Classic Planter pack - Narcissus & Crocus 45 bulbs

Classic Planter pack - Narcissus & Crocus 45 bulbs

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Pack of 45 bulbs - Item: 630109
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What could be easier than this perfect blend of pre-spaced and filled bulbs - arranged as 7 yellow Narcissus Tete a Tete, surrounded by 38 sea blue Crocus, creating a lovely effect. Perfect for dropping straight into larger pots (diameter 38cm (15') or more), or into the garden for circles of colour.

Using the unqiue biodegradable package, these Plant-o-Mat Drop in pods are a quick and simple way to take all the hassle out of planting bulbs. No more worrying about colours, or spacing

Simply plant the whole tray into the ground or a pot - watch the helpful video to see how. You cannot get easier gardening than this for flowers next Spring and for years beyond.

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++ Service rating : Service is very efficient
Product : Good value
NA Service rating : All arrived in good condition.
Product : Will let you know in the Spring.
+ Service rating : All items packed in large box. Trees in bottom. Other items packed around to steady
box with air balloons to top meant no leakage of soil.
Product : Planted in front garden
++ I received a number of orders in the summer which contained 10% off your next order. I am as your records should show a member of your club which gives a discounted price on any order placed. BUT when I placed a recent order totalling some £71 gave the code on one of three 10% off next order was told that he could not apply it to my last order since I was not ordering from the full price catalogue. It does not state this fact on the 10% off vouchers received with the paperwork received with the goods delivered. Believe you should check wording on vouchers under trade description act. Regards A R Lane
++ Service rating : hi excellent bulbs i will buy some more in future
Product : i have planted bulbs excellent easy to plant
- Service rating : don't reply to emails sent 3 no reply
Product : arrived all crushed dumped on door step sent 3 emails no reply to them
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+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Have just planted bulbs, so don't know results yet - wait until spring!
++ Service rating : grate xxxx
Product : grate xxxx
++ Service rating : You have solved so many of my problems. Super keen gardener who bust a couple of ribs. That seriously has limited what I can do until I saw what you offer. I now need things delivered to the door or I cannot cope. You are brilliant.
Product : Wow, have great hopes of this. What a super idea while my ribs heal.
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++ Service rating : Great
Product : Great
+ Service rating : Easy to use and prompt delivery
Product : Easy to plant, could do with pots being supplied to fit
++ Service rating : Great as usuall
Product : should be a good display
+ Service rating : Everything arrives well packaged and in good condition. Plenty of advice and excellent range of plants.
Product : As above
What Is Supplied Supplied is a pre-positioned pack of 45 bulbs, in 38cm diameter circular shape pack, plant whole pack in pots or garden soil.
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