Boulevard Patio Clematis Collection

Boulevard Patio Clematis Collection

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3 x 9cm Potted Plants - Item: 550098
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Sorry, due to strong demand this set is now sold out. Search 'Boulevard' for other size options.

‘Boulevard’ - THE Patio Clematis For Towers Of Flower Lasting 6 Months!

Compact ‘Boulevard’ Clematis produce a torrent of bright, star-shaped blooms for 6 months every year! Expertly bred for their compact habit and precocious flowering nature, you’ll get massive colour impact from limited space. Perfect for small spaces in pots or containers, they will enliven any terraced garden,patio, balcony or conservatory throughout summer.They’ll grow to just 4ft tall, they’re easy to grow, no fuss and totally winter hardy too!

Supplied in first flower, these Clematis will look impressive on arrival and are fantastic value formoney – order today! With masses of beautiful blooms for 6 months every year, they are the perfect plant for pots on your patio, terrace or anywhere space is limited. Growing to just 4ft tall they are easy to care for and incredibly winter hardy too!

Bred by Chelsea Flower Show Winner Raymond Evison, they are a truly world class plant! Stocks are strictly limited – order today to avoid disappointment!

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
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+ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Quality good but all 3 are the same colour and should be 1red, 1 blue, 1 white
++ Service rating : Very good delivery. Excellent service
Product : The plants were very healthy and are flourishing well.
+ Service rating : plants delivered in good order
Product : Have not seen patio clematis anywhere before so will be extra plants without needing more wall space
+ Service rating : delivered quickly and in excellent packaging
Product : I have transferred them into bigger pots in the conservatory but have not put them outside yet as the weather has not been very good since I received them.
- Service rating : The clematis plants arrived fairly quickly but they did not look very healthy
Product : Have given the clematis time to recover from moving them to a slightly larger pot but they do not seem very happy. The pink one in particular has not shown any signs of growth and the other two are not very good either.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Almost all of the growth in the short time you've had these plants will be root growth underground. You'll start to see new shoots emerging after 2-3 weeks. Give them a feed with a good balanced fertiliser and you should soon see them pick up.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very good service.
Product : Arrived in excellent condition. Very well packed, and much larger plants than competitors. Excellent value.
++ Service rating : After an initial problem, which was sorted politely and promptly, all went well.
Product : Very acceptable upgrade when supply matter intervened.
+ Service rating : Service good but disappointed that original collection still being widely publicied but was not available so hoping delivery of unnamed collection is as good as was required. Packaging was very good and no damage to plants.
Product : Good plants overall . Well packed to prevent damage
++ Service rating : Excellent Service
Product : Plants lovely and healthy
+ Service rating : prompt service
Product : plants arrived in good condition
++ Service rating : Informative and interesting magazine
Product : Received three excellent plants, well packaged and in good condition, delivered on the day specified
+ Service rating : very strong plants and well packed
Product : good plants but a bit disappointed I did not get the original plant that was ordered.
+ Service rating : Quality products carefully packaged and delivered promptly
Product : Too early to see growth but look to be healthy. I am hopeful .
+ Service rating : Address had been entered incorrectly on your system and although I corrected it, package was still sent to your address
Product : Plants were a good size and v.healthy.
+ Great Service From *You Garden* *****
++ Service rating : Kept informed and speedy delivery
Product : Well rooted healthy good sized plants very well packaged for transit
+ Service rating : none
Product : none
- Service rating : Plants were sent out in a poor condition and should have been checked before they were sent. Their advert was misleading and the plants did not live upto the expectation that their advert in a national newspaper described them.To their credit they accepted the criticism and credited me with the amount paid, although the £4.99 postage was not refunded. They allowed me to keep the plants.
Product : The plants came in poor condition, were small and not in flower as described in the advert in the Daily Mail. They were packed well but I was expecting good healthy plants as described in the advert. The plants were expensive so I was pleased that I had my money back less the postage.
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : I expected them to be a little larger and am not sure whether they will all survive.
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
NA Service rating : Delivery was at the time promised
Product : 1 of the plants was damaged in transit, waiting to see if it survives.
++ Service rating : arrived quickly, excellent packaging!
Product : plants healthy and so far surviving!
++ Service rating : Immediate notification on receipt of my order, and updates when it was being posted.
Product : Plants look very healthy. I,m looking forward to see them in flower.
++ Service rating : Good products, good communication, good service all round
Product : Good healthy specimens. Looking forward to their flowering.
++ Service rating : very good service with fast delivery
Product : Plants arrived in very good condition, now potted and growing well.
-- Service rating : Your service in my orders have been satifactory. Which unforunately the same cannot be said for the plants...
Product : Sorry but dissapointed, they were in poor condition when I received & now the White & Blue have died Not sure about main one as I have been on holiday & now confinde to bed with Celulitis in both legs. They did arrive before we went away thank you which is what I was hoping for. Thanking You. Janet.
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Plants arrived in superb condition
++ Prompt delivery,plants very healthy. Packaged very well.
++ Very pleased with the service and plants quality
+ Service rating : I phoned about my delivery date, got through to a very helpful assistant straightaway, and the matter was sorted with no problem or hassle. The plants were delivered at the right time, in good condition, and are now 'at home' in my garden. Thank you all.
Product : Can't really judge them yet as they're not in flower and are still very small.
+ Service rating : Good products at reasonable prices
Product : hoping that they produce good flowers
- Service rating : It came when expected, packaged well.
Product : 3 identical items ordered, I believed they would be in first flower when received, they were not, they were potted straight away one has taken the other two are just sitting there, I only hope they will respond soon.
- Service rating : Good in that the delivery was prompt
Product : Very disappointing condition. Only 1 of the plants is thriving and unless the others show signs of improvement shortly I shall be asking for a refund.
- Service rating : I had cause to complain when the plants arrived and telephoned and emailed You Garden the same day. 6/6/16. More than a week later I received an email reply asking how I would like them to resolve the issue. I replied the same day asking for a refund. To date I have received not reply again||||
Product : The plants were advertised as being in bud and flower now and were not. They were very small and in a poor state when arrived.
- Service rating : I needed to query the order and couldn't contact them
Product : The clematis weren't labelled so I'm unable to
Plant them till they flower as I don't know which colour is which
YouGarden Comments
Sincere apologies for the lack of labels. I will follow this up with our Nursery Manager.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Service excellent as usual.
Product : Healthy plants. All they need (like most of us) is a lovely spell of sunshine.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you for your review.

