The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection - 12 bushes

The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection - 12 bushes

Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Shade
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Winter Hardy
Bare root x 12 bushes - Item: 500001
Only £24.99
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You can now enjoy true year-round interest with vibrant flower colour, brightly coloured berries and stems, tactile bark and wonderfully fragrant flowers  - simply brilliant value for money compared toe expensive potted garden centres shrubs.

These 12 tried and tested garden winners will fill any gaps you might have in your existing beds and borders or allow you to plant a new one from scratch, with each individual shrub having the potential to fill 1m2 / circa 10ftsq. Once planted they will rapidly grow away and look tremendous from this year onwards, providing a stunning visual display and a degree of privacy and security for you, as well as a natural safe haven for a wide variety of wildlife. The berries will provide much needed winter food for wild birds and the shrubby structure will provide cover and protection for them too.

Varieties Included:
Symphoricarpos albus: Known as the 'Common Snowberry' for obvious reason! The berries provide much needed winter food for wildlife. Height 3-4ft.
Syringa vulgaris: The common Lilac produces fragrant lavender coloured blooms each May. Hardy and deciduous and great for hedging, it grows to 10-15ft tall.
Cornus alba: The 'Red-Barked Dogwood' provides fantastic autumn colour with its bright red vertical branches. In summer it leafs up and even has soft pink flowers in mid-summer. Height 3-4ft.
Potentilla fruticosa: An evergreen beauty, with masses of yellow saucer-shaped bloom throughout summer. Trim each March to make a perfect hedge. Height 3-4ft.
Ribes aureum: Part of the currant family and known as the 'Golden Currant or 'Clove Currant. The bright yellow blooms have a vanilla-clove aroma. The foliage has beautiful autumn colour. Height 3-4ft.
Spirea douglasii: Part of the rose family, it is often know as The Rose Spirea. Easy to grow with masses of pretty pink flowers in early summer. Perfect for small spaces - height 3ft
Forsythia intermedia 'Spectabilis': Literally one of the most spectacular early season shrubs because of its bright yellow bloom. Perfect for hedges and really easy to grow. Height 4-5 ft. although can be trimmed in to a tidy hedge.
Hypericum moserianum 'St John's Wort: Lush green foliage and pretty, bright yellow flowers all summer long. Perfect for a sunny or part-shaded position. Height 3-4ft.
Deutzia scabra: Also Known as the Fuzzy Deutzia, this native of Japan & China grows to around 8ft tall and smothers itself in pure white fragrant flowers in June.
Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea': A great hedging plant because of its spiky branches, but also a beautiful garden plant. The yellow flowers appear in late spring and the purple foliage provides lovely autumn colour. Height 3-4ft.
Philadelphus coronarius: Commonly known as the 'Mock Orange' it will be clothed in a profusion of creamy-white flowers throughout June & July. The flowers are fabulously fragrant. Height 5-6ft.
Weigela rosea: A lovely garden shrub, with fabulous pink flower colour in May, June and July. Height 3-4ft.


'We ordered the collection of 12 shrubs back in March/April as we have a large garden which was just lawn. We had previously purchased 2 shrubs from a garden centre that cost more than the 12 we bought from you. We thought if half survived, it would be worth the money but all 12 have thrived and a few have over taken the ones from the garden centre. The Spirea has even flowered, the Ribes has grown about 24 in these few months. What a bargain for these shrubs, yes its worrying when they turn up all bare but if regularly watered, they soon spring to life.'

