Trailing Petunia Double Cascade mix 24 plugs

Trailing Petunia 'Double Cascade' mix 24 plugs

24 jumbo plug plants
Scented / Fragrant
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Plant In Sunshine
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Trailing Petunia 'Double Cascade' mix 24 plugs - Item: 400348
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The gorgeous double ruffle flowered Petunia Cascade mix has beautiful, almost carnation-like flowers, in a soft pastel mix of blues, pinks, whites and shades in between.

Raised from seed, these offer a better value solution than their cutting raised Tumbelina equivalents at almost half the cost, yet they perform very nearly as well too.

Great massed together in large pots, or planters, or even on top of hanging baskets, they will gently trail over the edge, bearing their flowers from June until the first frosts of Autumn.  Grow in full sun, feed and water well in July & August, they need some dead-heading to prolong displays.

Petunia Cascade mix really is a great value Summer good-doer, and one for the short list for easy gardening.

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Score Customer Comments
- Service rating : I was entitled to a free product - e.g. seedlings/plug plants. But I didn't receive them.
Product : My plants don't seem to flower very well but end up with giant leaves. Not great for displays.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you again for your order. I am afraid that you responded to an offer for money off your order, not an offer of free plants. As detailed on our website, only one code can be used per order.

You've only had your plants for a little over three weeks, so having no flowers yet is completely normal. First the roots will establish, then they'll put on new growth above ground, then flower after that. Feed them with a high-potash feed to encourage flowering.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : C ant be faulted. Well pleased.
Product : Plants arrived inexcellent cpndition.
++ Service rating : Cant be faulted.
Product : Lovely healthy plants.
++ A great service who guarantee quality... Thank you
++ Service rating : I have been purchasing form You Garden for a few years now and unlike some other garden centres I find them extremely prompt in delivery not waiting almost a month as in some other centres and the quality is excellent , because of this I will continue to purchase from them
Product : Excellent condition , very healthy plants and I have not lost one single plant this year ,Top marks for You Garden
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Everything arrived in perfect condition
NA Delivery not in accordance with instructions but everything else fine.
- Service rating : I have been a loyal customer for several years and had a very good service.
Product : several of the plants had snapped and died despite my efforts to save.
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry. Let us know which you need replacing and we will arrange it.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : the company themselves are great
Product : these arrived damaged and had to have replacements
What Is Supplied Supplied as 2 packs of 12 jumbo plugs (2.5 - 3-5cm Diameter) to pot on for 2-3 weeks, or plant straight out after frost risks.
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