Mini-Orchard Fruit Tree Collection - Pick your own apples, pears and plums.

Mini-Orchard Fruit Tree Collection
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Mini Orchard Collection
Mini Orchard Collection
Welcome To The YouGarden Website
Welcome To The YouGarden Website
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CLUB PRICE: £26.99
Bare Root x 3 - Item: (300004)

Scrumptious! You Can Now Pick Abundant Crops Of Delicious Plums, Apples & Pears From Your Own Mini-Orchard Fruit Tree Collection!

These top-quality, 'Professional Standard' fruit trees mean YOU can now grow full-sized crops in your garden or even in pots on your patio! Whats more, you can expect to be picking your first juicy fresh fruit in the first year! The crop will increase year on year, eventually giving you hundreds of pounds of produce per season and costing literally pennies per lb over their long life of over 50 years!

They are 'self fertile' and grown on 'Dwarfing' rootstocks so they so will pollinate themselves and always be compact. The beautiful, fragrant blossom in spring will precede the fruits, with 'Victoria' cropping from July, 'Conference' in September and 'Braeburn' in October. Delicious fresh from the tree, they also make perfect jams and preserves or can be stored for later use - 'Conference' and 'Braeburn' will even keep until Christmas!

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
+ Service rating : Arrived in just a couple of days after ordering
Product : Well packaged. Plum tree just looks like a twig but all planted and only time will tell if successfull.
+ Service rating : Delivered as promised
Product : Planted up but we have to see how they perform
++ Service rating : Can't fault the service they gave me
Product : Looking good ask when i'm eating the fruit. No complaints with the quality of the trees.
++ Service rating : excellent packagin -delivery brilliant including all the instructions
Product : cant wait for the fruit to appear
+ Service rating : Pretty good
Product : Not a great deal to say yet, they have been planted but its early days
+ Service rating : It would have been excellent but I feel the delivery time of 7 - 10 working days is a little long.
Product : The box it came in was a bit bashed and there were quite a few ends that had come off the branches.
+ Service rating : Good customer service. Would be great if the telephone number was a free phone for ordering from a mobile though.
Product : It's too early to say. They are bare root trees with no leaves. Just planted and fingers crossed they take. ��
+ Very prompt. It was good that I could keep up to date with progress of the order.
++ Service rating : Staf. R. Excellent.
Product : Orchard. R in. The. Ground. Excellent
+ The goods where left in the open porch and no one rung the bell to let us know it was there.
++ Service rating : Easy to use website. Quick delivery. Good care instructions for plants supplied.
Product : Great price for well established plants. Would defiantly order more if I had the room for more.
NA Service rating : Very good hope to do more with you
Product : Not yet will let you know in two months
++ I had a problem with a promo code which wasn't working online. I spoke with a gentleman who was very friendly and helpful and spent quite a long time searching for a code that would work for me. Fantastic customer service- could not fault it!
++ Service rating : Excellent service, delivered my trees in just a couple of days, very easy to place order and just what I wanted.
Product : Great specimens!! Good root systems, looking forward to their produce in the future!!
+ Service rating : Only just pkanted
Product : Only just planted
++ Service rating : Pleasure to do business with and will do so again, I have already recommened to my brother in law who has since bought from you garden
Product : Im very pleased with the fruit trees i bought
+ Service rating : I like the products and ordering, but felt let down by the delivery company's lack of up to date information.
Product : Nice selection of trees, although this set maybe not as good as the first one I had
NA Service rating : Our order arrived very promptly and well packaged. We were kept informed about delivery arrangements.
Product : The trees look fine and sturdy. I'm keen to see if they will bare fruit.
++ Service rating : very plesed
Product : very pleased
+ Service rating : excellent service very fast deliverary
Product : looked in good condition we will have to see later
++ Service rating : Excellent service and speedy delivery.
Product : Fruit trees were in excellent condition. Packaging was first class.
+ Service rating : good service. twice bought fruit trees and both times have recieved good service. order delivered on time and in good condition.
Product : bought fruit trees on two occasions and both times I have been very happy with quality.
