XXL Size Jumbo Amaryllis Bulb

XXL Size Jumbo Amaryllis Bulb

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One of the most iconic Christmas Flower Gifts, we have given it a new twist here by supplying the largest size available at 32-34cm diameter - THAT'S BIG!

Bigger bulbs mean more and bigger flowers, so expect a breath-taking display. And when it does flower in the Spring, you will get several stems of gorgeous unusual patterned red and white two-tone flowers to boot. Perfect in a pot, or they can be cut for a modern vase too.

These will make a great gift idea, as they are simple to grow indoors, and keep on giving weeks after Christmas has passed.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a single bulb of top size available size 32/34 cm Plant indoors, with half the bulb above the surface, and tiny pots are fine. Water sparingly on a light windowsill, frost free, until leaves appear. Then step up watering as leaves extend and flower buds emerge. Once flowered, allow stems to die back down into the bulb, and keep the potted bulb soemwhere cooll and dry in Summer then next Autumn, start watering again and off you go.
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