Chinese Witch Hazel 'Firedance' x 3 plants -

Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance x 3 plants
Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance x 3 plants Video
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Peter shows you Chinese Witch Hazel 'Firedance'
Peter shows you Chinese Witch Hazel 'Firedance'
Chinese Witch Hazel 'Firedance'
Chinese Witch Hazel 'Firedance'
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Chinese Witch Hazel 'Firedance' x 3 plants - Item: (510020)

Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance...Spectacular Firework-Like Flowers, Striking All Year Round Foliage, Easy To Grow And Winter Hardy!

A plant for all seasons and all gardens the Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance really is one of the most spectacular plants you can own! Incredibly exotic looking this highly prized beauty is actually very hardy and easy to grow. Its glorious, rich burgundy, oval shaped leaves contrast superbly against any green foliage and act as a dramatic backdrop to its spectacular vibrant pink flowers.

Often likened to sea coral, the highly unusual ribbon-shaped petals explode from the centre just like a firework and completely smother the plant throughout late Spring and early Summer just when you need interest in your garden. As spectacular in a pot on your patio as in any border, Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance requires nothing more than an occasional trim to keep it in perfect shape.

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Product : Proof is in the pudding so to speak but plants are really healthy so should thrive ok.
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Product : Good products, good value, fast delivery
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Product : 2out of the 3 plants delivered were in poor packaging resulting in damaged stems . I am still awaiting promised replacements.
Supplied as 3 plants in 9cm pots.  Avoid very wet, cold, damp spots.
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