++ Fast delivery
+ The trees were delivered upside down and damaged
NA the product was £10 cheaper in the brochure and I had bought online
++ Service rating : Quick delivery and packaged well
Product : The trees look healthy and are now potted up
++ Excellent, quick service BUT invoice is very confusing re price paid
when I ordered I was told the price total would be £48.97p but when the delivery came the enclosed delivery note came to only £29.98
I await my bank statement with interest to see what I have actually spent!
++ Service rating : I have never had quicker service than You Garden .
Product : The fruit trees look in good condition, but until they are planted and. Given time to grow I cannot comment any further.
NA Efficient service
++ Service rating : Your garden deliver as stated and all products received as stated.
Product : All in good condition awaiting their products.
++ Service rating : Great, efficient service
Product : Good, well established trees
NA Not seen yet. My daughter says they are good plants
- Service rating : Great delivery. Good packaging. Thank you for the seeds.
Product : Very concerned that not one of the nine fruit trees we ordered has shown signs of growth ie;buds of any kind.
We followed instructions, and the blackcurrant is doing well.
How long should we wait until contacting you again? The fruit trees are for a project on our site and need to be growing by opening day end of June.
NA Executing of order good,but delivery not so,order left at wrong address and three days past before we were given the address it was left at,have watered and planted as soon as received but am concerned that the roots may have dried out.
+ Service rating : Reasonable value .If plum tree was as good as the others It would overall be very good value
Product : Plum had little feathering more a maiden whip so disappointed with that. The other trees were fine
++ Service rating : very good service
Product : good healthy trees
+ Service rating : Items rceceived very promptly
Product : Trees look heathy when received
++ Service rating : very quick delivery
Product : good quality looking trees
++ Service rating : Would recommended
Product : We had 1 root stock not very good, straight away they sent me another
++ Service rating : I have only just joined but am very happy with company so far
Product : Great value for money and the trees look of a good quality, but what I like best is the dwarf root stock; so that I can have reachable fruit and maintain the trees better.
+ Service rating : fast and helpful
Product : they look to be in good order only time will tell
++ Service rating : My order from You garden was prompt and Quick. I found it easy ordering on line. I will be ordering again from You garden.
Product : One slight hiccup with the order as I received two of the same trees. This was quickly rectified by You garden as another tree is being sent to me free of charge. Thank you.
++ Service rating : Good service, good prices
Product : Everything comes well packed and looking healthy.
++ Service rating : Just so pleased with everything
Product : Have planted them can't wait to see the first sign of buds
++ Service rating : Very good, thank you.
Product : Very good, thank you.
++ Service rating : Easy to order, quick delivery, thanks
Product : Nice trees just planted out
++ Service rating : Very good service and good order information
Product : Excelent
+ Service rating : I was very impressed with the service. The plants arrived so quickly and were beautifully packed.
Product : The little trees seem to be in very good condition so I am hoping they will do well.
NA Service good except for the fact that the deliverer left the package upside down
++ Service rating : Trees arrived quicker than specified
Product : Well packaged and in excellent condition when arrived, but they were left where they could be seen and not where I asked for them to be left.
++ Service rating : I placed the order not thinking they would arrive for about 2 weeks. They were with me five days later and packed very well to protect the plants and trees.
Product : They look very healthy and I am looking at a very good production for this year.
NA Service rating : Easy ordering and speedy delivery
Product : Planted the trees in pots but it is too early to judge the quality yet
++ Service rating : order delivered speedily
Product : good quality trees at competitive price
NA Service rating : Good delivery times, proof of quality of goods can only be judged once they are growing and doing what they are intended to do, whether be fruit or flowers
Product : Lets wait and see! Trees planted in accordance with instructions only time will tell if they live up to your expectations
NA Service rating : Prompt delivery and items in good condition. Not planted yet . Hoping for some fruit this summer.
Product : Items not planted yet look forward to seeing them grow.
++ Service rating : good service
Product : good service
++ Service rating : More than pleased with the service.
