Sweet Pea Sandringham Collection

Sweet Pea Sandringham Collection

Pick up to 300 Blooms a Week from this Top Selling Collection!
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These six top quality Spencer Sweet Peas were originally chosen for and featured in a Large Gold award winning exhibit at the Sandringham Flower Show.  These are varieties that regularly win prizes at National Sweet Pea flower shows for the size and fine form of their blooms so you can be sure that they will produce beautiful flowers in your garden and make splendid cut blooms. At the height of summer you can expect a new flower on each plant every day - that's over 1000 blooms a week from this collection - plenty to cut for the house and some to give away as well!

All varieties are sweetly scented with the perfume being at it's very best on warm summer days and from blooms that are freshly fully opened.

At peak flowering time from mid June to late July these sweet peas will give long strong stems of around 12in in length, each bearing three or four wavy blooms.  Sweet Peas are very thirsty at this time and daily watering along with a weekly high potash feed will keep them flowering to their full potential.  Remember also to pick all the blooms or to dead-head as they fade as this will also greatly prolong flowering

Choose either seeds or nursery grown plants below. One seed packet (or 8 plants) each of

  • Ethel Grace (lavender)
  • Sylvia Moore ( rich pink)
  • Valerie Harrod (apricot pink)
  • Oxford Blue (mid blue)
  • White Frills (pure white)
  • Windsor. (maroon)
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