ZR, Southend, July 2014


+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
+ Service rating : Very quick delivery.
Product : The shrubs seem good so far. I will see how they develop through the year.
NA Service rating : Always good telephone help
Product : Always been pleased with service speed of delivery and quality
++ Service rating : Plants arrived quickly and well packed
Product : Shrubs were in very good condition
++ Service rating : The plants arrived promptly and in good condition.
Product : All the plants appear to be in good health and condition. Of course, I won't know how well they grow until the spring!
++ Service rating : good
Product : great
+ Service rating : Good company with good offers well worth having
Product : Not sure if alive or dead being an inexperienced gardener so will have to wait to spring before I'll know for sure
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in very good condition
Product : They couldn't be planted immediately, but are still in good condition having followed enclosed instructions
++ Service rating : always a speedy service
Product : All plants look healthy and are in the ground,now waiting for Spring
NA Service rating : Have had other products from You Garden, and always fast delivery service.
Product : Perhaps I may be given time for the plants to grow !!
NA Item was delivered within the quoted date with packaging undamaged.
-- Service rating : Delivery and packaging good
Product : Shrubs in good condition , 3 agapanthus poor condition
YouGarden Comments
We're sorry to hear that you were unimpressed with your Agapanthus. However, please be aware that these Herbaceous Perennials certainly won’t be looking their best at this time of year. It's normal for their tops to die back to the ground each Autumn, whilst their crowns and root systems remain alive (though dormant). Rest assured that they’ll regrow from those roots and crowns once temperatures begin to warm up.

I hope this puts your concerns at ease, though do let us know if they're still looking unwell in late Spring.

Amelia Elliot
+ Service rating : Good service, good delivery and excellent plants.
Product : All plants look healthy and if they are like all the other plants I have bought from them they will grow strong and healthy.
NA According to my gardener, my shrubs have not yet arrived. I am abroad so cannot check myself.
YouGarden Comments
According to the tracking your order was delivered - left in your front porch on 12th January. Could you ask your gardener to double check please...

+ Service rating : Delivery excellent, Prices very reasonable, Hope to continue with You Garden!
Product : Delivery & condition were very good. Hoping everything will take OK?
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Very good
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Cannot really tell until they show some life which I expect to be in the spring .
+ Service rating : Very Quick and easy service
Product : I don't like the follow up emails with offers every day, once a month would be fine. Plants all seem healthy apart from the Berberis which looks and feels dead.
++ Service and assistance prompt and really helpful
++ Quick service, nicely packaged, plants look healthy.
NA Service rating : ordered on the 21/12/15 at about 1150pm and received by mid day 23/12/15, very good delivery time by all considering time of year
Product : when unpacked the shrubs look,,,,,, well dead, i have only been able to plant a couple so far as weather in my area has been so bad {wet} and the rest are in a bucket of water, on checking them a couple of days ago 2 of them have green shoots on them so i know they are going to come to something even if they dont all take when planted out
++ Service rating : Plants looked a bit tired on arrival, bulbs were fine
Product : Shrubs looked a bit tired on arrival but after a bit of watering they were fine!
++ Service rating : The shrubs arrived as and when expected and have just been planted with soil as a bunch due to the somewhat unusual weather conditions. My only grievance was the cost of postage which was rather excessive, I thought at £13.98 !
Product : Seem fine at present waiting to plant in final position when weather dries up a bit.
++ Service rating : Service is excellent!
Product : Very pleased with my shrub collection.
++ Service rating : My order was dealt with promptly and efficiently. The plants arrived much sooner than I had expected or hoped.
Product : The plants were well packed and arrived in good condition. I put them in pots immediately and, some week later, they are all looking well. The labelling was also efficiently attached to the stems of the plants. Good service!
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Glad it was to your satisfaction!

++ Service rating : Great customer relations to hold back an order for return from holiday.
Product : They look good and should be ok in the spring
++ Service rating : Information available by E-Mail
Product : No problem at present , good packing, only slight damage to taller plants

all successfully potted on.
++ Service rating : An excellent service, the goods arrived when stated.
Product : Great plants in good condition.
++ Service rating : excellent service
Product : very good
++ Service rating : Excellent service and plants are very good
Product : Very good, am waiting for a break in the wind and rain to plant. In meantime have potted up
++ Quality service all round , including customer support
++ Very good service
++ Service rating : a1 dealer
Product : a1 dealer
++ Service rating : The first delivery went missing and You Garden didn't hesitate to send a replacement Shrub Collection. All done by email and they couldn't have been more helpful. I will definitely continue to use them.
Product : Shrubs are dormant on delivery but look strong & healthy.
++ Service rating : very good delivery service
Product : excellent product all shrubs had a wonderful root ball fantasic condition
++ Service rating : Arrived swiftly
Product : Well developed bare root plants which will hopefully develop into beautiful shrubs
- Service rating : Packaging could have been stronger to protect plants; customer service good and another package sent free of charge, this time no problems. Therefore, my need to change their courier service.
Product : Several of the shrubs had broken stems and so may not grow next spring.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order and feedback. I am very sorry that your order arrived damaged first time and glad your replacement was in good condition.

