Antirrhinum - Snapdragon - Liberty F1 Mix

Antirrhinum - Snapdragon - Liberty F1 Mix

Great in the border and good for cutting.
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Antirrhinums or Snapdragons as they are more commonly known used to be very commonly grown late Summer and Autumn flowers for bedding and for cut flowers.

Liberty F1 mix is a strong-stemmed selection with tall 30cm flower spikes in a fruit salad array of colours. Ideally planted en masse in pots or border plantings at about 20cm spacing, they will produce stunning displays from July well into Autumn. They can be cut for the vase when in tight coloured bud, or left to enjoy. Secondary later flowers may appear as side shoots once the main stem has flowered.

Enjoy Snapdragons in your garden this year - they are on a resurgence in popularity due to their ease of growing and very rewarding displays.

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+ Totally honest in replacing faulty plants etc. Often plants sent before they are big enough. Also I was not advised that Coleus was out of stock and, had I known I would not have ordered the snap dragons. They have replaced some snapdragons which is good.
NA Service rating : Good service, plug plants are not what expected
Product : received today
- Service rating : plug plants small and some had dampened off phoned to have a moan about them some more sent but just as bad if not worse
Product : as above
YouGarden Comments
Sincere apologies for the poor quality plants. I have emailed you to resolve your complaint.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Quick delivery and I am very impressed
Product : Very strong plugs shooting up very quickly
What Is Supplied Supplied as a tray of 40 seedling plugs (1.5 - 2cm diameter). These will need pricking out into 6-10cm tall for 4 weeks or so on receipt, before planting out.
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