Product : await results
+ Service rating : good
Product : packeged well
++ Service rating : Personal and efficient
Product : Excellent as far as I can tell in the dormant season
+ Service rating : Prompt service. Good range of fruit trees.
Product : Pleased so far with trees.
++ Excellent service
++ Very pleased with the quality of the plants that I received from 'you garden', but what I was particularly happy about was the super quick delivery despite the fact that I put the order in just shortly before Christmas. Many thanks, a top service indeed.
++ Service rating : Such speedy delivery, especially given the time of year
Product : All purchased for our allotment assn. hopefully they will do well and add some spring colour to our site
++ Service rating : Can't believe how quickly it was delivered so close to Christmas
Product : The Orchard fruit collection was a present for my friends they were absolutely thrilled with it.
++ Service rating : All goods ordered arrived within 3 days of ordering and came well packaged. I had read negative comments about the company but if you read them properly you find that most of the trouble was with courier service, so I thought I would chance it and was extremely pleased that I had.
Product : Arrived well packaged and looked good on unpacking. I planted them with in a couple of hours of receiving them and they seem to be ok despite wind and frost. Cannot comment on fruiting experience yet.
+ Service rating : Intial order was good and was told delivery would be by mid October. Delivery was delayed and was warned might be mid-Nov when we were due to be away. Therefore asked for delivery after 25 Nov. Nothing had happened by 1 Dec so called and got items despatched. Came in two deliveries. If I had not called I would still be waiting.
Product : Bare root trees seem fine. Next year will be the proof.
++ although trees look good I'm worried by the delays in delivery what seems to be due to courier just hope they shoot in the spring.
++ Service rating : Although the trees I ordered were a little late , when I did get them they were in very good condition . The reason they were late was because of black Friday
And a huge back log of parcels at yodel . I emailed You Garden and they were very helpful . I will be ordering from this company again .
Product : They seemed in very good condition .... Looking forward to spring when they begin to come to life .
NA Service rating : Company fab. Delivery time poor
Product : There a Christmas present
+ Service rating : The company seems to be ok I will know more in the spring whe the trees should come into bud
Product : I hope the trees are fine as they spent over a week in the yodel warehouse
NA Did what they said they would do
+ Service rating : Items took a while to arrive
Product : These are fruit trees so cant comment yet !
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in good condition
Product : All is as it should be
++ Service rating : Delivery driver waited 1 minute and then left the product upside down. No damage done.
Product : Looks great. Proof will be in the Spring.
Product : No trees - paid money. Cannot get refund.
NA Delivered as and when promised. Trees look ok - only time will tell!
++ Service rating : Very helpful and responded quickly to my e-mail query
Product : Very good price bargain
-- Service rating : I have had previous multi branch tree s before and they have been very good.
Product : The plum tree is not a tree it is a very small twig with no branches I hope you will consider replacing it.The other two trees have good potential and are in a similar state to the previous purchased trees.
+ Service rating : Quick , secure delivery with planting instructions.
Product : so far , so good. Difficult to comment until next summer.
+ Service rating : Excellent service when I phoned.
Product : All looks to be very good and the delivery arrangements were good. One tree has a small piece of bark cut away but I trust this will not be a problem.
++ Service rating : A great response
Product : Planted and results awaited
+ Service rating : Easy ordering process.
Product : Looking forward to some fruit in the garden.
++ Service rating : ok
Product : ok
+ Service rating : Product and packaging good but no update on supply until I rang when overdue. Could do better.
Product : Looks ok but will see if it lives up to promise.
Hope so!
- Service rating : Poor delivery. Some of goods missing. Poor goods too.
Product : Some broken
++ Service rating : Very easy to order and pay
Product : I was very happy last year when I bought 2collections, only problem was I had two apples and no pear in one of them. First year 6apples no pears or plums but blossom so weather culprit I think. This year 12 apples 4pears and one plum. Looking forward to next years crop
++ Service rating : Very Good Thanks..
Product : Very Good Thanks..
- Service rating : 5 to 10 working days delivery! Not even close. I understand the trees might take longer if stock is low but sending the trees without the planters, which by the way I still don't have after almost a month! Professional my eye!
