Climbing Hardy Fuchsia Pink Fizz

Climbing Hardy Fuchsia Pink Fizz

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6 jumbo plug plants - Item: 400482
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'Following on from the success of Lady Boothby, Pink Fizz is a brand new 'climbing' fuchsia which is fully hardy and grows vigorously and vertically, reaching up to 1.5M in a single season. Rose pink and crimson blooms cover the length of it's vigorous stems throughout the summer giving a sumptuous display, making it ideal to grow up fences, walls and trellises. Whilst the stems are strong so vigorous is the growth that Pink Fizz may need some support in windy areas.

 Flowering from June through till first frosts of late Autumn, in milder Winters it will keep its leaves on, and in colder ones lose its leaves and shoot again from the base the next season. A stunning new type of Fuchsia, and so easy to grow. Pink Fizz lets you grow hardy fuchsias in ways you had never considered. Think of a hedge, or the back of a border, or screening off something. '

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++ Service rating : excellent service and very quick
Product : very well packaged
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Excellent plugs growing nicely at the moment
+ Service rating : Plants arrived in good condition and seem to be very healthy (still only plugs). Bringing them on in greenhouse before planting them outside so can't tell if they will all take but so far all is good. The only problem I had was that I was'nt informed when plants would be arriving when I ordered and I know that you have to go by what type of plant it is and when it is in season but I ended up having to ring about them after I had heard nothing for six weeks. Would have rated excellent if I had been informed at the start.
Product : Good
What Is Supplied Supplied as 6 jumbo plug plants (2.5 - 3.5cm diameter), ready to plant from March - June.
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