15 inch Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

15 inch Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

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Professional Easy Fill Hanging Baskets - The Secret To The Biggest, Most Spectacular And Longest Lasting Displays!

Specially designed for use by professional growers, these truly amazing Easy Fill Hanging Baskets are now available for home gardeners so you too can grow the most incredible displays. Their unique construction allows you to plant from the outside in, passing each plant through pre-formed apertures without any root damage whatsoever. Once in place, you simply slip a lattice gate in to position and it will hold the plant with the roots inside and the leaves and flowers outside - in both cases perfectly unharmed by the process!

Unlike regular baskets with plastic liners, the Easy Fill Hanging Basket allows the roots of your plants to breathe and ensures each has enough space to reach its full potential. Once fully planted - top, sides and bottom, the visual impact is immediate, stunning and long lasting.

Easy Fill baskets really are the last baskets you will ever need to buy - re-use them year after year, and get professional results every time!

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++ Service rating : Used them lots before. Good service. Well looked after plants
Product : Enjoyed packing my plants into them. Just waiting for them to grow more
++ Service rating : Easy to order and make payment
Product : Good quality
++ Service rating : so far so good
Product : hopefully excellent--lets see how the plants do in this basket.
+ Service rating : Very good service Thank you
Product : Always happy with your service
++ Service rating : Very good service, quick reply to inquiry email, all products arrived when said they would all in good condition
Product : Very easy to use, good design
++ Service rating : the hanging plants gave a beautiful display .
Product : brilliant.
++ Service rating : very good service, need to identify membership more clearly and retain details
Product : very good product
++ Service rating : Great service thank you
Product : These baskets are amazing so easy to do, love them. My neighbour will be placing an order
++ Service rating : Arrived very quickly
Product : Love these baskets so easy to use and look amazing when theyre in bloom. Have gotten the whole family using them would highly recommend them even if your not a green thumb
++ Service good will use u garden again
++ Service rating : As before, very efficient, prompt service
Product : Cannot speak highly enough of these hanging baskets. They are so easy to use and look magnificent when the flowers begin to fill out - just a beautiful mass of colour
+ Service rating : Service generally good.
Less good is the costly telephone line when one has a query.
Product : Will be interested to see how things grow in these
++ Service rating : EXCELLENT SERVICE
Product : Perfectly described
++ Service rating : Excellent sevice
Product : Spot on
+ Service rating : Kept informed from start to finish
Product : Not used yet
++ Service rating : Great product and great service
Product : Used these hanging baskets before they are excellent
++ After receiving my hanging baskets I noticed that it only had 8 holes in the sides instead of the 12. I contacted customer service and they rang back very quickly to apologise that there was a problem with one of the batches from the manufacturer. They immediately sent me another couple of baskets with the correct amount of holes by priority delivery. Really impressed.
++ Service rating : Excellent service on time and completed so no need to chase the order
Product : Do what they say they will
YouGarden Comments
Great to hear - thank you again.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : incorrect information when contacted call centre
Product : ok
YouGarden Comments
Thanks for your feedback. Can you email me to elaborate for me please, so that I may investigate?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Perfect
Product : Perfect
++ Had to contact as didn't receive complete order. Excellent customer service . received missing parts very next day
NA Packaging was quite good, a bit to large for the containers.
++ Service rating : easy ordering & convenient being carer for my Wife
Product : value for money may order some more
+ Service rating : Delivered two days after ordering, no complaints about that service!
Product : Examined product and everything appears to be as advertised. Haven't used them yet as it is still too early for planting up but can't imagine there will be a problem, so hopefully the results will be pleasing when I get around to doing the job.
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Excellent
+ Service rating : As advertised and fast delivery
Product : good
++ Service rating : Arrived on time,no damage.
Product : Have always been pleased and satisfied with products.
What Is Supplied Supplied as 2 (1 + 1 free) Easy Fill Hanging Baskets, each one complete with 12 lattice gates and a 4 point T-Bar chain. Manufactured in the UK from recycled, UV resistant co-polymer. Room for 17 plants per basket. Each basket holds circa 14 litres of compost. Note We recommend the use of McDermott's SwellGel & Feed when planting up your Easy Fills.
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