We have sent hundreds of thousands of dispatches this year with Yodel, with very few issues indeed. Unfortunately it is impossible to eradicate every single problem as I'm sure you'll appreciate!

++ Service rating : Excellent service once again - no problems at all - and bushes are brilliant can't wait for spring ... oops sorry wishing everyone's life away again !!!!!!!
Product : Brilliant - these shrubs were a lot bigger than expected and all so healthy - nothing to complain about - only praise - will be back in the spring. Many thanks
++ Service rating : received order when promised
Product : excellent value for money and healthy plants
++ Service rating : Very good selection and in very good condition.
Product : Lovely plants with good roots
+ Service rating : Thanks
Product : All I can say t the moment is that the delivery dates where keept, will not know what the products are like until the summer will let you know thanks.
++ Service rating : Very prompt delivery. Will use this company sgai.
Product : Shrubs were in excellent condition.
++ Prompt service well packaged.
++ Service rating : Have bought several plants from You Garden - all have been very good except 1 standard rose which did not take, otherwise all have been promptly delivered, in good condition and have taken well.
Product : Prompt delivery and good condition.
++ Service rating : Just easy and efficient.
Product : These were in good condition and easy to get ready to plant.
++ Service rating : Excellent service, ordering very easy, and delivered on time. Thank you. Will definitely use your company again..
Product : Shrubs arrived well packed, with healthy plants which are already budding with new shoots.
++ Service rating : Cannot complain in any way..highly recommended
Product : The shrubs were as described with plenty of roots which were still moist. Cannot praise them enough. Would have been nice to have an evergreen or two
++ Service rating : Plant came in excellent condition
Product : Fantastic
NA Service rating : All the plants etc we have purchased from You Garden have been a total success. It is of course to early to comment on the shrub collection as we have them in the Greenhouse planted up in 10Ltr pots until early next year.
Product : Too early to comment as they are dormant at present.
++ Service rating : good value for money
Product : all plants appear to be strong and healthy
++ Service rating : All I could have wanted
Product : Excellent value & quality
++ Service rating : Very quick
Product : Good packaging. Very good quality of shrubs received
++ Service rating : A very efficient service.
Product : Arrived safely in a well packaged box, all shrubs look in good condition.
++ The 12 bare rooted plants arrived on time and in good condition.
NA plants were reasonably priced, arrived in good time and were well packaged
+ Service rating : ok
Product : Too early to say if plants will survive
++ Service rating : Very good information
Product : Good products & service
++ Service rating : Do exactly what they say gonna do
Product : Packaged well are in the ground fingers crossed
++ Service rating : Very well organised
Product : Up to now they're all ok
+ Service rating : ok
Product : ok
++ Great service everytime
++ Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : Flowers in condition
++ Service rating : Well packed and fast delivery
Product : Bare root plants with plenty of care and planting information.
++ Service rating : Very good service, most pleased
Product : Will order again if similar offers appear
+ Service rating : Promptly received.
Product : Will know next year when growing.
+ Service rating : Fast, efficient service. Product well packaged.
Product : Arrived undamaged. Too early to comment on condition of shrubs.
NA Service rating : Received the winter Hardy Shrubs but there was no information regarding to the height or spread. Contacted You Garden by e-mail regarding this problem but so far still have not heard from you.
Product : Not planted yet as still waiting for a reply. See above comment.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you don't have this info yet. We have emailed it to you.

