Fragrant Trailing Begonias Heaven Scent Buy 12 and get 12 FREE

Fragrant Trailing Begonias Heaven Scent Buy 12 and get 12 FREE

Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Protect From Frost
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
12 plug plants + 12 free - Item: 400487
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World First! At last, truly fragrant  Begonias - a summer long display of gorgeous large blooms, each colour a different scent!! Its true! These really are the very first truly Fragrant Trailing Begonias! Flower power and gorgeous soft scent all wrapped in one sensational flower.

These gorgeous plants are admired both for their delightful fragrance as well as their giant rose-like blooms. Their aromatic scent literally fills the air with a delicious medley of fragrances ranging from fresh citrus lemon to indulgent soft rose. Each amazing flower head measures up to 4-5' across - so large in fact that they will hang down in a beautiful waterfall cascade of soft pink, peach pastels and apricot shades. Plant them in hanging baskets, tubs and planters where they can tumble down over the side, they thrive in hot and dry, or wet and windy Summers - one of the main reasons behind their success.

A small posy of them also makes a lovely indoor display as does floating a few heads in a large bowl. Of course both will smell simply fantastic! Be one of the first to share in this remarkable breeding achievement, our Customers have been snapping these up for the last 2 years we have had them available, and it's easy to see why! Get all 'Aromantic' with these Fragrant Begonias.

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Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : you garden is the best
Product : have yet to see if they flower or grow have on ly just planted them
++ Service rating : Very good
Product : Good condition
++ Service rating : VERY QUICK DELIVERY
++ I have purchased a whole lot of plants over my 68 years ,only last week I waited months for my geranium s to come guess what the 6of them were bare rooted
Your last order kiwi plant plus fig plant etc.not even a leaf fallen Praise to your packers and delivery people please don,t use Royal Mail no use if your not in when they deliver they won't leave in a safe place. Again Well Done UGARDEN see you next Year.
+ Service rating : Really good service, products always arrive well protected
Product : The plants arrived fresh and thriving.
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Products as stated very pleased
+ Service rating : very good, quick service.
Product : a few have died already
+ so far so good will wait to see the results of flowers but look great so far
-- Come very quick hanging basketsgreat begonias a bit dissaponted with very limp and not doing good
NA Service rating : Good quality at reasonable prices.
Product : More information re delivery dates would really help as I never know when orders are due to arrive.
++ Service rating : no problems at all to date
Product : not growing very fast at moment but this is probably due to the adverse weather
++ Arrived in good condition .I will have to wait to see how well they grow.
++ Service rating : always pleased with service from you garden.
Product : good condition on arrival.
++ Service rating : well packed and plants very healthy
Product : looking forward to a lovely fragrant front door with my hanging baskets
- Service rating : Good service but expected more mature plants.
Product : Small for jumbo plugs.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Our plug sizes are listed on the web page you bought from - sorry if you didn't notice.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Plants arrived promptly and well packaged.
Product : Nice healthy plug plants. Arrived in good condition for growing on.
++ Service rating : Excellent and efficient service, received item two days after placing order.
Product : lovely product.
++ Service rating : best ever plants and delivery time
Product : I have used You Garden before and I must say this time the plants are the very best I have had also they arrived very healthy
- Service rating : very Good service
Product : Not growing very well
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that these aren't doing as well as expected. I have emailed you with some advice from our experts.

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : you provide an excelent service i have had only one problem so far and it was delt with quickly and without any hesitation. I rate the co. highly and have recomended it so some of my friends
Product : in my opinion they were watered too much before being put in the blister packs as a resultalmost half rotted
- Service rating : Delivery and service very good friendly and efficient
Product : Very dry on arrival not doing very well
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Good service
+ Service rating : Most of the products I have brought have been very good
Product : They arrived well packed and are doing well
++ Service rating : From placing my order to deliver everything was perfect
Product : Plants arrived well packed and protected. Strong plants and already growing
++ Service rating : Range of plants are excellent in fact there are to many to choose from that was the hardest part delivery was quicker than I expected.
Product : Plants so far are lovely can tell you more as they flower. They arrived in perfect condition.
+ excellent service
++ Credit card hacked after use to pay You Garden
++ Service rating : Plants were packed very well.
Product : Plants look healthy.
++ Service rating : good service
Product : nice plants
+ Service rating : Took longer to arrive, ask for day time ,and driver came to late after noon
Product : nice ,all growing nicely
NA Service rating : It is now over 3 weeks since I wrote a letter to You Garden.. To date I have not had a reply. I include in that letter my request for my name and details to be deleted, This also has not been auctioned as I have received further mail over the weekend. Disgusted.
Product : No comment
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry, I cannot find your letter anywhere. Can you let me know the nature of your enquiry please and I will ensure that it is resolved asap.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : VG service delivery
Product : As above
- Service rating : Delivery times excellent
Product : Disappointed
++ Service rating : Plants were delivered on time and in good condition
Product : good, strong plug plants
++ Service rating : Speedy delivery of well presented fresh plants of good size
Product : Quality plants
++ Best quality plants in excellent condition. No complaints
+ Service rating : Always good service, no problems that I can think of.
Product : These plugs were not as large as the ones sheen in the hanging basket video so we're more fiddly to handle. Maybe I should have grown them on for a month before planting in the baskets.
++ Service rating : very good service
Product : all in good condition
- Service rating : very helpful and pleasant
Product : plants not very good
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you aren't happy with the begonias. Can you give me some detail please?