My fingers are crossed for these clouds to disappear... I don't hold out much hope for today though!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Excellent service thank you!
Product : Excellent! Very prompt delivery. Thank you!
+ Service rating : It's really good on receiving my goods the man puts them in my hall for me to save me from rushing down to open the door as I have walking difficulties.
Product : So far they are fine
- Service rating : I registered by email that I found the items not as advertised and have yet to receive a reply.
Product : The plants are advertised as ‘impressive from the moment you get them’, ‘in bud and flower now!’. They look healthy enough, but all three are small and none has the slightest suspicion of a bud. They are spindly and far from 'impressive'.
YouGarden Comments
We replied to your email the other day- we can resend if you didn't receive it?

Apologies again for the poor quality plants. These should not have been dispatched. I have followed up your complaint with our Nursery Manager.

Head of Customer Service
+ Pleased with speed of dispatch but disappointed with the packaging as one of the plugs was not in its pot.
- Service rating : Dealt with very well on ordering.
Product : Plants were not as expected. Very fragile, nothing like the picture. Only the pink one in bloom lilac very insipid in colour, flowers dropped off and none at all on the White one. Very disappointed, were not worth the money.
YouGarden Comments
I am very sorry to hear that you are unhappy with these plants. Can you send some photos of what you received, so that we may follow this up and resolve for you?

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : The plants were delivered quicker than I expected.
Product : when the plants arrived, one of the pots was half empty with the compost loose inside the packaging and the plants looked very bedraggled. They are in a sheltered spot and I am hoping they will pick up. I was surprised that there was no indication of the different colours and that they were not in flower as Indicated in the advertising. I will probably not order again. June Hodge.
YouGarden Comments
Sounds like you got some poor quality plants. Can you send us some photos and our CS team will resolve this for you?