No planting instructions one tree unlabelled, apple tree with split main stem. I won't be buying any more from you!
Don't expect any follow up on this. Thanks for a really disapointing experince.
Product : See above.
+ Service rating : Arrived safe and sound
Product : I would have liked hints for planting
NA Service rating : This is based on order process and customer service but cannot judge on quality of product as yet.
Product : Difficult to tell as plants are dormant. Seem ok but will see if they shoot and grow. Delivery was rather slow - were sat in local parcel depot for 5 days after being sent out, then delivered too late to be planted on day of receipt. Concerned plants dried out too much.
NA Service rating : Would have liked to know the exact date of delivery a bit more accurately, instead of a vague idea of between one week or another.
Product : They have been planted but it will be some time before we know if the trees survive or not.
- Service rating : the plants were left with a neighbour as we were out
Product : we thought that there should have been some compost/soil around the roots. Too early to tell if the plants will survive.
++ Service rating : never used them before but service very good
Product : Trees were as I hoped
+ Service rating : Good service alround
Product : Good product
+ Plants arrived later than expected due to weather conditions, but according to the recipients the plants were in good condition.
+ Service rating : Came on time. Well wrapped
Product : On opening the box we were worried about the plum tree but had very quick response from the email and photos that we sent, reassuring us it was not serious and anyway there was a lifetime guarantee with it.
++ Service rating : Good company to do business with .
Product : They are dormant at the moment so I won't be able to tell until the spring .
+ Very helpful
++ good service over the phone
++ We were delighted with the roses and the fruit trees and full of admiration for your packaging. Many many thanks for helping us create our new garden.
+ Service rating : Very pleased
Product : Very pleased
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Good service
+ Service rating : My order was well packaged and arrived in good condition in the timescale allotted
Product : Time will tell but trees looked in good order
++ Service rating : good service again from you garden
Product : arrived in first class condition,all three trees are in tubs looking good
NA Good service
NA All appears to be in order, only time will tell.
+ Securely packaged. All perfectly satisfactory.
+ Service rating : Good communication, delivery when expected
Product : Good root stock
+ Service rating : Delivery very good. Packaging good standard.
Product : Trees were in good condition, and are now planted on my Allotment. I am hoping for some nice fruit in a few years time.
NA Service rating : I have rated 'Good' as I was unable to order on line - the 'send' instruction didn't respond, but the telephone staff were very helpful.
Product : Our fruit trees look 'Excellent' planted in our garden but only time will tell how well they do!
++ Service rating : Items I have ordered from you garden has always beensuperb will not hesitate to order again .
Product : Delighted with trees excellent condition , can't wait to reap rewards next summer thank you
+ Service rating : Seem very efficient. Order arrived well packed but delivery could not be tracked
Product : Plants appear healthy and time will tell if they are good
+ Service rating : Trees arrived in good condition.
Product : Lets hope they produce fruit next year.
++ Service rating : Excellent choice of flowers and fruit trees will be ordering again later
Product : when trees arrived they were well packed. And the trees looked very healthy good roots very pleased. They were a present for a friend but I kept them for myself
++ Service rating : Great,no hassle and on time
Product : Looks good, hoping will continue
++ Trees delivered as expected and in good condition.
+ Service rating : Very impressed, I was kept fully informed of the status of my order and the goods were delivered in good order.
Product : Unfortunately, I was given two of the same fruit but after a telephone call, all was rectified to my satisfaction.
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
++ Service rating : delivered when they said they would
Product : excellent condition and size
- Service rating : products packaged well and delivered to time (early November)
Product : Disappointed with the size of trees,only pencil thin and it will take several years for them to become fully established and fruit.
-- Service rating : Still haven't received the fruit trees
Product : Haven't received them yet
++ Company are very good and if you have any queries they are very helpful
+ Service rating : A little wait but still good
Product : Good quality trees
++ Service rating : great
Product : very pleased with them
+ Service rating : Excellent service, the sales person I spoke to was very helpful.
Product : Mostly excellent,though I am a little worried about one of te trees, as it has a very minimal root system. I will be contacting You Garden about this for their advice and comments.
