection and all in good condition
No Comment
23-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Service appeared satisfactory , delivery prompt, packaging was a little flimsy.
Product : 10 out of the twelve ordered appeared to be in good condition but there are two which look very sorry for themselves. They were soaked overnight and planted with good soil etc. and have been watered well. We will not know survival rate until later on in the season
No Comment
23-Mar-2014 + Service rating : plants were delivered quicker than expected.
Product : plants were strong and healthy with plenty of roots and many started growing leaves 3 days after planting.
No Comment
23-Mar-2014 ++ Service rating : Delivered within a few days and left in a convenient place as we were out
Product : well established roots and decent size, now planted as per the advice given and looking forward to the shrubs blooming !
No Comment
23-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Arrived within the designated time scale well marked and with good instructions
Product : Only rated good as time will tell as to how well the plants grow ,but all look healthy
No Comment
23-Mar-2014 ++ Service rating : Excellent service as always. You Garden is always the first place I look for plants.
Product : Good strong healthy shrubs. I like the selections because it saves me time going through individual plants and they are excellent value.
No Comment
23-Mar-2014 + Service rating : delivery as promised in good sturdy packaging.
Product : shrubs arrived in excellant condition.two lables missing, but otherwise o.k.
No Comment
22-Mar-2014 + Service rating : arrived safely in good condition
Product : good value
No Comment
21-Mar-2014 ++ Service rating : Quick service and plants were well packed
Product : Nice plants
No Comment
21-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Delivered on time and well packed.
Product : Very well rooted.
No Comment
21-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Had few things from them been happy so far
Product : Look forward to see what they will be like when they flower
No Comment
12-Mar-2014 ++ pity plants were sent to wrong address No Comment
12-Mar-2014 NA Service rating : very quick delivery packing was good
Product : dont no yet
No Comment
10-Mar-2014 NA Service rating : service is good be even better if you posted to Europe.
Product : only just planted so don't know.And it would be great if you posted to Spain.
No Comment
08-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Good
Product : Pleased with the condition of the plants
No Comment
08-Mar-2014 ++ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : lovely items
No Comment
08-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Good selection available.
Product : Goods arrived quickly and in good condition.
Thank you.
No Comment
08-Mar-2014 + Service rating : Good price, quick delivery, nice selection :)
Product : All arrived ok, even got an extra one...planted now so hopefully they shall so spring to life once the weather gets warmer. Cheers
No Comment
06-Mar-2014 ++ Service rating : Great service good plants
Product : As above
No Comment
27-Feb-2014 ++ Service rating : good service
Product : very good ,pleased with the shurbs
No Comment
26-Feb-2014 ++ Service rating : they arrived within 4 days, good service.
Product : the bare rooted srubs were planted as soon as they arrived and now show signs of growth, watch this space.
No Comment
25-Feb-2014 ++ Service rating : Prompt and efficient service, reasonable prices.
Product : Good quality, already showing signs of new growth.
No Comment
24-Feb-2014 NA Service rating : Everything arrived promptly, was as described and the carrier actually followed my delivery instructions!
Product : The plants have yet to commence growing, so I can't rate them.
No Comment
24-Feb-2014 + Service rating : Good service however was very concerned that approx 1week after ordering my card was used fraudulently! I had used several websites recently but yours was the only one that I had never used before! I'm not saying it came from you but you have to agree it makes you wonder which I'm afraid might put me off using you again! I have no way of knowing what the route of the issue was but dont quite frankly want my card cancelled again its a pain!
Product : Too early to tell if they will survive but most are shooting so good sign
Thank you again for your order. I appreciate your concerns however I can assure you that our site is 100% secure and compliant. If you need any more details please don't hesitate to email us on

YouGarden Ltd
11-Feb-2014 NA excellent service and great products No Comment
01-Feb-2014 + Service rating : Arrived quickly and well packaged.
Product : I had not got a bed ready to plant the shrubs in so I have put them temporarily in my veg plot and will transplant later. I purchased two of the shrub collections. Unfortunately I did not check the labels on the shrubs before heeling them in obscuring what they were. As I got to the end of planting I found that I had got two of one type in one of the packs when it should have been one each type so I don't know which one is missing unless I dig them all up again.Therefore a bit disappointed.
No Comment
31-Jan-2014 + Service rating : Products were delivered promptly. They were left over the side gate, however, there was no note left to this effect. I'm not sure how long the box had been there but the box was saturated.
Product : It would have been helpful to have had an instruction included that told me how to store the bare root shrubs until it will be possible to get out in the garden.
No Comment
31-Jan-2014 + Service rating : Has good selection and good offers.
Product : Good sized plants and healthy.
No Comment
31-Jan-2014 ++ Service rating : v quick delivery,well packed
Product : strong ,v well rooted
No Comment
16-Jan-2014 ++ well packed plants, excellent service No Comment
Supplied as 12 freshly lifted 2 year old bare-root bushes, 1 each of the varieties listed.
Will produce new leaves next spring as the weather gets warmer.