Sweet Pea Patio Perfect

Sweet Pea Patio Perfect

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EXCLUSIVE. Patio Perfect is the very best sweet pea for any outdoor pots and planters!  It naturally grows to around 2ft tall and will become smothered in sweetly scented blooms from mid June onwards bringing a fabulous mix of summer long colour to your garden. As the flower stems average around 6in Patio Perfect can also be cut and makes a lovely posy in a small vase.  You'll enjoy a lovely blend of pinks blues and reds in this exclusive patio sweet pea.

A large pot - the one in our picture is around 15in in diameter will accomodate 6 plants meaning a single pack of 24 plants will easily fill  four good sized containers.  Like all sweet peas Patio Perfect likes to root deeply so choose pots with a depth of at least 12 inches, large pots such as these will also reduce the risk of your sweet peas drying out in warm summer weather.  Use a good compost such as a blend of 'universal' and John Innes 3 which will give give structure and aid moisture retention.  Be sure to water regularly - containers must never dry out - and feed once a week during flowering.

Patio Perfect is also great for baskets and will trail gently over the sides under it's own weight.  Again using large baskets such as Easy Fills is best to guard against moisture loss

For best results ''stop' the plants by removing half an inch from the tips soon after planting.  This will encourage branching giving an even bushier plant with more flowers.  Be sure to dead head any old flowers as this will keep the flowers coming and extend the season right up to autumn.

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