+ Service rating : very good
Product : hope they grow
++ Could have had better communication about where order was and an estimated dispatch date but overall when i emailed them i got prompt replies and helpful answers
++ Service rating : Delivery not as stated on dispatch notice - Friday 14th November -arrived Monday 17th November
Product : Look ok
-- Service rating : After being despatched the product took EIGHT days to arrive. The courier was unable to find my address but no effort was made to contact me and ensure a more prompt delivery despite the package being labelled "Living Plants". A classic case of "Shoot the messenger."
Product : Not surprisingly, after eight days in transit inside a cardboard package, the product was in very poor condition. The "Living Plants" indicated on the external label more resembled "Dead Plants".
-- Service rating : I was very disappointed with the quality of the trees and will very unlikely to use your services again,
Product : Some of the twigs were broken not because of being transported but because they were completely dried. In such a state, they should not have been sent. I was very disappointed with the quality. None of the trees were of the height as being advertised.
+ Arrived when stated and looked healthy.
Will await to see how they do.
- Service rating : only received part shipment and had to chase the delivery of the outstanding items.
Product : trees look ok but since i have got them i have found out that i should have ordered rooting compound and maybe should have got tree staking kits - i would have ordered these had i had known. marketing could be much better
+ Order arrived on time packing good and product seemed of good quality.
++ Service rating : arrived before estimated delivery date
Product : all trees look in good condition
+ Service rating : All arrived safely and on time
Product : Look good
++ Delivered on time in good condition. Very pleased.
+ Service rating : First time I have used this company.
Product : This is the first time I have bought fruit trees.
++ I left you feedback last week
+ service was excellent
+ Service rating : excellent service, delivered on time, packed well to minimise potential damage. Pleased with fruit collection, will gladly recommend to friends and family.
Product : Healthy looking trees
+ Service rating : Very good
Product : GoodGood
++ Service rating : very happy
Product : excellent value,hoping they all take ok
++ Service rating : email received and good arrived 2 days late
Product : The trees where packed well an look very strong will not know till the spring if they turn out as strong as they look.
NA Service rating : Very helpful with booking. Received order on tome.
Product : Have only just bedded them in. But looking good.
+ Service rating : Good communication and let me know when plants were on the way but
They did not put the street number on the delivery label - fortunately the courier company had delivered here before and recognised my name
Product : Have planted, await to see results
++ Service rating : Great service. Trees very well packed.
Product : Healthy looking trees
NA Service rating : Items arrived before date given.
Product : Have only just planted
++ Service rating : very good service
Product : plants arrived in v. good condition looking forward to seeing the fruit
- Service rating : The service from you was great
Product : I have rang told you. Branches and roots broken Very Dry when they was delivered to us. They did not arrive to us monday until the10th November. But the email told us you had sent them on the 6th of November So as you can see that was 5days. The box they was sent in was all damaged and open so did not arrive well.
So we have planted them and in hope they grow.
+ Service rating : I was pleased with the range of products and special offers.
Product : I was pleased with the appearance of the trees however i thought the root balls were very small.
++ Very good
+ will have better idea on product next spring but ordering and delivery were well up to expectation.
++ Service rating : Kept us informed of delivery times and when dispatched
Product : All trees look to be in good condition
NA Service rating : helpful when I phoned.
Product : products looked ok but I was annoyed that the carrier who delivered tossed them over my back gate because I was out resulting in several branches being broken - the package said "live plants handle with care"! however they have been planted so I have to see how they develop
++ Service rating : Well worth the money
Product : Look forward too the harvest next year
++ Service rating : Received as advertised
Product : Received as advertised
+ Despatched as advised and on time
++ Trees arrived when expected and appear to be in good health.
+ Service was very good kept informed of delivery and shipment
++ Service rating : will use again. all items delivered undamaged, and look quite vigorous.
Product : all we hoped for.
- Poor delivery service. Won't use u again
+ Service rating : as promised
Product : as promised
-- Service rating : I have not received the order
Product : I have not received the order
+ Service rating : I needed planting instructions. Had to go back to my old books.
