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Named in honour of the much-loved Queen, 'Victoria' Plum is the UK's favourite plum variety by a mile and deservedly so! The delicious fruits are ready to pick each July and taste simply mouth-watering when eaten straight from the tree. With the remaining fruit you can make jams and preserves and of course, eat them stewed with custard! Having been discovered in Alderton, Sussex in 1844 and grown and enjoyed by gardeners every year since, 'Victoria' really has stood the test of time - undoubtedly because of its sublime flavour and productivity - a fully established tree of this 'self-fertile' variety will produce up to 100lbs of fruit in a bumper season! Supplied on a 'dwarfing' rootstock. Fruits are ready to pick each July and taste simply mouth-watering straight from the tree. A fully established tree of this self-fertile variety will produce up to 100lbs of fruit in a bumper season!
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+ Service rating : Mostly popular plants at a good price and which have arrived as promised, when promised. Could be dangerously addictive as the spring rises in the keen gardener's blood.
Product : The Victoria plum arrived, carefully packed and in good shape. Top growth and root development are good though it's still dormant so... time will tell.
++ Service rating : From ordering to receiving my plum tree was prompt. Well packaged and a healthy looking tree. Carnt wait to eat the plums.
Product : Healthy looking tree.
+ Service rating : Apart from some misunderstanding in the ordering process it was excellent service
Product : I have not grown it yet so cannot make any comment
++ Service rating : Thank you for your excellent service
Product : First Victoria Plum was not good .Thank you for the excellent and prompt replacement of this tree.
+ Contacted to delay delivery. Very Helpful.
++ Service rating : You provide excellent service. Thank you.
Product : Tree looks good. Looking forward to next summer to see it fruit.
+ Service rating : You Garden dealt immediately with my complaint, and quickly supplied new trees. Excellent service, though of course I don't know how the trees will perform in the year to come.
Product : They quickly replaced the first one, which had insubstantial roots, with a new collection of three.
NA easy to use and slaesman on the phone was very helpful
NA Service rating : Plants packaged well and have survived a few days waiting for me to plantbthem
Product : Plum tree and blackcurrant bush now planted in garden. Won't know how they are doing till next year, but as they both looked healthy they should be ok.
+ Service rating : We were very impressed with the service we received from you garden in replacing the wrongly labeled plum tree originllly sent to us.
Product : We have planted this tree and are very pleased with it. We look forward to the fruit it will provide in the years to come.
+ The service was good although the products took a long time to arrive. All trees well prepared for transit.
++ Service rating : The lady I spoke to when placing the order was very pleasant.
I had a slight problem with two of the tree, I phoned the lady listened and sorted the problem straight away.
Product : The trees are now doing extremely well. Thanks to all the helpful and understanding staff of You Garden.
+ Service rating : Always good service information requested was always responded with sound advice,will again use them when the need arises.
Product : Victoria plum tree was delivered with two other trees and were in excellent condition plum tree seemed to die,was replaced free of charge and hopefully will do well.
+ Service rating : Well packed in the most enormous box.
Product : Looking good especially after all this rain...plenty of new leaves uncurling. Never planted a tree before!
++ Service rating : Delivered in good time and was well packed
Product : Already has blossom on is now growing quite well now in full leaf. The cherry tree which came at the same time is not looking too happy
NA Service rating : Charged postage but no charge on email invoice ?
Product : Replacement for tree purchased one year ago
+ Service rating : Good service trees are coming on well!
Product : Good sturdy tree coming on well!
+ They dealt with my order and complaint promptly and efficiently
++ Service rating : Well packed now planted
Product : As above looking forward to them coming into leaf
++ Service rating : Excellant service and prompt delivery
Product : Well packed fitted the tree instead of tree made to fit the box as with some other companies
Supplied as a 1.5m tall, grower quality, multi-branched 'bare root' tree. Grown on a dwarfing root stock. Will grow to approx. 2m (6-7 ft) in 10 years. Fully winter hardy. Self fertile.
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