+ Service rating : the plants are bigger than I thought they would be .they are in 50cn pots and are budding already well done .from eric john 80yrs old,
Product : as above
YouGarden Comments
That's great to hear. Thanks again and happy growing!

+ Service rating : easy ordering & good info about delivery
Product : what can I say about plants...have to wait until they grow
NA Service rating : I placed an order for shrubs in October and received confirmation 27/10/15 that delivery would be in 2/3 days by Yodel.I phoned 9/11 @ noon & was told they would look into the matter & phone back within the next 30 minutes.I am still waiting 3 days later for their response, still no delivery!
Product : Phone *Personal Information removed by Feefo*
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry again for the problems in delivering your parcel. We did try to get back to you however could not get through.

Could you email me your full, complete delivery address and any brief instructions for the courier and I will replace the order for you at our cost.

++ Service rating : Great, simple service
Product : Great condition - great plants
+ Service rating : Delivered ok
Product : Bare root so only time will tell if they survive and grow to be worthy of our garden

On paper good collection that we look forward to seeing thrive.
++ Service rating :
Product : All items have grown. Happy with service and plants will use again (when I have room in the garden..)
+ No complaints at all !
++ The plants arrived with excellent packaging .The prices are very competitive as compared to the high street nurseries.
++ Service rating : All delivered suitably packaged and on time
Product : All planted and seem to be thriving
+ Service rating : Good value and quality
Product : Nice healthy Plants ready to plant
+ Service rating : Arrived safely and in good condition.
Product : Disappointed when I looked at the enclosed brochure to see that these shrubs were £14.99. We paid £24.99!
++ Service rating : Plants and shrubs are excellent, took a while to arrive however!
Product : All 12 shrubs doing well.
++ Service rating : 10/10
Product : Very good
+ Service rating : Good packaging and delivery
Product : So far most of the plants have survived and started to sprout ( 2 week planted in the ground) a few just dried up, they are pretty small specimens.
++ Service rating : Very good service, excellent feedback and follow up.
Product : Very good quality of plants, superbly packaged and although we had to arrange the delivery to Northern Ireland and onwards to our home in Southern Ireland and even allowing for the delay due to the Bank Holiday weekend and greatly fearful of the expected condition of the trees and shrubs we were delighted to find that they were all in excellent condition and very healthy when we opened the delivery.
Very pleased.
++ Service rating : Ordering on line wasn't a problem and I was e-mailed on 6 April that my plants would arrive in 7-10 working days. They finally came on 31 April and two of the plants were labelled up the same, I still don't know which plants they are as they are different. They did , however, order a Mock orange plant for me after my phone call and said that it would arrive in 7 days from 31 April. It's 8 April and still no sign of it !!
Product : Strong cardboard package, plants secured together well and good information leaflet.
++ Service rating : Easy to deal with
Product : Healthy looking shrubs, excellent value.
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Plants in excellent condition
++ Service rating : I would recommend you garden for choice and value for money, I will definitely order from them again
Product : The shrubs survived the journey, were in excellent condition and very pleased to see that they are thriving after I planted them! Thank you for a great selection of hardy shrubs
++ Service rating : Fast delivery & well packaged.
Product : Excellent quality plants especially for the price. I will be ordering from you again.
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Shrub were Excellent very good value
+ Hi, I placed a fairly large order, over £300 before discounts, the order was sent in part deliveries, the main complaint, is that it is almost a month now and some of the items that should be in the ground still have not arrived. However the service when phoning up was prompt and helpful.
+ Service rating : Good service fast delivery and no quibble when a rose failed they sent me a replacement FOC
Product : Great value. Arrived in very good condition
++ Service rating : What more do you want me to say
Product : What more do you want me to say
++ Service rating : Excellent service, concerning details of the products and delivery
Product : Excellent collection, in very good condition and cost
+ Service rating : Very quick delivery, well packed
Product : Won't know until they grow! Look fine faso hope they will be good.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived next day! All healthy and ready for planting.
Product : Quick, efficient and I will use again.