Product : Look healthy enough. Only time will tell!
NA arrived on time and correctly packaged
++ Service rating : delivered when they said
Product : unable to comment till they fruit
++ Service rating : Items delivered as stated.
Product : Appear to be of good quality
+ I I have not had a reply to my e mail asking for any tips on planting fruit trees
+ Goods arrived securely packaged and look in VGC. Just hope they grow well for me!!!
++ Service rating : All items arrived on the day stated, well packed and in excellent condition. Looking forward to watching them grow. Really good value for money
Product : My favourite varieties
- Service rating : I waited a long time for such poor quality service
Product : Badly packed, branches were protruding from the sides of the box, no instructions or advice regarding planting.
++ Service rating : very pleased
Product : very pleased
NA arrived in good condition and promptly
NA Service rating : First class service, straight forward ordering and payment system.
Product : Early days yet ,
+ Service rating : Very good delivery arrangement
Product : Only time will tell
+ Service rating : Simple to order
Product : Very good condition
+ Service rating : You Garden is good but the courier service was appalling. Chucking the parcel over a 6 foot gate, ringing the doorbell and not waiting for an answer is not good customer service.
Product : The proof will be when they bear fruit
+ Service rating : good
Product : good
++ Service rating : very good
Product : very good
++ Excellent service delivered on time
++ Service rating : v/good
Product : v/good
++ Service rating : Great communication
Product : As expected
++ Service rating : You kept me up-to-date on deliveries. The prices are extremely fair. I like the variety of offers that your company advertises.
Product : Everything arrived safely and the planting instructions were extremely helpful. I have now ordered on a number of times and will continue to use your company in the future.
+ Service rating : exellent service
Product : all good except plum tree which they are replacing
++ no problems great service
++ Service rating : Very good company to deal with, excellent products.
Product : Top quality trees, well established with plenty of roots and branches, all shooting well now in pots.
+ Service rating : real fast delivery plants looked good
Product : plants were delivered realy quick and looked good. the proof will come later in how they grow,but they were a good price
+ Service rating : Trees arrived very quickly after I put request in because I was going on holiday.So I would say service was very good!
Product : So far trees look good I was a bit concerned because a couple of small branches were damaged in delivery ( apple tree ).I still await my free bush of red currant !
+ Service rating : delivery was timely
Product : only 4 out of 6 trees have made it to growing. The two Pear trees have failed to survive.The other four have new green growth appearing.
++ Service rating : First class service. Excellent packaging. Highly recommended
Product : Fruit collection were kept in water overnight.Planted following day.Very healthy trees.
++ Service rating : Prompt service great
Product : Excellent buy , great trees , great price
+ Service rating : Delivery quicker than expected, excellent
Product : Larger than expected and badly in need of pruning, otherwise they are in good condition and great value
+ Service rating : okay service but sometimes a bit slow
Product : Can't say at the moment as there are no buds on the trees they look dead but will have to give them time
NA Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : Appears to be OK but won't know until they grow
+ Service rating : very very helpfull
Product : I followed planting instructions ,but only one tree showing any singe of life. Plum tree
doing well .The apple and pear had a lot of broken branches on them, and are showing no new growth at all .I Will watch for growth over next few weeks.
++ Service rating : First class delivery and service.
Product : Healthy, strong trees. Unfortunately the apple tree was damaged on delivery however this was replaced without question by your company. All are thriving. Thankyou.
+ Service rating : First time I used YouGarden but everything went smoothlyDelivery very quick
Product : trees bigger than I expected but have taken well
+ Service rating : easy site to use.
Product : a few branches broke off trees, but other than that ok. quick delivery.
++ Service rating : Having just made a call regarding my order, there was no problem in reporting that one of the trees was in a sorry state, broken branches all on one side so it looked odd next to others, the lady on phone could not apologise enough and is sending a replacement as I write this...excellent customer service and would not hesitate in recommending company to family and friends.
Product : Two of the three trees are excellent, awaiting a replacement on third three....bonus that I received a redcurrant bush free which is a very health specimen, not sure what you do with plant, but will learn I hope.
