Digitalis purpurea - Wild Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea - Wild Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea - Wild Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea - Wild Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea - Wild Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea - Wild Foxglove

Digitalis purpurea - Wild Foxglove

Fall in love with the iconic British foxglove and its spires of spotted trumpet flowers 
  • An iconic wildflower with stately spires of long-lasting blooms that soar 1-2m above clumps of large green leaves between June and August
  • Irresistible to bees and other beneficial wildlife, the purple, tubular flowers are attractively marked with contrasting speckles
  • Perfect for planting in those tricky, slightly shaded spots, foxgloves will thrive in moist, well-drained soil in borders, beneath trees or in a woodland style setting
  • Easy to grow, snip off the main flower spike as it fades, and you can enjoy a second flush of smaller blooms
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting out

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9cm Potted Plant
Item: 560563
9cm Potted Plant - Item: 560563
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If you're looking for an eye-catching plant to add height and interest to your garden, then this traditional British wildflower is your go-to-plant to give you incredibly beautiful displays this summer.

Foxgloves hold a special attraction to many of us, who remember them growing wild in spectacular drifts in local woods, and now they're one of the garden-designers’ darlings, with their stately spires cropping up in all of the latest contemporary gardens.

With their iconic purple-pink tubular flowers with velvety, chocolate-spotted throats, foxgloves certainly give real impact to any garden. Reliably flowering in their first season, you will get a quick reward from these plants.

The long-lasting spires of drooping trumpet-shaped flowers are produced in abundance from early June to August and are magnets to furry bumble bees and other beneficial pollinating insects!

Foxgloves thrive in full sun, or their native shade of woods, and are very easy to grow indeed, giving gardens a wild and naturalistic feel. Grown mainly as a biennial, plants will self-seed freely and soon establish in the garden giving you year after year of colour and form.

We supply an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready to plant out.

What Is Supplied

Item 560563 supplied as:
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready to plant out. Caution toxic if eaten

Plant Care Information

RHS Perfect Pollinators
RHS Perfect Pollinators
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
Wildlife Friendly

Top Tips

Faded flowers can be cut to the base to encourage a further flush of blooms

Care Information

  • Best grown in light shade in fertile soil.
  • Leave seed heads to mature if you want to establish a colony of plants.
  • Before planting, prepare the soil by digging over and removing any weeds. Incorporate some well-rotted manure to enrich the soil if necessary.
  • Individually knock out each plant from its container. Look at the roots – if they are circling around the compost, it is best to tease them out. To do this, push your fingers into the rootball along the bottom edge and pull. Do this in a couple of places. This should encourage the roots to spread into the surrounding soil.
  • Next use a trowel or spade to create a hole just deep and wide enough to set in the rootball.
  • The aim is to bury just the roots, leaving the bases of the stems (when in growth in summer) or the shoots (in spring) above ground.
  • Firm back around the soil, using your hand for small clumps and your heel on larger areas.
  • Water in well to settle the soil and prevent desiccation.

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Plant Dimensions
200 cm
75 cm
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