++ Service rating : Unable to place an order online, as my email address would not be accepted, however staff on phone were most helpful
Product : Plants arrived in good condition
+ Service rating : Speedy delivery
Product : We have had to put the plants in pots until we can get them into the garden but they are looking quite happy in their temporary home
NA Service rating : Ordering and delivery were excellent,. Shrubs arrived in good condition and well packed.
Product : Shrubs only recently planted so waiting to see if they take and develop normal growth.
+ Service rating : One week in and shrubs are already showing signs of tiny leaves starting to grow!
Product : Quick delivery plants in good order, missing plant sent promptly
++ Service rating : Prompt, good condition.
Product : So far so good! Have to wait and see.
++ Service rating : Excellent Customer Services, and speedy response to my email enquiry, even though my order was a small one.
Product : Good selection of bare rooted shrubs, well packed and excellent information leaflet, ideal for inexperienced/new gardeners like myself.
++ Service rating : The dispatch was very quick and good quality.
The plants arrived within 2 days of my order
Product : The plants are of good quality and in very good condition
++ Good service. Good items. Will use again.
++ Service rating : Arrived on time in good condition
Product : All we wait and see!
++ Service rating : very good
Product : plenty of variety
+ Service rating : Ordered online and was delivered 3 days later. Couldn't ask for better service.
Product : Bare root plants looked healthy. Easy to handle. Pleased with the order
++ Service rating : xx
Product : xx
++ Service rating : So impressed with initial order that ordered more plants within days. At same time joined Members Club so that says something.
Product : Plants arrived promptly and well packed. All 12 in healthy condition and are holding their own after 4 days in the ground. Optimistic that they will flourish in years to come.
++ Service rating : The plants are excellent I will be getting more very good
Product : Very good
NA Service rating : Goods not received yet, so i cannot make a comment
Product : I have not received my shrub collection yet.
++ Service rating : Very good helpdesk and prompt delivery
Product : All arrived OK All planted. Now we wait for them to grow
++ Service rating : Ordering was easy and I was kept informed of the delivery details which was spot on.
Product : Shrubs were in good condition and already sprouting.
++ Service rating : Can't fault the company
Product : The products are first class, well packaged and delivered on time.
+ Service rating : Problem free delivery.Thank you.
Product : Healthy looking shrubs.THANK YOU.
+ Service rating : I shall use you again
Product : The annoying thing was in with the plants that I paid £24.99 for was a book that advertised the same selection at a sale price with £10 off
-- Service rating : See below
Product : They look like a bunch of dead twigs I just hope they come to life
++ Service rating : Very pleased with my plants very good service
Product : Very please all in bud
++ Service rating : After paying nearly £7 extra for delivery I half expected my shrubs to arrive next day so I was very disappointed to find that 2 weeks later they were still at the nursery without any communication to say why and no apology made. It took almost 3 weeks! If it was free delivery then okay but don't charge a high fee and leave me hanging!!!!
Product : Good condition and packaging.
+ Service rating : Generally I am very pleased with the service from Yougarden and the quality of the plants. One comment I would make is that orders should not be sent by the courier such that the plants could end up stuck in a warehouse during some bank holiday. My plants spent Good Friday in a warehouse whilst the couriers were on holiday! Fortunately, they did work on Saturday otherwise they would have been stored Friday-Monday.
Product : The plants all arrived in good condition, and seem to be fine in the pots I had ready for them
++ Service rating : 10/10
Product : 10/10 many thanks
- Service rating : Ordering was straight forward and delivery was quick.
Product : The shrubs came packaged together without any root protection and were not in individual containers or planted in compost. They were small specimens and had to be carefully disintangled from each other. Whilst planted immediately it is hoped the transit conditions have not affected their ability to 'take'. Only time will tell!
+ The additional £6.00 for Northern Ireland is too much. Many other suppliers do not make any addition for this. It also puts your prices much closer to some of the local suppliers.
++ Service rating : Very pleased with the service
Product : Wonderful plants,first rate service,thankyou
+ Service rating : Plants arrived in good condition and very quickly. Also well packed.
Product : The shrubs arrived looking healthy. They we're put in a bucket of water over night as suggested. They have been put into pots, as I would like to see how they grow before putting them in the garden. Our garden is very small.