++ Service rating : It was quick from the time of ordering, and it was left it the specified place when I wasn't in. Would highly recommend your company
Product : The fruit tress looked healthy and they had of plenty of root growth. So pleased I got the multi-buy.
++ Service rating : It would have been helpful to give some idea how many years it will be before I can expect the luscious bunches of fruit shown in the advertisement!
Product : All three trees appear to be growing happily on my allotment.
+ the service was very good no complaints .
Product : Branches on the apple we had to prune back quite hard as they were damaged badly. Otherwise all fine.
+ Service rating : Quick delivery.
Product : Plum tree very good quality but the apple & pear not so
++ Service rating : Good communication and delivery of goods.
Product : All plants healthy and in good condition. We planted two days after delivery and have now been in the ground one week, some buds have burst into leaf , others will be very soon. If this progress continues an excellent buy.
++ Arrive very quickly. Everything OK.
+ Service rating : Delivery good. Parcel intact. TRees look OK
Product : Bit early to answer this. Better to wait for trees to fruit before commenting
+ Service rating : Items depatched at appropriate time - avoiding Easter weekend. Packaging reasonable. Useful notes included.
Product : Seem acceptable however each item had minor damage - ie some branches broken. Have beem planted and will see how things develop.
++ Service rating : Fruit collection is just what we wanted.
Product : Received in good condition.
++ Service rating : Very good service, kept us informed regarding delivery etc
Product : Plants in excellent condition on arrival
+ Service rating : good online ordering, no hitches
Product : nice size trees, still waiting for one to actually bud though
++ Service rating : I am pleased with the service, which You Garden provided for my order.
Product : The plants are similar as described in the advert. It arrived in time.
++ Service rating : service and delivery is excellent
Product : trees arrived in good condition and are already planted , what happens next is in the hands of god
++ Service rating : Fast delivery and good communication
Product : Excellent value for money. A great offer !
+ Still not received free berry bush despite e-mail saying it would be despatched
++ Service rating : My first purchase but pleased so far
Product : Very good height trees.
+ Service rating : very quick delivery
Product : two trees had broken branches
+ Well packed and delivered on time. Strong-looking trees and look forward the growth this year and fruit next year.
++ Service rating : Excellent service, my fruit tree's arrived well packaged and a quick delivery service.
Product : The tree's look in great condition I can't wait for them to start producing! Thank you
++ Service rating : First Time i have used You garden very plesed with service
Product : Good healthy trees very pleased
+ Service rating : Ordered easily and quick delivery. Thank you.
Product : Trees arrived promptly though quite a few branches were broken.
++ Service rating : Very fast delivery, received my fruit tree collection in 2 days and in very good condition.
Product : As described and in good condition, excellent value for money, very pleased.
++ Service rating : The service was excellent and the the website was very easy to use. Whilst trees where packed very carefully and labelled handle with care, fragile. There was a little bit of damage with a couple of branches. Otherwise perfect.
Product : The trees arrived safely with only a couple of broken branches. All three have been planted and all have green leaves appearing. The red current bush is starting to flower. Very pleased so far.
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Quick and easy
++ excellent package and delivery
++ Service rating : QUICK SERVICE
+ Service rating : My order arrived quickly and was well packed.
Product : My trees all looked healthy.
+ Service rating : Service very good but plants had a small amount of damage from transit
Product : There look Ok not a lot of green but time will tell fingers crossed
+ Service rating : Service so far is very good delivered on time and we'll packed.
Product : Trees look healthy only hope the buds will soon appear as they are very bare t the moment perhaps I am too impatient
++ Service rating : Very quick service, well packaged.
Product : They look beautiful.
++ Service rating : Quick service, well packaged.
Product : Much more mature trees than I had expected. They are now in the garden doing well.
++ Service rating : Speedy delivery
Product : Trees seem to be in good condition. Looking forward to fruit
++ Service rating : Very good & informative
Product : It looks OK only just planted them in
++ Service rating : Very efficient
Product : Look good, time will tell when they grow
+ Service rating : Goods were ordered on line, and received approx one week later, as was out goods were left as requested, with a note advising me of this.
