Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection - Pick your own apples, pears and plums.

Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection
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Mini Orchard Collection
Mini Orchard Collection
Welcome To The YouGarden Website
Welcome To The YouGarden Website
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CLUB PRICE: £26.99
Bare Root x 3 - Item: (300004)
*Despatched from 30/10/2015

Scrumptious! You Can Now Pick Abundant Crops Of Delicious Plums, Apples & Pears From Your Own Mini-Orchard Fruit Tree Collection!

These top-quality, 'Professional Standard' fruit trees mean YOU can now grow full-sized crops in your garden or even in pots on your patio! Whats more, you can expect to be picking your first juicy fresh fruit in the first year! The crop will increase year on year, eventually giving you hundreds of pounds of produce per season and costing literally pennies per lb over their long life of over 50 years!

They are 'self fertile' and grown on 'Dwarfing' rootstocks so they so will pollinate themselves and always be compact. The beautiful, fragrant blossom in spring will precede the fruits, with 'Victoria' cropping from July, 'Conference' in September and 'Braeburn' in October. Delicious fresh from the tree, they also make perfect jams and preserves or can be stored for later use - 'Conference' and 'Braeburn' will even keep until Christmas!

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : New customer so limited experience but initially looks good
Product : The trees arrived well packaged, appeared to be a little dehydrated but all three recovered well and appear to be growing/blooming very well.
- Service rating : The trees were almost dead upon arrival and the magnolias and redbuds were very small for the price.
Product : All the trees were almost dead. Having to water them a lot and hoping to save them
++ Service rating : excellent
Product : excllent and will use again
+ Very good service all round.
++ Service rating : Good attitude, no nonsense, great marketing, great prices and range.
Product : Can't get over how inexpensive the trees were - they have settled in nicely. Arrived safely and healthily, good packaging and delivery method.
+ Service rating : good communication
Product : time will tell..............
- Service rating : From ordering to delivery takes far to long.
Product : These arrived as I would expect in winter. I set them immediately but I will be lucky if I get leaves on them let alone flower. Very disappointing.
- Service rating : Was told we would receive within 10 working days but did not
Product : Pear tree not looking healthy But I think because left in porch when we was on holiday because did not arrive when it should have.
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery but a tracking option would have been nice
Product : A bit early yet but all three plants are showing new growth
+ Service rating : Everything ordered arrived in good time
Product : Fruit trees were large so hopefully wil bear fruit this Autunm
++ Fantastic service and my trees are perfect. They came with care instructions, well packaged and the delivery and communication was excellent. Once planted my trees started to sprout leaves within a few days. Super happy many thanks for a great service.
+ The delivery was delayed way beyond the stated delivery date and when I phoned to enquire the response was that this was a busy time ! A simple email or phone call would have helped. Everything else was good when it did happen.
+ Service rating : Easy ordering and the lady I spoke to when I phoned to say the delivery person wanted to leave the plants by the front door not at a neighbours as requested was very nice
Product : A bit to early to tell apple an plum sprouting the pear has not yet
+ Service rating : First delivery 'lost, never received' and replacement received within 3 days of telephone call informing of this
Product : Have potted on the bank holiday weekend. All look healthy.
+ Service rating : Very good service. Speedy drlivery.
Product : Healthy looking trees
++ Service rating : very good
Product : very good
+ Service rating : I am still awaiting my order of Bottlebrush/Potatoes/Lilles which I ordered on the 14/4/2015 according to my records,but you say in your reply to my email was the24/4/2015 !!?
Product : The Plum and Apple are showing signs of life but the Pear is struggling and is not showing any sign of life at the moment.
++ Service rating : Fast delivery - very well packed - the trees arrived in very good condition
Product : Very good specimens - at a very fair price
- Service rating : Would have preferred a quicker delivery. Plum tree had no branches. Still waiting for signs of life
Product : Plum tree is not showing any signs of life two weeks after being planted. Apple and pear look healthy
++ Service rating : Very efficient service and quality stock
Product : Arrived quickly, they are excellent quality and have already started to grow
+ Service rating : Delivery was slower than expected with no explanation until we rang for info.
Product : Trees look great but one was slightly damaged
++ Service rating : Plants came very quickly
Product : Good sized trees
+ Service rating : The delivery was good, but there were no instructions at all with the package.
Product : the trees look alright but the plum tree has a lot of damaged twigs. we will see how it grows. Not all the trees had labels which i thought was poor.
- Service rating : neither poor or good I'm afraid, slow to deliver
Product : Didn't look in the best condition, but have given them tlc, and potted them up, so hopefully they will be ok
+ Overall looking good tell you better when they flower and fruit
NA Service rating : what more can I say?
Product : look healthy enough and have followed the instructions about caring for them so nothing more I can say really!
++ Service rating : Just planted, can't comment until growth starts
Product : As above
NA Service rating : did everything right as a seller no complaints thank you
Product : obviously I can not tell you about the trees yet as will be a couple of years before they produce anything but the packageing and delivey were perfect
++ Service rating : Came within the allotted time
Product : Exactly as ordered
