British gardens are renowned throughout the World for the "cottage garden" style, with stunning bright displays all Summer. The sheer range of colours and styles of "perennials" makes them so, so easy, yet many gardeners are wary of them.

Perennials mean plants that come back year after year, usually dying back underground each year, only to emerge next season stronger and better. They represent tremendous value for money, as they cover space well, and over a few years can be chopped up or split to create new "free" plants for you to grow or swap.

We have chosen some of the most popular perennial plants, such as Hollyhock, Poppy, Agapanthus and Echinacea, to give seasons of long flower. From Hellebores flowering in February, to Rudbeckia in October, there is something for everyone. And our new hardy Gerbera 'Garvinea' series is a real breeding breakthrough, amazing neon bright colours through 3 whole seasons - almost unique!

Top Tip for longer flowering perennials is what is called the "Chelsea Chop". For taller types, at about the time of the renowned Chelsea Flower Show, cut them back by half, which encourages more, and longer season flowers.