Product : goods received when opened these were bone dry, placed in a bucket of water over night and planted next day, 3 branch's were broken, but these were only small ones, so hopefully the trees will recover.
+ Service rating : DONE ONLINE, EASY TO ORDER ETC.
++ Service rating : Excellent would recommend you to any one
Product : trees are lovely nice gift for my brothers garden thank you
NA Service rating : well packaged ,good quick delivery
Product : trees planted, watch this space for result
+ Service rating : Delivery was good
Product : Its a shame that some of the braches were broken. Hoping this does not affect the trees.
NA Service rating : Ordered a product on 3rd March 2014...still not received it!!!
Product : Not received product!!!
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Products planted and have buds already
+ Service rating : Bought 3 fruit trees they turned up in good condition. I have planted them and right now they seem happy. So I am very happy with both service and products
Thank you
Product : I have rated the trees as good because I have just planted them and they have not had a chance to produce a bud yet. But they did arrive in good condition and look like they are happy. So in a couple of months I may feel they are excellent.
++ Service rating : Good service, does what it says in paper
Product : Good healthy plants apple blossom opening after 3 days
+ Service rating : They did exactly what was on the tin!!
Product : Products look good but only time will tell
++ Service rating : Plants were delivered speedily.
Product : Plants look healthy.
++ Service rating : First time I've used this company and was a bit concerned that although they have a sign for payment by paypal there was no way to access it. Tried telephoning but customer services couldn't help either. Eventually just ordered online and was pleased that order confirmation was almost instant. Delivery information came next with access to courier so you could track the package. I wish more mail order companies did this so you know when to expect parcels.
Product : These were ordered for a neighbour, he was very pleased with the size and quality of the fruit trees which offered excellent value for money.
++ Service rating : great service quick delivery
Product : very good condition
++ Service rating : Very quick and easy, delivery was quick.
Product : Really pleased with the product, trees are shooting already.
++ Service rating : Excellent communication and fast delivery.
Product : My Mum loved them, I can't wait to see how much fruit grows.
++ Service rating : excellent service, received items promptly and in good condition
Product : apple tree in bud, cherry and pear coming...strong sturdy stock
++ Service rating : Brilliant carnt wait to get ordering again
Product : Yes excellent I've got them in the garden wanting some more fruits then I' don't need the shop
++ Service rating : Arrived well packaged and in excellent condition good looking healthy plants
Product : Plants in excellent condition well pleased
++ Service rating : Thank you so much for resolving the transportation problem - and then the fruit collections came very quickly, well packed and in good order.
Product : They are really good sturdy trees, bigger than we expected. I imagine they will grow well.
+ Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : Just planted, looking promising, shame no guideance included on planting or care.
++ Service rating : Came really quickly and was well packaged
Product : Good size and value so very pleased
NA Service rating : Delivery fine, but no Planting or ongoing 'care' Instructions provided
Product : Trees planted, but as there were no Instructions for planting and onward care, we will have to wait and see if they 'take'.
NA Service rating : Ten days after accepting the order they informed me they were unable to deliver to Jersey due to Customs restrictions. Not their fault but why offer delivery to Jersey in their advert?
The advert is still running and still offering this delivery option.
Product : Cannot be delivered
++ Service rating : No problems
Product : Hoping for good crop in years to come
++ Service rating : The trees arrived on time and in very good condition
Product : Very pleased lots of roots very healthy looking trees

Varieties Included: 'Braeburn' Apple, 'Conference' Pear and 'Victoria' Plum
Supplied as 1.5m tall, grower quality, multi-branched 'bare root' trees.
Grown on semi-dwarfing professional rootstocks which are not widely available commercially. Braeburn's rootstock is similar to “M26”, Conference's to “Quince C” and Victoria's to “Pixie”.
Will grow to approx. 2m (6-7 ft) in 10 years.
Fully winter hardy.
Self fertile.

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  • February
  • March
  • April
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • September
  • October

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