Cherry Garden Bing Patio Fruit Tree in a 7.5L Pot

Cherry Garden Bing Patio Fruit Tree in a 7.5L Pot

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Have you ever wanted to grow juicy cherries in your garden, but just don't have the space? Well now you can - with our perfect for patios Cherry 'Garden Bing' tree.

Cherry 'Garden Bing' was specially bred by Zaiger family in America - probably the World's largest fruit tree breeders. The commercial variety 'Bing' Is one of the staples of the fresh cherry industry, and through breeding work they have created a very dwarf variety, still with the taste and yield of it's parents.

The beauty of 'Garden Bing' is it's petite size - after 5 years or so it will still be about 1M tall.. They produce a very well-branched tree structure, so bear a lot of sweet cherries that are easy to pick and enjoy.

And on top of this, you get an absolutely amazing Spring Blossom display too - a cloud of pure white flowers in April. These are self-fertile, so will pollnate each other, and produce deep red fruit to pick in August.

The perfect Fresh Cherries fresh in your garden - much easier than you think.

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++ Service rating : Excellent communications but not totally convinced about one product but which I have accepted in good faith for evaluation.
Product : Fine looking specimen on arrival.
Even better when planted in large tub.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order and honest feedback. We look forward to hearing from you next year...

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The service was professional and customer service was good.
Product : Cherry "Bing" was well packaged and in good condition on arrival.
+ Service rating : Once again I received 2 potted items in the same cardboard package and once again the base pot was cracked and the compost falling out. The upper pot contained the patio cherry and survived intact, however the Victoria plum's pot was split and compost coming out. Therefore, the cardboard package almost totally lost the base and the 2 items only just remained inside what was left thanks to postie! I have kept these 2 plants on my patio and they are doing well now. My complaint rests with the mode of packaging/posting 2 items in one container.
Product : No problems.
++ Service rating : A very prompt and efficient.
Product : well protected.
++ Service rating : In the end the service was good - it was just the courier that let them down.
Product : The cherry tree is excellent, covered in buds for next year and is a good size too!
What Is Supplied Supplied as a potted tree 1-1.2M tall.
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