Flowering Ornamental Pomegranate
Flowering Ornamental Pomegranate
Flowering Ornamental Pomegranate
Flowering Ornamental Pomegranate
Flowering Ornamental Pomegranate
Flowering Ornamental Pomegranate

Flowering Ornamental Pomegranate

  • Beautiful feature tree, that looks perfect in pots!
  • Coral pink, double flowers in summer, it will look great in your garden for years to come.
  • Glossy green foliage all-year round.
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot.

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9cm Pot - Item: 511189
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A highly attractive feature tree, Pomegranates are well-known, although not as widely grown in our gardens as they should be.

This compact, semi-evergreen shrub is covered in beautiful glossy green foliage and during the summer, striking coral-pink double blooms that have streaks of white through them.

The Pomegranate 'Legrelleae' will thrive is a warm and sunny, sheltered position in a pot where it can be moved around as necessary. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather as if the temperature drops below 4ºC you should bring it inside!

Plants like a rich soil with plenty of grit and gravel for good drainage. Although drought-tolerant when established, do keep your plant well-watered and it will flower throughout the summer.

Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting straight out. Will reach 2-3m tall in 10 years.

What Is Supplied

Item 511189 supplied as:
Supplied as an established plant, in a 9cm pot, ready to plant.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

Top Tips

Your Pomegranate Trees is best grown in a container where it can be grown outside during the summer and moved indoors ahead of colder weather. Although hardy to -8ºC when established, plants are best protected from frost when young.

Care Information

Planting advice for your Pomegranate:

  • For pomegranate trees grown in containers, you will need around a 45L (10 gallon) container.
  • Set the root ball into the pot and fill in around the roots with the soil to the top of the container but not covering the trunk.
  • Water the new tree in well and lightly tap the soil down to eliminate any air pockets and to settle it around the roots.

Pomegranate Aftercare advice:

  • Pomegranates are self-pollinating, so you only need one to set fruit and will bear fruit from their second year onwards if kept happy. They need full sun to reach their best so keep outside where possible and if inside place near a bright, sunny window.
  • If growing your pomegranate outside, keep an eye on the weather report and if the temperature drops below 40 degrees F. (4 C.), move the plant indoors to a sunny position.
  • Water the tree deeply about once a week, more often during peak summer months, especially container-grown plants.
  • During the first two years of the tree’s growth, feed with a general-purpose fertiliser in November, February, and May, and thereafter in November and February.

Pruning Advice for Pomegranates:

  • Prune out any crossing branches or shoots to three to five per branch after the tree’s first year.
  • Prune out any dead or damaged limbs in the late winter.
  • Prune out suckers to create a more tree-like appearance.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
300 cm
250 cm
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