+ Service rating : Good service and delvery
Product : Bought these for friends as Mine have been excellent but I think planting instructions should be included.
++ Service rating : your service is excellent but do to be faster delivery
Product : The product looks good and is set in big tubs, and it is wait and see
to see what the end product is thank you Kev.
++ Fast efficient and great products
+ Service rating : Arrived in just a couple of days after ordering
Product : Well packaged. Plum tree just looks like a twig but all planted and only time will tell if successfull.
+ Service rating : Not quick to respond to emails and had to wait along time for my delivery
Product : Excellent product shame it was delivered damaged
+ Service rating : Delivered as promised
Product : Planted up but we have to see how they perform
++ Service rating : Can't fault the service they gave me
Product : Looking good ask when i'm eating the fruit. No complaints with the quality of the trees.
- Service rating : Website easy to use but offer was not as advertised in the Grow Your Own gardening magazine. I had to pay more than was advertised.
Product : Disappointed with the packaging because one of the branches caught in the packaging and twisted around the roots breaking a branch. My tree now looks lopsided.
Only the apple tree was labelled. I can't recognise the difference between the pear and plum when the branches are bare.
++ Service rating : excellent packagin -delivery brilliant including all the instructions
Product : cant wait for the fruit to appear
+ Service rating : Pretty good
Product : Not a great deal to say yet, they have been planted but its early days
+ Service rating : It would have been excellent but I feel the delivery time of 7 - 10 working days is a little long.
Product : The box it came in was a bit bashed and there were quite a few ends that had come off the branches.
+ Service rating : Good customer service. Would be great if the telephone number was a free phone for ordering from a mobile though.
Product : It's too early to say. They are bare root trees with no leaves. Just planted and fingers crossed they take. ��
+ Very prompt. It was good that I could keep up to date with progress of the order.
++ Service rating : Staf. R. Excellent.
Product : Orchard. R in. The. Ground. Excellent
+ The goods where left in the open porch and no one rung the bell to let us know it was there.
++ Service rating : Easy to use website. Quick delivery. Good care instructions for plants supplied.
Product : Great price for well established plants. Would defiantly order more if I had the room for more.
NA Service rating : Very good hope to do more with you
Product : Not yet will let you know in two months
++ I had a problem with a promo code which wasn't working online. I spoke with a gentleman who was very friendly and helpful and spent quite a long time searching for a code that would work for me. Fantastic customer service- could not fault it!
++ Service rating : Excellent service, delivered my trees in just a couple of days, very easy to place order and just what I wanted.
Product : Great specimens!! Good root systems, looking forward to their produce in the future!!
+ Service rating : Only just pkanted
Product : Only just planted
++ Service rating : Pleasure to do business with and will do so again, I have already recommened to my brother in law who has since bought from you garden
Product : Im very pleased with the fruit trees i bought
+ Service rating : I like the products and ordering, but felt let down by the delivery company's lack of up to date information.
Product : Nice selection of trees, although this set maybe not as good as the first one I had
NA Service rating : Our order arrived very promptly and well packaged. We were kept informed about delivery arrangements.
Product : The trees look fine and sturdy. I'm keen to see if they will bare fruit.
++ Service rating : very plesed
Product : very pleased
+ Service rating : excellent service very fast deliverary
Product : looked in good condition we will have to see later
++ Service rating : Excellent service and speedy delivery.
Product : Fruit trees were in excellent condition. Packaging was first class.
+ Service rating : good service. twice bought fruit trees and both times have recieved good service. order delivered on time and in good condition.
Product : bought fruit trees on two occasions and both times I have been very happy with quality.
++ Fast delivery
+ The trees were delivered upside down and damaged
NA the product was £10 cheaper in the brochure and I had bought online
++ Service rating : Quick delivery and packaged well
Product : The trees look healthy and are now potted up
++ Excellent, quick service BUT invoice is very confusing re price paid
when I ordered I was told the price total would be £48.97p but when the delivery came the enclosed delivery note came to only £29.98
I await my bank statement with interest to see what I have actually spent!
++ Service rating : I have never had quicker service than You Garden .
Product : The fruit trees look in good condition, but until they are planted and. Given time to grow I cannot comment any further.
NA Efficient service
++ Service rating : Your garden deliver as stated and all products received as stated.
Product : All in good condition awaiting their products.
++ Service rating : Great, efficient service
Product : Good, well established trees
NA Not seen yet. My daughter says they are good plants
- Service rating : Great delivery. Good packaging. Thank you for the seeds.
Product : Very concerned that not one of the nine fruit trees we ordered has shown signs of growth ie;buds of any kind.
We followed instructions, and the blackcurrant is doing well.
How long should we wait until contacting you again? The fruit trees are for a project on our site and need to be growing by opening day end of June.
NA Executing of order good,but delivery not so,order left at wrong address and three days past before we were given the address it was left at,have watered and planted as soon as received but am concerned that the roots may have dried out.
+ Service rating : Reasonable value .If plum tree was as good as the others It would overall be very good value
Product : Plum had little feathering more a maiden whip so disappointed with that. The other trees were fine