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Arrived in good condiion
Product : Let you know when they get established
++ Service rating : Items packed well and dispatched in good time
Product : Plants all in good condition
+ Service rating : good delivery service plants well packed and plants are usually good value
Product : these plants well packed and are doing well
++ Service rating : Satisfactory service, thankyou.
Product : Plants arrived in good order. Looking forward to next year's showing..
+ Service rating : Delivery was very quick.
Product : Two of the clematis were in good condition on arrival. The third was quite sparse and not in such good condition, with dead leaves and stem. However, I have planted it and it has slowly developed new growth.
As only one of the plants was in flower, it would have helped if there had been some indication on the pots of which colour they are, to help with planting. I still have no idea which of the other plants is pink and which mauve!
-- Service rating : Got refund and 5 pound voucher off next order but had to ask for it in second email !
Product : Plants arrived in awful state. Had to ring and get refund ��
YouGarden Comments
Apologies again for the damage to your order.

Head of Customer Service
+ Plants sent as a present to my daughter. She seems very pleased with them. Person taking the order was very pleasant and helpfully offered to put in a gift message.
+ Service rating : Hi. the second two plants were excellent,
Product : while the first plants were poor there was a terrific difference in the second delivere.
David Charlton
++ Service rating : Very fast service ,plants arrived in excellent condition.
Product : Healthy looking plants.
++ Service rating : Easy to use website.
Product : Beautiful plants well presented on delivery.
++ No quibble replacement sent within days. One very happy customer. Will use again.
++ Service rating : A fast prompt service.
Product : Three very good plants arrived in good condition and are now thriving in the garden (helped no doubt by the wet weather!!)
+ Service rating : excellent service
Product : too early to tell so rating as good
++ Service rating : Quick processing of the order and delivery.
Product : Very strong healthy plants.
++ Service rating : Service good. First set of plants were not colour named, Company easy to contact and replaced plants without question.
Product : Small plants, but healthy, so far seem fine.
+ Service rating : Complaint dealt with immediately.
Product : First delivery disappointing. Replacement much better.
++ Service rating : I have already sent you an email saying how efficient your company is and I was extremely satisfied with your service
Product : The 3 plants arrived carefully packed and in excellent condition and I put them in their positions the next day, left them a few hours to recover from their journey first!!
++ Service rating : The plants were well packed
Product : Hopefully they will flower for years but I will not know that yet!!
++ Service rating : Prompt service
Product : Healthy and well packed
++ Service rating : First class.
Product : Arrived in good condition with appropriate packaging. Since planting in patio pots, one Clematis has already flowered. Delightful.
++ Service rating : The service and quality of plants are excellent.
Product : They are beautiful
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : The white clematis was a pale lilac in colour. They were ok
+ Service rating : Nice healthy plants.
Product : Only one in bloom at the moment.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived very quickly . The packaging was excellent.
Product : Lovely plants now in large pots and thriving.
-- Service rating : Received in a very bad condition, fit only for the compost bin. Leaves on two of the three plants dry and falling off. No delay by the post.
Product : As above.
Waiting for a reply to my e-mail about the condition of the plants.
YouGarden Comments
Further to our email conversation, a replacement order has been arranged and shall be on its way shortly.

We do apologise for the delay in response at this busy time of year.

++ Service rating : Superb service
Product : As described in flower and are growls strongly. We have changed to u garden rather than the well known firms as their plants and service are so good
+ Service rating : Very efficient -plants left as instructed.
Product : Plants in good condition but slightly smaller than expected.
- Service rating : Have never let us down yet!
Product : Sorry, but only one of the three plants was in good condition - two had had their growing tips removed/broken off, so although they were in flower, I doubt that they will grow any taller. Disappointing......
YouGarden Comments
Many thanks for leaving your comments. We're very sorry that 2 Clematis arrived damaged, and would be happy to replace if they don't grow.

Please let us know if replacements are needed.

++ Service rating : Well packaged
Product : plants in excellent condition
++ Delivered on time stated. Packed secure.
+ Service rating : Well packaged. Quick delivery.
Product : Healthy plants.
-- The plants were much smaller than expected, dry and drooping when received. Planted them immediately but within two days they were dead, Complete waste of money. Will not buy from "You Garden" again.
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry to hear that your plants arrived in poor condition. I have arranged a free of charge replacement order for you.

If you have an issue with your order, we'd much rather you let us know at the time - that way we can resolve it for you!

Head of Customer Service
What Is Supplied Supplied as a set of 3 plants in 9cm nursery pots, ready to plant out or re-pot. Includes one of each colour, pink, blue and white.
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