Azalea Starstyle – Our Stunning New Pink Azalea Plant

Once in a while, plant breeders perform miracles. They take a plant that we all know and love, a variety that we are familiar with, and they transition it into something different and new. This is exactly what they have done with this new Azalea Starstyle!

Head gardener at YouGarden, Peter McDermott explains about this fantastic new Azalea variety

This newly bred variety of pink Azalea plant is called Starstyle, and you will soon find out why when you gaze your eyes upon its incredible, star-shaped flowers. Packed with loads of petals, these stunning, distinct flowers bloom in abundance. A site that is sure to wow your guests over the summer months.

A compact plant, not only can it be planted in borders, but also in pots too! So you can grow from your patio for maximum impact, or better yet, on your doorstep to impress your whole street. And impress it certainly will! Along with beautiful flowers comes amazing, unique green foliage. And with its evergreen nature, this can be appreciated in every season, making it a true year-round experience.

Although this can be said for many Azaleas, the difference with this variety is that it is winter hardy. With other Azaleas you may have trouble with cold or windy conditions. Many are vulnerable during the wintertime and can die during this period if the proper caution is not taken. With Azalea Starstyle you won’t have this worry as it is hardy down to -10c, so can brave the coldest temperatures the UK climate has to offer. They are also tougher and root very strongly, meaning they won’t get battered by March/April showers.

With its Beautiful flowers, year-round foliage and low maintenance attributes, what’s not to love with this new Azalea Starstyle! If you want one of the latest and most interesting Azaleas flowers around, then this could be the perfect variety for you. Buy yours today from YouGarden to avoid disappointment.

How to plant Azalea Starstyle

Our Azalea Starstyle is supplied in a 19cm pot. You will need to take it out of this pot once it arrives.

In order to do this, light squeeze the nursery pot that it is delivered in. This should help dislodge it. Then carefully tip it upside down and tease the root ball out of the pot. If you find this tricky you can use a small hand trowel or similar tool to aid it out. Once achieved then dig a whole in the ground that is over 19cm wide and deep. You want this hole to be slightly bigger than the pot it came in so it can expand its growth. Once you have your hole dug, then fill the bottom slightly with Ericaceous compost and place the plant on top, root ball facing downwards. Then fill the rest of the hole surrounding the plant until it stays upright. You may want to firm this compost down a tad, just be careful not to compact it too much. Then all you have left to do is water well and await its marvellous growth!

How to grow Azalea Starstyle

Once you have potted your Azalea all you need to do is water it well in order for it to grow. If you want to give it a boost to promote faster and better growth, then you can apply a yearly feed of Blooming Fast Organic Rose & Shrub Feed, but this is only optional.

How to protect Azalea Starstyle during winter

During the winter this variety of Azalea will tolerate temperatures down to -10c. This means that in the vast majority of locations and winters in the UK this plant will be absolutely fine during the colder months, and not need any extra care. If you live in an exposed site where you do get lower temperatures than this, or if we do get an excessively cold winter, make sure to wrap the plant in a frost protective fleece or bring potted plants indoors during peak winter. You can remove the fleece or put back outside around March, once the frosts clear.

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