French Lavender Blue Star 3 x 2L

French Lavender 'Blue Star' 3 x 2L

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French Lavender 'Blue Star' 3 x 2L - Item: 510261
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A stunning flowering, evergreen French lavender with a delightful fragrance – both from the grey-green leaves and lilac flowers!

Perfect for low, compact hedges, mixed into borders, or grown in pots and containers for the patio, lavender is perfect in many a scenario and the French lavender ‘Blue Star’ is one of the prettiest and eye-catching varieties thanks to its lilac bracts that sit atop of its purple flower head.

Try planting it around beds, borders or paths, to divide up parts of your garden or to make an eye-catching parterre or knot garden space plants 30cm apart.

The silvery grey foliage and blooms are packed with a heady scent, the dark purple flowers will provide you a colourful spectacle from early to mid-summer and are a magnet to bees, butterflies and other beneficial creatures, which will have your garden buzzing with life.

Once established, a lavender hedge is extremely drought tolerant. Keep it in great shape by pruning twice a year; trim lightly in mid to late summer, removing spent flower heads. Prune again in early spring, removing about 2.5cm of growth.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a set of 3 established plants in 2L pots.
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