Osteospermum Firestarter Mix

Osteospermum 'Firestarter Mix'

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This lovely Ostespermum collection contains four brightly coloured beauties that will brighten up pots, containers, beds and borders this summer. Very popular across the UK, Osteospermum are guaranteed to create stunning displays all summer long!

Widely known as 'Cape Daisies', Ostespermum are loved for their spherical daisy-like flower heads with spiky green foliage that makes a fairly compact mound - perfect for filling up pots and containers to dress up your patio.

Growing up to 30cm tall, they also make a beautiful cut flower to bring indoors and place in vase displays. Flowering all summer long and up until the first frosts, they are a very reliable and easy plant to grow - ideal for beginners and professionals alike!

This collection includes a spectrum of colour from pale yellow, to deep, fiery red!

Includes 3 plugs of each of the following;
- Osteospermum Erato Deep Red
- Osteospermum Erato Orange
- Osteospermum Erato Yellow
- Osteospermum Erato Fire


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+ Items reach in very good state
-- Service rating : Have had issues with all plants orders, in term of quality & the state of the plants.
Product : Very bad quality. The plants were already over-grown (up to 6 inches) with hard stem in the plug containers. They looked yellow, in a debilitating state with hardly any leaves. Due to their size, they'd to be planted straight in the ground rather than baskets as the plants were too tall & would have needed-up being broken. It's been over 3 weeks now & despite using very good quality compost & manure & recommended fertilisers & regular watering, none of the plants seems to have grown at all.
YouGarden Comments
We regret that you are once again disappointed with an order from YouGarden, however we are very disappointed with your feedback.

You ordered these plants at a significant discount during our end-of-season sale. Whilst the photos you sent showed some were going over a little (as explained prior to placing your order), with proper care they should have thrived.

Whilst in general the feedback that we receive is overwhelmingly positive and our refund and replacement rates are very low, you seem to take issue with every single order that we send to you.

I suggest that it is probably best for all parties that you do not order from us again. I hope that you find a supplier that meets your needs elsewhere.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Good customer service.
Product : Growing on nicely. Have yet to see the flowers, so cannot comment.
+ Service rating : Fast & efficient service
Product : Goo plants
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Flowering already
- Service rating : Service and packaging good
Product : Felt that I received the runt of the litter! Both sets of plants seemed as if they were what was left over after the main demand was over. I did not pay a huge amount for them and hopefully they will recover. I am sure had I ordered earlier in the year they would have been much better.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. You're right, these were from the last of our stock - hence the massive reduction!

Let us know if they don't pick up.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : good service
Product : very good packing
++ Service rating : very efficient
Product : lovely plants
++ Service rating : Very fast
Product : Lovely bulbs Good plants
++ Service rating : Usually delighted with service and plants/bulbs
Product : Plants doing well
+ Good service, plug plants are not what expected
++ Service rating : Excellent customer service. All plants clearly labeled in box
Product : Excellent condition
+ Service rating : Greatly improved on delivery.
Product : Adequate for price.
- Service rating : fast delivery
Product : again very small and spindly
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of 12 plug plants ready to plant out - 3 each of 4 colours (deep red, orange, yellow and fire).
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