Pear Conference Tree

Pear 'Conference' Tree

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'Conference' Pear produces a large crop of fruits with clear white flesh that are ready to pick each September. The long, tapering fruits are packed with an irresistible sweetness and lip-smacking juice that will drip from your chin when you bite in to a ripe one!

Because of its outstanding flavour, it remains the most popular pear grown in Britain by a long measure both in commercial orchards and home gardens. It is perfect for you to grow because it is very heavy cropping and when picked unripe, it is great for keeping for 2 or more months. 'Conference' is largely 'self fertile' and will be supplied on Quince rootstock.

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++ Friendly company.
++ Service rating : excellent service and product
Product : arrived on time and in good condition looking good but can not realysay as its only been 3weeksin
++ Service rating : fast delivery
Product : in excellent health with full instructions to caring for tree
++ Service rating : good communication and service
Product : good roots well packed
++ Service rating : Happy
Product : A tree.
- Service rating : These were replacements 2 miniture peachs and miniture cherry which died beginning of the year along with 3 dwarf plum,pear and apple. I explained i would be away from6th november for 2 weeks and they delivered them while i was on holiday
Im not holding up any hope i believe they will deliver a normal cherry tree some time between now and January. Ive had other fruit trees from 2 diifferent nurseries and they have fruited ive had cherries and baskets full of plums!!!!
Product : Delivered while away even though informed them
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry that you are disappointed, however you asked us to delay delivery until after 11th November, which we did. We received no further instruction that the date had changed.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1.2m tall, grower quality, multi-branched 'bare root' tree. Grown on a dwarfing root stock. Will grow to approx. 2m (6-7 ft) in 10 years. Fully winter hardy. Self fertile.
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