Hardy Tree Fern Dicksonia antarctica log

Hardy Tree Fern Dicksonia antarctica log

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Log 2ft (60cm) tall - Item: 500071
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Tree ferns were a firm plant hunter's favourite from Victorian times, a symbol of wealth and travel experiences to Australia. They have maintained this sense of mystique ever since. Now you too can grow these surprisingly easy exotic looking plants too.

Harvested under strict License from woodland clearance in Australia and Tasmania, and in very short supply this season, these astonishing plants really will delight and amaze. They grow under the woodland canopy, in the shade, so grow them here in a sheltered spot too. These '2 foot' (60cm) logs are at least 25 years old, and have been cut back and harvested dormant. When you water them via the top crown, they will burst back into life, like it's the new rainy season!

Because they grow in leaf canopies, most of their food comes from leaves falling into their giant shuttlecock like fronds, funnelling the goodness into the growing crown. Feed and water this crown - rainwater is best if you can collect it.

Even at this size of log, new fronds of 1M in length will unfurl spectacularly within a Month or so of you watering it. The plant is hardy in winter, although the fronds will die back. Cutting these off when they die back is what creates the new trunk, which slowly inches up over many, many years.

Keep the crown protected in winter with a layer of straw to keep cold and wet out. When you get it home, plant it in a big pot, or in the garden soil. It takes almost 2 years to root in, so do not be alarmed by this slow growing beauty.

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NA Service rating : Unusual for You Garden. Courier damaged the goods & returned to YG. Email saying it's been delivered to me - not. Rung customer services again & a very helpful lady said they would send again after trying to find out what happened?
Product : Still not received tree ferns
YouGarden Comments
Sincere apologies again for the damage to your order. Your replacement fern is due to be dispatched tomorrow am.

Head of Customer Service
NA Service rating : Usually excellent but the last order I sent in march was not delivered because the tree ferns were not available - so had to ask for the rest, which was sent.
Product : not sent yet
+ Service rating : No specific care instructions given for Hardy tree fern. Presumably lumped under Mediterranean and exotic so not helpful.
Product : Hardy tree fern. This arrived very well packed. Planting and care instructions not covered by leaflet enclosed. Phoned customer care who said these would be e-mailed. However the email just gave the same leaflet!!! Had to go online to fined care instructions so not impressed.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that the instructions you received weren't helpful on this occasion. Sending specific instructions for each plant would add significant complication to our packing process and in 99% of cases the basic guide is sufficient.

The instruction we were given from our call centre team was to send our general care guide by email - so apologies again for that. I have emailed you directly with some advice, which I hope is more helpful.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Everyone I've contacted from YouGarden has been very helpful. The plants are lovely, usually very healthy, and there is a problem they sort it out as soon as you let them know.
Product : I got a log rather than a rooted fern with fronds, so I can't comment on the growth yet. YouGarden told me it would take a couple of years to root in properly, but it's a very sturdy log and a terrific size for the price. I've planted it in line with their instructions in a shady, sheltered place, and I'm confident it will grow into a stunning tree fern.
++ great service, great products. could do with more info on planting specialty products as i am very new to gardening.
++ Service rating : A good selection of plants and very fairly priced.
Product : My Dicksonia antartica arrived very well packaged and the tree fern is absolutely superb,healthy and bigger than i expected,a wonderful specimen thank you so much. I am going to order more plants off you.
+ Service rating : I am sure the plants or bushes leave in good condition however feel that either they should be a little better packed OR change your postal/courier service.
Product : Generally they arrive in a pretty reasonable condition
++ Service rating : All flowers bought from you garden arrived in good condition.Verry happy with all plants bought so far.Planted all and now waiting.especialy for the fern which cost a lot.
Product : Arrived well packed in excellent condition. planted and now waiting.
++ Service rating : packageing could have been more robust, the plants were hanging out of the base of the carton!
Product : very happy with the condition of the plants
++ Excellent service, quick delivery and plants in excellent condition.
++ Service rating : excellent service and package
Product : love as done just as you said it would
+ Service rating : First plant showing signs of life still waiting for the second
Product : Fine thanks as above
-- Service rating : The price is ok but their plants seem like the end of line or second hand plant and whatever is left in the garden centres or nursery they sell them to you garden. I feel I have waisted my money by buying from you garden. by the way, I check what plants can grow in my garden's soil before I purchase any.
Product : It doesn't seem growing unfortunately. I wish I waited for my local DIY store as they have it now and looks much healthier with leaves already grown. Even better at a fraction of cost comparing to you garden.
+ Service rating : Efficient delivery
Product : Good condition & well packed
++ Service rating : Fast, prompt service, very happy.
Product : Plant arrived in excellent condition, leaves are starting to unfurl after just a week very happy.
+ Service rating : would have been excellent. I ordered a Tree Fern which arrived promptly and looks in good condition, however there were no instructions on how to plant then care for the log. I did find info from the internet.
Product : looks healthy I have watered it regularly and the froms seem to be moving, time will tell
- Service rating : This is the first order I've had a problem with, my order was delivered damaged and missing contents due to being damaged and re-packed by Yodel the courier company. I supplied photo's as suggested by Customer Service and as yet had no response on damage on my order, photo's sent with break down of queries 3 days ago and no response received yet.
Product : damaged in transit, I don't know what effect the damage will have on the plant growing, as it was an expensive plant to buy and treat for myself I was disappointed although appreciate it looks like it was well wrapped on despatch so not sure what Yodel did with it for the packaging to come off the way it did by the time I received it
++ Service rating : Easy to use website, up-to-date selection, sound advice, meet their delivery promises, and the plants arrive in A1 condition. I am a happy guy.
Product : Well packaged, fast delivery, excellent condition. Only been in the ground for a few days but I watch it hopefully!
+ Service rating : Every one I spoke to was very helpful and very polite
Product : Plant good but there were no instructions as to how.to plant it and it's subsequent carel
++ Service rating : Very fast delivery good customer service
Product : Ordered one 2 months ago was so impressed bought a second
++ Service rating : problems with delivery at first, sent email another very healthy plant sent, excellent
customer service.
Product : removed packaging the tree fern was very healthy.
++ Service rating : Plants are always in good condition and orders promptly dealt with.
Product : Very healthy plant at a competitive price.
What Is Supplied Supplied a a sawn log , harvested under License from Australian authorities, and each log has it's own permit and ID number. Plant in pots or shallow plant on gardens, and keep centre moist, preferably with rainwater. In later Spring season, fronds may well already be emerging form the top!
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