Echium candicans Pride of Madeira

Echium candicans 'Pride of Madeira'

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*Despatched from 01/04/2017
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A truly spectacular garden plant, a close relative of Borage, it produces the most spectacular tall flower spikes seemingly from nowhere in Summer.

Despite it's common name of 'Pride of Madeira', it is hardy ion the Uk down to -5C or so, partoicualry where it is drier in Winter. it is boiennial, so needs one cold Winter after germination to flower, and these should thus flower in their first year and beyond.

A common site in Cornwall as well, grow it in very well drained soils, or in large pots with plenty of sand or grit for drainage. When it does grow in Spring, keep it well watered between May and August as it grows quickly.

It self-seeds in a small area, and once these seedlings have germinated, and over-wintered they too may flower away and a litlte colony appears. Truly spectacular and one of the most favoured plants by bees you can grow.

What Is Supplied Supplied as an over-wintered plant in a 2L pot, between 30-50cm tall, ready to flower in this first Summer.
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