Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) Hedging Plant 1-1.2m


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Hornbeam is very similar to Beech, it retains many of its leaves through winter although it does lose a few more leaves than Beech. Hornbeam has green leaves in spring which give way to coppery leaves in winter, retaining its leaves all year round. As well as creating a border to your garden, hedges are also great for the environment and wildlife, providing shelter and food supplies for many animals. Plant 3 trees per linear metre, do not trim in first 2 seasons to allow establishment, then trim to shape twice per year. Note - fixed P&P of £6.99 for however many of these you order.
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What Is Supplied Supplied as a 40-60 cm bare root bush, dormant between October and April. PP&I fixed at 6.99 for any quantity ordered.
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