Martin`s Money Saving Tips

With the economy bumping along, and times are tight, YouGarden can help you by saving a few pounds in your garden with these simple hints and tips:

  • Divide or split established perennials in early spring before new leaves are produced, for more free plants. Simply dig the existing rootball up, and cut into pieces at least as big as a fist with a sharp spade. Re-plant, and water well for first few weeks until they sprout new green shoots.
  • Collect your own seeds from your garden - they are so easy. Plants like poppies, aquilegia, Centranthus, foxgloves and many perennials are easy.
  • Swap or sell your surplus seedlings - with neighbours, car boot them, or join local Gardening Clubs - don't forget to sell those surplus apples, potatoes and the like too!
  • Grow Your Own veg and fruit - the plants that will give you biggest savings on supermarket costs over their life. The easiest to grow are tomatoes and lettuce, apples & pears, strawberries and raspberries and potatoes.
  • Buy in bulk - club together with friends and neighbours to buy bigger packs of compost, mulches, seedling packs, lawn seed, fertilisers - and share the savings between you.
  • Take your own cuttings - keep fuchsias, geranium, penstemons and the like from year to year by taking cuttings and rooting new plants over-winter.
  • Use broken polystyrene trays or polystyrene chips from packaging, or broken pots or crockery, in the bottom of large pots and planters to provide extra drainage or air into the root-zone.
  • Be creative with pots - use yoghurt pots, cut down drinks bottles, even tin cans to grow seedlings and plants on, saving on plastic pots. Premium ice cream tubs are my favourite, and emptying them is great too!
  • Make slug traps from any square tub buried at soil level and filled with beer. Or catch wasps in fruit season with jam jars with a little jam still in, half filled with water in. They can't resist it.
  • Make you own compost and mulch - use grass cuttings, spent compost, soft hedge clippings and vegetable waste, and produce your own great organic matter source to dig into beds are top dress roses, and newly planted shrubs each winter.
  • Insulate your greenhouse in winter, which cuts any fuel used down, and saves plants dying too! Use bubble wrap from packaging suppliers.
  • Harvest your own hazel twigs (straight stems for canes), or other branches as pea sticks for peas, beans and sweet peas next year
1. If you're not totally happy with your order, return it within 30 days and we'll replace or refund in full!
2. Should any hardy plant fail to thrive thereafter, we'll replace free of charge - you just pay the P&P
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