Growth on them has increased slightly already. Very please with the purchase.
+ Service rating : delivery was earlier than expected - not much in the way of info. re. the various plants and requirements for planting etc.
Product : se comments above.
++ Good service plants arrived quickly the only thing I would add is not being an experienced gardener am used to instructions! Had to google each plant for height width place etc. But they are all in and sprouting! Looking forward to watching them mature
++ Service rating : Easy To Use Website. Very Quick Delivery
Product : Plants Arrived Safely And In Good Condition
+ Service rating : Good were well packed and in good condition.
Product : All seen alive and are starting to bud.
++ Service rating : Delivered on time.
Product : All the shrubs were alive and healthy.
++ Service rating : very good / good service will be buying more products in the future.
Product : very good / shrubs delivered in good condition and very good value.
+ Service rating : Fast delivery
Product : They look good plenty of buds on them ,hope they do well now I have planted them
+ Goods arrived quite quickly and in good condition.
++ Service rating : xx
Product : xx
NA I did not order from this company
++ Service rating : Prompt service, excellent delivery times, very helpful information supplied.
Product : A very good quality product supplied at a very competitive price.
++ Service rating : Superb delivery and general contact
Product : Plants in perfect condition and short time in transit.
+ Service rating : Good delivery
Product : Good products larger than expected
++ Service rating : As always, great service, quick delivery and my plants were handled with great care!
Product : We just planted them, great variety and we are looking forward to see them blooming shortly:-)
+ Service rating : Very good. Plants well packed.
Product : All planted. Time will tell.
++ Service rating : Came well packaged
Product : Good healthy plants and a great price
++ Service rating : super smashing great
Product : Super Smashing Great
+ Service rating : delivery nice and quick
Product : shrubs look nice and hardy but cannot give an opion until they shoot
++ Service rating : could not believe how quickly my order arrived and in such perfect order
Product : the shrubs are really first class
++ Service rating : Fast service.
Product : However,the shrub St John's Wart arrived dead. No sign of any buds, the rest are fantastic.
+ Service rating : Whilst this order arrived promptly an order I placed on the 12/03 has not arrived and the company have not even been bothered to contact me
Product : they seem healthy
+ Service rating : No problems with order or delivery
Product : Until they grow we reserve judgement, but at present they look good
++ Service rating : arrived quickly , well packed
Product : Can't tell , they look like 'twigs' ask me next year
++ Service rating : efficient & on time
Product : all shrubs looking well
++ delivered on time in good condition
+ Service rating : goods delivered within 3days with full instructions about planting.
Product : Marking as good as haven't any other purchases for shrubs to compare with.
++ Service rating : Service was very good
Product : arrived quickly and in excellent condition
++ Service rating : excellent delivery service
Product : excellent value although was disappointed one shrub snowberry had been substituted
+ Service rating : Very helpful
Product : one of the plants,the thorny one looks dead.I have planted,lets see what happens.
++ Service rating : top garden centre.
Product : fast delivery well garden centre
++ The communication, service and product could not be faulted.
+ Service rating : No problems or issues
Product : Good items at a good price
++ Service rating : delivery was fast and efficient
Product : i haven't planted the shrubs as yet but they have been well packed for their journey and look as though they are thriving
NA Service rating : prompt delivery
Product : planted up ok but one item had what appears to be mildew but could be fine sand, so am keping a strict watch
++ Service rating : The product arrived promptly and well packaged.
Product : The shrubs were well rooted and they came with clear instructions and descriptions. Excellent value for money.
++ Service rating : Excellent delivery service
Product : All received in good condition and are now in bud
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in excellent condition.
Product : Plants very healthy and already showing signs of all taken and some are starting to shoot.
+ Service rating : Fast execution of the order.
Product : The shrubs all look to be healthy and well grown - as advertised, they appear to be about 2 years old. They were well packed too. All I have to do now is get them in
+ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : Products generally very good but a couple of shrubs were very small (one with just one stalk)