++ Service rating : very good service
Product : good healthy trees
+ Service rating : Items rceceived very promptly
Product : Trees look heathy when received
++ Service rating : very quick delivery
Product : good quality looking trees
++ Service rating : Would recommended
Product : We had 1 root stock not very good, straight away they sent me another
++ Service rating : I have only just joined but am very happy with company so far
Product : Great value for money and the trees look of a good quality, but what I like best is the dwarf root stock; so that I can have reachable fruit and maintain the trees better.
+ Service rating : fast and helpful
Product : they look to be in good order only time will tell
++ Service rating : My order from You garden was prompt and Quick. I found it easy ordering on line. I will be ordering again from You garden.
Product : One slight hiccup with the order as I received two of the same trees. This was quickly rectified by You garden as another tree is being sent to me free of charge. Thank you.
++ Service rating : Good service, good prices
Product : Everything comes well packed and looking healthy.
++ Service rating : Just so pleased with everything
Product : Have planted them can't wait to see the first sign of buds
++ Service rating : Very good, thank you.
Product : Very good, thank you.
++ Service rating : Easy to order, quick delivery, thanks
Product : Nice trees just planted out
++ Service rating : Very good service and good order information
Product : Excelent
+ Service rating : I was very impressed with the service. The plants arrived so quickly and were beautifully packed.
Product : The little trees seem to be in very good condition so I am hoping they will do well.
NA Service good except for the fact that the deliverer left the package upside down
++ Service rating : Trees arrived quicker than specified
Product : Well packaged and in excellent condition when arrived, but they were left where they could be seen and not where I asked for them to be left.
++ Service rating : I placed the order not thinking they would arrive for about 2 weeks. They were with me five days later and packed very well to protect the plants and trees.
Product : They look very healthy and I am looking at a very good production for this year.
NA Service rating : Easy ordering and speedy delivery
Product : Planted the trees in pots but it is too early to judge the quality yet
++ Service rating : order delivered speedily
Product : good quality trees at competitive price
NA Service rating : Good delivery times, proof of quality of goods can only be judged once they are growing and doing what they are intended to do, whether be fruit or flowers
Product : Lets wait and see! Trees planted in accordance with instructions only time will tell if they live up to your expectations
NA Service rating : Prompt delivery and items in good condition. Not planted yet . Hoping for some fruit this summer.
Product : Items not planted yet look forward to seeing them grow.
++ Service rating : good service
Product : good service
++ Service rating : More than pleased with the service.
Product : await results
+ Service rating : good
Product : packeged well
++ Service rating : Personal and efficient
Product : Excellent as far as I can tell in the dormant season
+ Service rating : Prompt service. Good range of fruit trees.
Product : Pleased so far with trees.
++ Excellent service
++ Very pleased with the quality of the plants that I received from 'you garden', but what I was particularly happy about was the super quick delivery despite the fact that I put the order in just shortly before Christmas. Many thanks, a top service indeed.
++ Service rating : Such speedy delivery, especially given the time of year
Product : All purchased for our allotment assn. hopefully they will do well and add some spring colour to our site
++ Service rating : Can't believe how quickly it was delivered so close to Christmas
Product : The Orchard fruit collection was a present for my friends they were absolutely thrilled with it.
++ Service rating : All goods ordered arrived within 3 days of ordering and came well packaged. I had read negative comments about the company but if you read them properly you find that most of the trouble was with courier service, so I thought I would chance it and was extremely pleased that I had.
Product : Arrived well packaged and looked good on unpacking. I planted them with in a couple of hours of receiving them and they seem to be ok despite wind and frost. Cannot comment on fruiting experience yet.
+ Service rating : Intial order was good and was told delivery would be by mid October. Delivery was delayed and was warned might be mid-Nov when we were due to be away. Therefore asked for delivery after 25 Nov. Nothing had happened by 1 Dec so called and got items despatched. Came in two deliveries. If I had not called I would still be waiting.
Product : Bare root trees seem fine. Next year will be the proof.
++ although trees look good I'm worried by the delays in delivery what seems to be due to courier just hope they shoot in the spring.
++ Service rating : Although the trees I ordered were a little late , when I did get them they were in very good condition . The reason they were late was because of black Friday
And a huge back log of parcels at yodel . I emailed You Garden and they were very helpful . I will be ordering from this company again .
Product : They seemed in very good condition .... Looking forward to spring when they begin to come to life .
NA Service rating : Company fab. Delivery time poor
Product : There a Christmas present
+ Service rating : The company seems to be ok I will know more in the spring whe the trees should come into bud
Product : I hope the trees are fine as they spent over a week in the yodel warehouse

Varieties Included: 'Braeburn' Apple, 'Conference' Pear and 'Victoria' Plum
Supplied as 1.5m tall, grower quality, multi-branched 'bare root' trees.
Grown on semi-dwarfing professional rootstocks which are not widely available commercially. Braeburn's rootstock is similar to “M26”, Conference's to “Quince C” and Victoria's to “Pixie”.
Will grow to approx. 2m (6-7 ft) in 10 years.
Fully winter hardy.
Self fertile.

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