Strasberry - The Raspberry Strawberry
Strasberry - The Raspberry Strawberry

'Strasberry' - The Raspberry Strawberry

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This little novelty Strawberry, christened the 'Strasberry' by it's growers, is a real little gem. It is called 'Strasberry' because it's fruit look like a Raspberry with their round shape, and deeply inset berries, and not because it tastes like a raspberry... 

Grow them like strawberries in pots or troughs, or in beds, they produce smaller, but darker red fruit, with an intense flavour and aroma. Derived from wild strawberry species in America. they are like bigger alpine strawberries.

They do require a strawberry pollinator nearby, any variety will do, so there is other pollen around for the bees to pollinate. They will crop for 4-5 years before yield tails off.

What Is Supplied Pack of 6 x 9cm pots to plant straight out all year.
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