++ Good quality shrubs delivered on time
+ Good Service.Good quality products at a reasonable price.
++ Service rating : Product arrived on time and as described
Product : Good quality and price, early days yet to see if all survive but if only half thrive still a good bargain.
++ Service rating : very good condition on arrival
Product : a1
+ I was worried as they were not delivered until 5 days after despatch and they looked like dead twigs. however, after leaving in a bucket of water overnight in the garage, they came to life, and I've potted them up ready to plant out and they now look really good strong shrubs.
++ Service rating : quick delivery plants in good condition
Product : ok
++ Couldn't believe how quick these shrubs were delivered Thank you
+ Service rating : Will be ordering more plants tomorrow, hopefully they will be delivered in the same good condition and in such a quick time.
Product : Look good, some planted and some put in pots to give to family and friends, hopefully they will be ok.
++ Service rating : Very efficient - speedy etc
Product : 12 shrub bare root - well packaged and labelled - instructions clear.
++ Service rating : Excellent service both with the keeping in touch as delivery . the plants arrived in good condition
Product : The plants are showing signs of life already
+ Service rating : Excellent !
Product : I should have been more prepared.12 shrubs take a lot of space !
+ Service rating : The service and speed of delivery was excellent
Product : The shrubs appear to be fairly good quality but only time will tell if all 12 shrubs survive and prosper.
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Very good plants looking forward to them growing and flowering
++ Easy to order and quick to deliver
- Service rating : prompt delivery
Product : Plants looked half dead on arrival, all dried out, may NOT survive
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Will not know the answer yet utill they take in the garden
+ Service rating : Very good
Product : Shrubs look good and healthy and the speed with which they were delivered was excellent.
++ Service rating : Great service, fast and efficient.
Product : Sent my Mother in Law these shrubs for Mother's Day and she loves them. Has planted them in her garden and says that they are sturdy plants that should do very well.
+ Service rating : Goods arrived on time and were well packed and in good order.
Product : Nice and fresh and in good condition.
++ Service rating : Very pleased
Product : Satisfied happy with them
+ Service rating : You Garden was good, shame about the delivery company (Yodel). Parcel quite clearly marked 'do not leave outside' and they threw it over a six foot gate!!!! Not impressed.
Product : All the shrubs look OK, will have to wait to see how they grow.
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Impressed with the quality of plants.
++ Service rating : Parcel arrived in good condition-well wrapped plants
Product : Shrubs look in good condition, hope they grow well.
+ Service rating : Delivered in good time
Product : Good healthy plants
++ Service rating : Had trouble with my computer so ordered by telephone - very simple, pleasant and polite staff.
Product : All arrived well packed with full instructions.
+ Was going to purchase four roses but postage too high
+ Service rating : Plants arrived promptly.
Product : Most plants looked healthy - buds starting to sprout. A couple look more like dead twigs, but we'll see.
++ Service rating : Goods delivered very promo and in good condition.
Product : Very good condition of plants.
++ Service rating : Itend arrived safe and sound. Perfect service
Product : Can't wait for them to grow!!
++ Service rating : staff very polite and helpful
Product : good value for the price
+ Service rating : plants arrived in good time
Product : all seem in very good condition. Hopefully they will all "take" in their containers!!
++ Service rating : Good communicators
Product : Bare root, of course, but seemingly very healthy, and good quality.
++ Service rating : Excellent service , nicely packed
Product : They lookk good I now look forward to seeing them bloom and grow
++ Service rating : fast delivery. plants look good
Product : Plants arrived looking good
++ Service rating : Good Service
Product : Happy with the products would buy from them again
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : All items in good health planted and doing well
++ Service rating : Service was friendly and helpful
Product : Plant's arrived in perfect condition x delivery was excellent
++ Service rating : Good communication and information.
Product : They look in great condition and I'm hoping to get them planted this week.
What Is Supplied Supplied as 12 freshly lifted 2 year old bare-root bushes, 1 each of the varieties listed.
Will produce new leaves next spring as the weather gets warmer.
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