Root Boost 60g Mycorhiza sachet

Root Boost 60g Mycorhiza sachet

Root Boost 60g Mycorhiza sachet - Item: 100034
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What Is Supplied

Root Boost is the ultimate tree and bush planting aid, containing eighteen natural species of endo and ectomycorrhiza fungi which live on or near the roots, providing increased nutrient and water uptake through the roots. Root Boost also contains microbes for a healthier plant, supressing soil borne diseases. Bio stimulants such as Seaweed also help plants survive in stressful situations such as poor environmental conditions and poor soils. Roots Boost will give gardeners:

•  Increased root growth and plant vigour means greater plant survivability after planting - especially with bare root
•  Healthier plants from soon after planting
•  More efficient use of nutrients and fertiliser in soils and growing media Increased ability to survive in drought or infrequent watering
•  Improved long term plant health.
•  Can be used on majority of plant types (excluding brassicas, orchids and some acid loving plants), with either potted or bare root plants at planting. 

Each Roost Boost 60g pack treats 4 or 5 shrubs or rose bushes or 3 of our fruit trees. Simply apply once only at planting or transplanting, ensuring the Roots Boost granules are in close contact with plant roots to get the best and quickest effect. The fungi will colonise the soil near the roots, and live happily ever after in synergy with your new plants.

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+ Service rating : Delivery should have been with the original order for an apple tree and planting kit and then took far too long from reporting that it was not included to it actually arriving. It should have been a priority.
Product : Well as the results are hidden, it's difficult to know, but I can't imagine it not being anything other than good.
YouGarden Comments
So sorry for the delay in sending your replacement. We were just awaiting a stock delivery, as advised.

Head of Customer Service
NA Service rating : Waited an extremely long time before package was delivered. It was so long that Godot arrived!!!
Product : Cannot, as I have not yet planted items. Not in the mood for gardening in late November. Question: Why couldn't this item have been sent shortly after ordering in the summer? I normally plant my items for the following spring in October, but this was so late that I couldn't. Already disappointed and I haven't even looked at the contents of the package yet.
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry that you are so disappointed, however this collection has been on pre-order since early May, when you placed the order. This was noted both on the product page on our website and also in the Order Confirmation we sent you by email.

Rather than 'Waiting For Godot', next time all doesn't seem right with an order, please get in touch - we'd have been only too happy to explain!

Due to the unseasonably warm weather in September and October, deciduous plants took a little while longer to defoliate. Now is the perfect time to plant bare-root roses like these, so please plant them with confidence. If you need any more info, please let me know.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a 60g sachet, enough to treat 4-5 rose bushes or smaller shrunbs. or 3 fruit trees. One application only needed at planting. Ensure close contact netween roots and the granules for best results. The microbes will naturally colonise the soil around the roots over a number of weeks.
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