Duo Fruit Tree - Pear Conference & Concorde

Duo Fruit Tree - Pear Conference & Concorde

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Pear Conference & Concorde Duo Tree - Now everyone can grow fruit trees in the minimum of space! These incredible duo fruit trees have been meticulously grafted by highly skilled nurserymen, to create 2 different trees growing on one rootstock! What's more, the rootstocks are dwarfing meaning that your trees will always remain compact! You will get 2 different varieties of fruit from 1 tree so are perfect for anyone who loves the idea of picking their own home-grown fresh fruit, but has limited space. Each of the varieties will produce bumper crops of delicious full sized fruit! Because they are already trained into a V shape, they are perfect for growing up a wall. 

Conference Pear This produces a large crop of fruits with clear white flesh that are ready to pick each September. The long, tapering fruits are packed with an irresistible sweetness and lip-smacking juice that will drip from your chin when you bite into a ripe one! Because of its outstanding flavour, it remains the most popular pear grown in Britain by a long measure both in commercial orchards and home gardens. It is perfect for you to grow because it is very heavy cropping and when picked unripe, is great for keeping for 2 or more months. Crops: September-October

Concorde Pear This scrumptious pear variety produces large crops of elegant, tapering fruits with white flesh that are ready to pick from September each year. Each one is packed with an incredibly sweet, irresistible juice you wont be able to stop yourself eating them straight from the tree! Try to save some for later though as they will make wonderful desserts for your Christmas parties! Concorde is perfect for gardeners to grow because it is very heavy cropping and will keep for over two months when picked unripe. Crops: September-October

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+ Service rating : The despatch was quick , the item well wrapt
Product : the tree arrived in good condition and looked good. I left it soaking its roots over night as recommended before planting. Unfortunatly the very cold weather has set up shortly after, so let's hope it wont have suffered oo much, i have covered it with a fleece bag.
+ Service rating : No comment
Product : NO comment
++ only thing that spoilt the service this time was the fruit trees were held back for 5 weeks so they could be delivered with the plug plants, not had this happen before.
NA Service rating : But communication could be better - I was not notified that my order was out of stock until I checked it myself on the website. I was also informed that I would get an e-mail with a trackngn number once it was despatched, but that failed too. I also gave delivery instructions on my order in the event I was not available to take delivery, but Yodel just ignored them. As such, you garden have some things to refine....
Product : Planted up - just waiting.....
+ Service rating : I got confused about what I ordered and they sorted me out extremely well and efficiently and were very friendly and helpful!
Product : As expected
++ Service rating : Once again, I found the website has all the information I need, and ordering plants is easy and quick.
Product : The duo fruit pear tree arrived in very good condition, and I hope to enjoy it for years to come.
NA excellent ordering and service
What Is Supplied Supplied as grower-quality bare-root duo fruit tree with two varieties grafted on to dwarfing rootstocks: Pear Conference & Concorde Height/Spread: No more than 2.5m (8ft) x 3.5m (12ft) Plant: November-May
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