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Very good service and plants in very good condition on
Product : Planted but it will take time for any improvement.
++ Service rating : Delighted with product and service
Product : Already coming along nicely
+ Service rating : Arrived when expected in good condition
Product : Now growing well
+ Service rating : Arrived and repotted in greenhouse awaiting a bit warmer weather to plant out
Product : Let you know when they are outside
+ The box was damaged at the bottom but the plants were OK.
++ Be an excellent if entire order was actually put in with the order. Customer service is good thou
YouGarden Comments
Sorry for the missing plants - I trust you have got them now?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Growing well up to now. Thankyou
+ Service rating : good service
Product : good service but plants were quashed but will survive
++ Service rating : Very quick service
Product : The plants are in very good condition
- Service rating : Very efficient when I placed the order.
Product : I thought the plants would be bigger. The packaging was inadequate and the plants had come adrift.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that your plants we're shaken up a bit in transit. Let us know if they don't pick up and we will replace.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : good service
Product : nice plants
++ excellent
++ Service rating : Very good company excellent communication value for money would recommend every time
Product : Plants arrived on time in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Very pleased
Product : Very pleased
- Service rating : Products arrived within timescales and customer services responded to my enquiry promptly.
Product : Items arrived damaged and of poor quality.
++ Service rating : Delivery very quick, packing excellent
Product : The plants are 100% healthy and galloping away on my window sill.
+ Good service as usual, plants in good condition and growing well
++ Service rating : I had a problem with some plants but one phone call to cs and it was solved without any fuss.

Thank you.
Product : After a hiccup with first delivery. Second delivery gave me some really healthy plants.
+ Service rating : first class delivery and good quality plants
Product : until they have grown I only gave good mark but they arrived in good condition
+ Service rating : Fast delivery. Well packaged items.
Product : Look very healthy little plants. Time will tell!
++ Service rating : Delighted
Product : Very good
+ Service rating : Despatch, packaging and delivery excellent.
Product : Initially I was very impressed with the packaging - however, the tiny plug plants were very weak and brittle, and a lot of them broke on careful removal. I have managed to save most of them, but they are struggling a bit, despite TLC indoors.
-- Service rating : Packaging poor
Product : Only 12 plants usable as the rest were destroyed due to poor packaging- all mixed up together
YouGarden Comments
So sorry to hear that. I have arranged to replace them for you.

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : Better than most
Product : Looked like someone had been playing football with them; not many left in their ind-containers, at least half of them looked like they were;;;; well not many of them were used. Maybe if the containers used for those little plants should be made smaller so they do-not move around too much in transit ?? Regards Phil
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear about the damage. Let us know if any don't survive and we'll replace.

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : Competitive prices, good range
Product : They were too wet when packed so several had rotted when I received.
++ first class service
YouGarden Comments
Thank you again for your order and for the positive review.

We hope to hear from you again soon.

Head of Customer Service
+ Very pleased with the plants & service
++ Service rating : Good prices
Product : Healthy plants
++ Service rating : First class thanks
Product : All looks good as you would think thanks
- Service rating : No moderate , so nearest rating given
Product : Plant plugs supplied were saturated and it is fingers crossed if they will grow on. The company seemed uninterested with my comments
YouGarden Comments
Sorry that you feel that way. Far from 'uninterested', we offered to replace if they didn't grow on well?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : I think your company gives value for money and the plants arrive on and well packaged
Product : I was very pleased with the begonias when they arrived and planted them straight away. They just need protecting from the frosting is down to me. Very pleased overall.
++ Service rating : Order arived day later than expected,
Product : First time I have used begonias plants of the highestt standard and quality
What Is Supplied Supplied as 24 plug plants (1.5 - 2cm diameter) ready to plant between April and June for optimum performance.
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